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BR events
Brazil EskiluSaiyajin 
Major tickets sold out in less than 1 hour(20k) and i know a lot of guys who tried to buy and failed, and i don't know no one who actually succeed, so i think that for every 1 who bought, 5 failed ONLY IN THE FIRST DAY, and is a minority who buy in the first day So, the pont is, Brazil can fill a 50k arena FOR SURE, more than the double of Lanxess Arena(Cologne), so why don't do more events here? Is more expensive do events on BR than on EU or NA? That really don't make sense for me
2022-05-26 04:05
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Fiji v_v
they only sold out because 2020 rio tickets are still valid, so there were not many to sell
2022-05-26 04:07
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Brazil largadooo
well I don’t think so... ppl here are pretty hyped, I’m sure if there was 30k available would still finish in a hour
2022-05-26 04:10
Brazil hugoooo
And in 2020 they sold old in minutes, because... ???
2022-05-26 04:12
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Fiji v_v
how would i know that
2022-05-26 04:36
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Brazil golduffrag
When the tickest were sold in 2019 it happened in an hour for what reason?
2022-05-26 04:16
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cu | 
its too much for her brain, take easy
2022-05-26 04:27
2022-05-26 04:17
The problem is finding a viable place to hold the event. This is a big event and they need a lot of organization, even knowing all tickets are sold in hours and tons of people are looking for more they wont change the venue because of this. Also, there is the problem of changing the major to another city and the fact that all big places to receive are probably unviable.
2022-05-26 04:18
Brazil golduffrag
We should have a permanent event in Brazil, like ESL One New York or IEM Sydney once were. An ESL One Belo Horizonte would be fire, since the Mineirinho is the biggest indoor arena we have.
2022-05-26 04:19
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2022-05-26 04:24
+1 it's really not gonna help if they feel like they have to make them in Rio/SP, the two best venues would be Mineirinho and Arena da Baixada
2022-05-26 04:45
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Brazil golduffrag
Arena da Baixada is crazy good for a Major, but too much for a permanent event.
2022-05-26 04:49
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yeah, true. god damn why cant we have ice hockey or some bullshit, theres like two indoors arenas in the whole country lmao
2022-05-26 04:51
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Brazil golduffrag
Not true, there are many, but not that big. Most are 5k~11k capacity.
2022-05-26 04:54
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right. there's like 3 that are above 15k
2022-05-26 05:03
Brazil sanmaneiro
Guys, Im looking for foruns, market, facebook groups someone selling 6 tickets, I can pay an extra bonus, if someone knows anyone, pls just tell me here in this comment.
2022-05-26 04:20
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Brazil sanmaneiro
I wanna pics and video, no scammers here.
2022-05-26 04:21
I spent 2 hours with my cell phone on, in the middle of the uni class, waiting in line to buy the tickets on the website. And I failed :/ Btw, I was also with 2 friends and none of them managed to buy the tickets
2022-05-26 04:24
fnx | 
Brazil humbl3
i'm mad at ESL
2022-05-26 04:35
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