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Electronic and perfecto
milk | 
Asia Trainerherp 
Are they going to be benched too?
2022-05-29 03:47
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idk, boombl4 had the situation with his patriotic gf didnt he?
2022-05-29 03:57
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Jeez, that’s next level simping
2022-05-29 07:42
Electronic wife did same things.
2022-05-29 08:08
Hungary anw_
No. ElectroNic and his family are leaving Russia and Perfecto lives in Ukraine already. /closed
2022-05-29 03:58
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Hey, are you sure about elec? I hope this is true
2022-05-29 05:04
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Hungary anw_
Yeah he announced it on Instagram iirc
2022-05-29 05:07
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there is nothing on his instagramm. Last post was happy birthday for his daughter
2022-05-29 08:25
So navi isn’t really ruined then +yekindar s1mple igl ez
2022-05-29 07:43
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star players going to igl never ends well
2022-05-29 07:46
Russia Robitussin
electronic would be the igl in this case
2022-05-29 08:06
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Yeah I think electronic igling is probably the way to go considering he was under b1ade in Flipside and now has been coached by blade for so long
2022-05-29 08:15
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Russia Robitussin
yeah he already tried himself as a main caller in this roster several times so he has some experience and characteristics definitely. if he’s being removed after boombl4 then it’s hard to decide since navi aren’t willing to take any player with a Russian passport according to OverDrive, and then it’s only qikert, buster and woro2k left for them to pick from, maybe KaiR0N- (he’s a German citizen) or fear / headtr1ck if they want to gamble
2022-05-29 08:31
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#19 said that electronic announced on his insta about his family relocating but idk when he did cuz it would have been quite a big news all over social media if he did
2022-05-29 08:25
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Russia Robitussin
yeah I haven’t seen the announcement either
2022-05-29 08:26
By their own logic Navi cannot sign Yekindar as that would result in them giving money to the russian government
2022-05-29 08:27
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Right yekindar is tied to vp, shit
2022-05-29 08:28
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Honestly im gonna hate Navi so much if they buy Yekindar idc if they do what C9 did and go through an agency. When they have made a precedent of forcing players to relocate so they are not funding the russian government and then transfer hundreds of thousands to an organisation ran by oligarchs nah fuck that
2022-05-29 09:13
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I don’t think they’re that two faced lol
2022-05-29 09:21
Russia Robitussin
they could just wait, it’s probably not too long before his contract expires. just use someone from the academy in the meantime and it’s all good
2022-05-29 08:35
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I think it was Richard Lewis that said he has a long contract so VP will probably ask for big money
2022-05-29 09:12
no faith in boombl4.... his showing at the major was pathetic
2022-05-29 03:59
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1.31 rating on semifinal = pathetic
2022-05-29 04:31
he is igl you silver his stats dont matter unless hes going like 0-20
2022-05-29 07:47
Estonia nokkiii
There nothing wrong with supporting your country. If my country invaded China for any reason whatever it might be, im gonna support my people.
2022-05-29 03:59
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Hungary anw_
Dont expect to keep your job in China then
2022-05-29 04:00
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Estonia nokkiii
i dont work for chinese
2022-05-29 04:02
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boombl4 does in your analogy
2022-05-29 04:08
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smartest Z flair user
2022-05-29 04:20
CeRq | 
Australia NoLeS
+1 highest IQ hltv user
2022-05-29 04:56
you're supporting the killing of innocent people as an aggressor because of 'your country', aka a territory you were born in that you had no choice in picking. flawless logic as per usual from z flair, don't breed
2022-05-29 04:23
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Estonia nokkiii
expected 0 iq low level cryvice cuck fan take
2022-05-29 04:27
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#12 You can be proud of being a part of your country, its people and traditions but the moment you country wrongfully steps on another's toes which ruins their infrastructure, housing and kills thousands and you support it, that's no longer being proud of your country, that's just being retarded. You are being a sheep herded by old senile men in charge who decided for everyone else that they have to go to war. Learn a bit about critical thinking, might save you from being a cute little sheep.
2022-05-29 14:52
This tribalism mentality is exactly why humanity has issues in 2022 that are archiac and de-evolutionary. We should have a stronger commitment to each other as humans than we do for artificial boundary lines and culture that are temporary over the course of human history. What Russia is doing is baseless and evil, and history will judge Russians who support this as it always has. History does not look kindly on the Germans that supported the Nazis, the Spanish who perpetuated the inquisition, the British for industrializing slavery and so on..
2022-05-29 04:28
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Estonia nokkiii
What USA is doing is baseless and evil, and history wont judge USA who support BOMBING as it always has. History does not look kindly on the USA that BOMBED AND DESTROYED the MIDDLE EAST
2022-05-29 04:32
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I completely agree as an American. America is driven too much by greed, i.e. private interest. We as Americans have largely failed for generations in driving our government towards what the majority actually thinks. From civil rights, to horrendous proxy wars to gun violence America has largely failed in how people will judge us in the future. Think we all need to look long and hard about if our allegiances are serving humanity as a whole.
2022-05-29 05:00
Your globalist bs will never work because humans are inherently trialist
2022-05-29 07:51
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Then we should move back to caves and wiping our asses with poison ivy
2022-05-29 17:11
not perfecto he already lives in ukraine
2022-05-29 05:04
swag | 
Cyprus Porgos
Idk about elec but perfecto supposedly has been living in UA for 2-3 years already
2022-05-29 05:15
Europe Zwenix
Do you have any link to his gf and him with some tank photos?
2022-05-29 07:48
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Europe Zwenix
Yikes Thanks
2022-05-29 08:00
If Russia takes back Kiev all will be under Russian flag and problem is solved. Except management jailed
2022-05-29 08:10
Canada RhysEvans
I really hope perfecto is retained, its hard to find a support as developed as him. Every great team has one. Fifflaren, rain, xyp9x and taco. Boom is replaceable, electronic less so but if they find a solid IGL it could balance out.
2022-05-29 08:33
Malaysia AtPdTrZ
perfecto is staying since he's just a gamer electronic is going or moving since he's a father
2022-05-29 08:46
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Romania Pecea
+1 true
2022-05-29 09:04
once again I am convinced that navi is a rotten organization. they are afraid to kick elec, because they know that s1mple considers him the best teammate, they have led navi to victories for many years simple and elec are the foundation of today's navi team kick elec -> sad s1mple -> no trophies
2022-05-29 09:05
Yes either they leave Ruskin where they paid taxes and thereby supports Putin or else they will move to another country.. it’s their choice Simple as that..
2022-05-29 09:09
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