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Will Liquid ever be a title contender again?
NAF | 
United States Flexiload 
Looking back to 2019 when Liquid had a dominant run and went on to win the grand slam comparing it today's standards the difference is huge. Now the main question will Liquid even be relevant again? Honestly as a Liquid or as I would say, Liquid will have a strong rifling trio considering they "add" Yekinder though nothing is confirmed of yet. NAF has been in amazing form ever since covid struck and is the sole reason Liquid is even relevant now and not outside top 30. Elige aka mr consistent is not so consistent now and I hope he finds his footing in the team again. Considering all things go well and these 3 (considering Yekinder does join) Liquid will have a strong rifling trio. oSee is still a question mark, yeah sure the entirety of Liquid performed poorly in the last few months but I honestly felt oSee is not your superstar awper I hope I am wrong. nitr0 is just nitr0, he always had a loose style of calling whereas VP had a strict style which they struck to and "IF" yekinder does join I am hoping they change gears and actually have a solid structure just like EU teams since nitr0's loose calling havent taken them anywhere this year. TLDR: its always 50/50 dumbass
2022-06-26 17:21
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Osee should get better and daps should make some magic, also yekindar or bust
2022-06-26 17:23
Fiji Azusa
As long as there’s at least one NA bot on the team they will be tier 2 max
2022-06-26 17:24
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2022-06-26 17:36
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Fiji doesn't even exist
2022-06-26 19:04
0/8 bait
2022-06-26 17:44
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Fiji Azusa
flag and flair 🥱
2022-06-26 17:49
no. thanks for your opinion.
2022-06-26 17:24
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thanks for your opinion
2022-06-26 17:45
United States Virgin Islands spreemelon
liquid dominant run = using OP rifles like AUG and SG 553. You know something's wrong when Elige was the best player in the world at that time without AWPing.
2022-06-26 17:25
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United States PRLiN
lol cope
2022-06-26 17:26
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United States Virgin Islands spreemelon
why would I cope ? LOL Just another murican MALDING as usual.
2022-06-26 17:27
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2022-06-26 18:58
France KhT
you are baiting really bad He had the cleanest sprays with AK and M4 an you are trying to tell people he was a krieg abuser....
2022-06-26 18:58
Fiji Azusa
flag and flair
2022-06-26 17:27
Maniac | 
Switzerland Xsara
the ak is the weapon he used the most in the tournaments they won in 2019
2022-06-26 17:31
He was amazing in 2019 even with the a4 and aks ????? Ofc lets just forget he has been in every top 20 list since 2016.
2022-06-26 17:33
either bad bait or just brain damaged
2022-06-26 17:45
of course, they have NAF/EliGE, both are still top20 riflers add in nitr0+daps for good strats, oSee for solid awping and if they find a 5th that is a perfect fit, no doubt they can be a top5-3 team again
2022-06-26 17:29
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i mean if +yekindar happens and osee gits gud, they could potentially have 4 top 20 players high on copium
2022-06-26 17:42
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if they get yekindar then oSee doesnt need to play insanely well look at ence for example, they had hades playing like the most average awper ever and they made finals multiple times. we could see this happen with liquid if they get the NAF/EliGE/YEKINDAR trio
2022-06-26 17:45
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hades still has good games its not possible for the trio to be consistent one or two of them will have bad days and you still need a reliable awper so you can trust the 4750 to osee needs to be that
2022-06-26 17:46
TL will end up like 100T LoL team. Replace their entire NA squad with players from other regions and still get btfo KEKW
2022-06-26 17:32
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how is your flair doing
2022-06-26 17:44
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Still laughing about TL choking at 2019 Berlin major. Vertigo will haunt your dreams for eternity. 4 > 0
2022-06-26 18:39
Flair worst tho hahajaha
2022-06-26 19:05
Denmark Luk9x
2022-06-26 17:43
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2022-06-26 17:45
Pakistan LoOuU2
even adding Yekindar and Elige having his form revived wouldnt be enough to make them title contender. I refuse to believe any team in this time and age would be a title contender without having an impactful fragging awper , which Osee isnt yet or maybe wont ever be,
2022-06-26 17:47
Ever? Of course.
2022-06-26 17:48
United States kami917
You calling us dumbass in tldr is hilarious considering you wrote a 9th grade level paper on liquid lmao
2022-06-26 18:42
Idk why i believe naf and eliges historical peaks arent as good as the average form of the current top 5 players so even if yekindar is at 80% and the other two at like 95% yekindar is still gonna be way more impactful so in resume no cuz their firepower isnt gonna be enough anyways. Having good strats is out the window lmao its an na team
2022-06-26 18:48
yes if they somehow convince s1mple to go to NA again
2022-06-26 18:51
if -cantsee +device
2022-06-26 18:55
At the moment if they are looking to change osee with someone else it should be cerq. Amazing player but at the moment with his current lineup no future.
2022-06-26 19:59
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