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deko | 
Sweden Smart_404_flamie_fan 
Imagine that someone is walking, when on the road he finds a snake wrapped around a deer, then the person tries to help the deer by disturbing the snake, finally the snake unwounds and leaves the deer and the person, the deer is safe and the people also appreciated the people who had saved the deer. The question is why was that person not scolded because he had disturbed a hungry snake? Why did you free the deer because he was being entangled by a snake? Why do you bother a hungry snake? why and why ?
2022-06-26 07:48
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I wouldn't help wild animal Maybe I would try to help if it was dog, but probably wouldn't, because I don't know how to fight snakes
2022-06-26 07:54
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Europe Ex0dus_
Thanks for your input, but that was absolutely not the question
2022-06-26 08:05
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Sorry, it's too complex problem for me. I only understand single sentence 5 word questions. I think the hypothesis is wrong. I wouldn't care to appreciate the act of saving the deer and probably a lot of people also would advocate for wildlife to be left alone, if those 2 species naturally live in same habitat. Humans also hunt deer.
2022-06-26 08:17
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Snake eat deer. You stop? Why?
2022-06-26 08:20
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Why say many word when few word do trick
2022-06-26 08:54
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Go fantic
2022-06-26 19:40
Because 1. many people have greater sympathy towards herbivores 2. the Deer was saved from death by direct action, while the snake is (presumably) not destined to starved just because it could not eat said deer
2022-06-26 07:57
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let the wild life do their things.
2022-06-26 08:18
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I tend to agree but that isn’t an answer to the question asked
2022-06-26 08:35
Pretty much yeah. One has its life at stake, the other its dinner
2022-06-26 19:39
Australia B_Tannen
People care about lesser beings too much.
2022-06-26 07:59
United States ISpeakFacts
No, I eat meat, and the animal industry is torture for animals and I don't need to eat meat to survive. So, it is morally hypocritical for me to care about animals as I support animals unnecessarily dying like peas in a pod for the sake of giving me pleasure through eating meat. You jealous of my meta ethics mens???
2022-06-26 08:01
India G4bbaR
Because people are hypocrites?!
2022-06-26 08:00
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hypocrisy is a myth made by people that miss the point
2022-06-26 08:07
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India G4bbaR
2022-06-26 08:46
l | 
Germany _car
A snake can't eat a deer so you're making the snake waste less time too
2022-06-26 08:01
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India G4bbaR
Python are considered Snake so NT
2022-06-26 08:03
0/8, literally google it. happens quite a bit.
2022-06-26 08:21
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l | 
Germany _car
You mean a baby deer or an adult deer?
2022-06-26 09:02
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Not every time of deer is massive. pythons can also eat animals bigger than themselves.
2022-06-26 17:21
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pythons are crazy how much they can stretch their body to fit food inside them, also how was the waffle?
2022-06-26 19:46
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I always think its crazy that they don't seem to have an instinct to not eat animals so big it kills them. It was good.
2022-06-26 19:49
ton | 
Brazil ZerongBr
because since the beginning of civilization we have been taught to help the oppressed in every situation no matter who is right or wrong so a snake attacking a deer is seen as an attacker going after a victim and we feel propelled to help the victim even though we dont know the repercussions of our act
2022-06-26 08:06
Doing the good doesn’t mean it’s right If you watch wild animals documentaries they never intervene in those fights and that’s the right . We people who watch the documentary yell save it save it
2022-06-26 08:07
bc he raises the deer
2022-06-26 08:08
ropz | 
Slovakia nvrn06
because he wants to eat that deer.
2022-06-26 08:13
wtf bro, did you not know that snakes after eating a large meal like a deer can go months some even up to a year without eating. so they just chill. all youve done is made a hungry dangerous snake in feeding mode.
2022-06-26 08:24
1)The question is why was that person not scolded because he had disturbed a hungry snake? >The people also appreciated the people who had saved the deer. That person was not scolded because he was not the only one involved. 2)Why did you free the deer because he was being entangled by a snake? Why do you bother a hungry snake? The person freed the deer because it was being killed in slow and horrible way, the snake on the other hand did not desperately need to consume that deer for its survival because it was strong enough to subdue a deer. Also humans are empathic beings and try to relate other's experiences with themselves which results in that person choosing to stop the deer from getting strangled and eaten alive instead of the invisible hunger that motivated the snake.
2022-06-26 08:48
India Hikkiee
Case of one man's loss is another man gain, Our righteousness depends on things which we have more sympathy or favour for. All about which side are you on. Logically, snakes have been accounted for more deaths of human than deers and a symbol of negativity so we favour against it.
2022-06-26 08:57
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Make sense
2022-06-26 12:40
I believe that’s because many humans sympathize more with certain animals (mammals usually). For example you might expierence that while watching a documentay where little penguins, other animals are eaten by predators.
2022-06-26 09:03
i will help him because i let my emotion control me.
2022-06-26 09:15
What with that scenario. A whimsy snake trying to eat a fucken deer? That's just be helping snake also, to make it give up on prey beyond it's abilities. Go find something your own size, snek.
2022-06-26 12:45
Zeus | 
Australia NoLeS
respect philosopher hltv +1 in this scenario of course I let snake consume deer. Everyone needs to eat
2022-06-26 17:22
a deer is an animal that requires much more complexity and is harder to develop i think a deer deserves more to live, because its complex and does more things snakes there are many, who cars if one dies it only lives to kill
2022-06-26 17:30
Belarus I_say_Ok
where is the philosophy in here
2022-06-26 17:31
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"Why ?"
2022-06-26 17:47
Because fuck snakes
2022-06-26 18:08
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2022-06-26 19:36
rain | 
North America 2287
as creatures we don't like to be eaten, we'd rather survive and pass on our genes. it's ironically much easier for us to relate to trying to save someone than trying to kill them, because that's what we'd want ourselves
2022-06-26 19:33
2022-06-26 19:34
Survival of the fittest Deer = cute Snake = ugly Deer has the evolutionary advantage by appealing to humans (most powerful animal on earth) snake has the evolutionary disadvantage by repulsing humans. Thus the deer is the fittest and thus it survives. Also it's not disrupting mother nature. Whether you like it or not, you are part of mother nature just like a snake or a deer is.
2022-06-26 19:37
Im hungry and going to get bbq brisket couldnt bother to read, maybe when im back
2022-06-26 19:44
You did it for your own selfish reasons and to feel admired, nothing noble in that. The deer will be killer by another python or crocodile or tiger in the future. You dont really care about the deer, you care about your own self. Its hypocritical considering intervention.
2022-06-26 19:47
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