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new MacBook Air m2
Tense | 
Poland Biggest_Bigg_Fan 
if you want the maxed out version with 1tb ssd and 16gb of ram you will have to pay around the same price as you would for 14" mbp, clueless ppl gonna buy it anyway so stonks for apple
2022-06-26 19:44
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buying MacBook OMEGAlul
2022-06-26 19:46
39 replies
Top notch laptop for activities outside of gaming
2022-06-26 19:46
38 replies
2022-06-26 19:47
13 replies
You pay for performance in terms of newer ones, if you dont believe try comparing best dell laptop to low end mbp 14 2021
2022-06-26 19:48
9 replies
eh, there are still many good laptops which are just better in smaller price.
2022-06-26 19:48
8 replies
There aren’t, people use 2021 pros over their mac desktops which means something
2022-06-26 19:49
2 replies
okay, go for it then
2022-06-26 19:50
1 reply
I already own one, just commenting on the new Macs that were released this month
2022-06-26 19:50
Austria nairolf
literally no the M1 Macbook Air is the best value laptop out there, by far (assuming u dont want to play games ofc, so work related only)
2022-06-26 21:54
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+1 I've had one for a little over a year now and it's fantastic.
2022-06-27 01:32
who could expect that macbook would become a best value laptop one day but absolutely agree. m1 air is such a best for 1k euro/usd
2022-06-28 18:55
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Austria nairolf
apple being the best budget option really feels like an alternative timeline lmfao
2022-06-29 15:52
No, its impossible to find a better laptop than the m1 mac for the same price. moreover, m1 macs perform better than the prv mac generation on intel cpus with a 2-3k USD installation.
2022-06-26 23:56
France taykah
meh i have a base air M1 I got it for 990€ it's worth every penny had a mbp13 2016 before it lasted me 5+ years for 1290€, it's worth it I think
2022-06-26 23:30
1 reply
Same i have Mac air m1 Dude it's amazing
2022-06-27 05:17
mad cuz poor
2022-06-28 18:58
Germany KEMSN
2022-06-26 19:51
2022-06-27 01:12
2022-06-27 01:14
for what activities outsides of gaming you need 1300€ laptop, office and emails? lmao what a marketing victim you are
2022-06-27 01:31
15 replies
Making music, IT studies and other stuff I might find interesting as the life goes on
2022-06-27 01:33
9 replies
you can literally program on any piece of wood
2022-06-27 01:34
8 replies
I prefer the crisp clean speakers so I dont spend extra on rokit classics and extra speed to not get stuck on anything ;)
2022-06-27 01:36
No, you can, try coding c++ on a shit pc and wait 30 min for a program to compile.
2022-06-27 01:40
3 replies
Anything newer than a pentium will compile in less than 2 minutes, unless you have massive projects that wouldn't run well on a laptop anyway
2022-06-28 06:26
2 replies
Thats what mbp is for lmao
2022-06-28 09:39
1 reply
2022-06-28 14:25
man, I'm launching node server, spring boot server, 2 IDEs and Chrome with a couple of tabs and it takes me around 6gb ram, my laptop is dying
2022-06-27 04:26
you run animation programs, CAD models and simulations, video editing work etc on a MAC vs a Windows laptop and you'll notice the difference All these tasks on a MAC run extremely smooth...literally the best laptop for someone who doesn't wanna game but has other GPU intensive work they need to take care of
2022-06-28 06:09
good luck compiling chrome source code on a toaster
2022-06-28 06:17
Do you think that things to do on pc are: gaming and emails? There are lots of things that require a high-performance pc other than gaming, like programming, video or picture editing, and all types of engineering programs and simulations. All of those use some type of mac.
2022-06-27 01:38
1 reply
+1 i usually pass on Ansys simulations off to a friend because he has a MAC
2022-06-28 06:10
mad cuz poor
2022-06-28 18:59
1 reply
remorse because wasting money
2022-06-28 20:14
2022-06-28 20:14
not at all best would be one of those gaming laptops with intel i7 / ryzen 5 or above cpus with many threads for example when compiling with GCC, CLANG etc im sure apple's cpus would shit the bed doing that compared to intel, amd
2022-06-28 11:52
4 replies
Lmao man, you’re sharing opinion of a few people in this thread that got explained M chip is a different ball game than any macbook youve heard comparisons of, so please watch some benchmarks or try to compare your favoured laptops to it on the internet yourself
2022-06-28 12:03
I have the 2022 Razer blade 15 with i9 and 14 (well 20) cores. It sucks and I'd trade it for a MBP 14" any day. I am drooling for just the battery life. Problem is I was bound to functionality in Windows and despite the work being put in I cannot rely on a preview Windows 11 on arm. For the next few years I am stuck on this
2022-06-28 19:03
2 replies
razer laptop lolllllll
2022-06-28 19:04
1 reply
Laugh away kid, I am all regrets so it is fair. It was the only one available in stock with the 12gen i9 and I would much rather have something else. Unfortunately the market for high end business laptops are really slim. There really are around 3-5 different laptops with high resolution (+1440p), decent amount of memory (+32) and decent battery life that can be delivered within Q3. You can laugh even harder at the 230w brick of a charger that uses their proprietary socket. Btw. Apples M1 beats the latest Intel and AMD for compilation as well, without even turning on the fan.
2022-06-28 20:11
Faroe Islands v_v
2022-06-26 19:46
5 replies
the worst part of it is when people buy this stuff with no greater motivation than flexing on the brand
2022-06-26 19:56
4 replies
Italy steven513
+1 then they go to starbucks or any cafe to "study" or "work" :DDDD
2022-06-26 23:10
True. All those software engineers using 99% macbooks for their work are doing so as a flex!
2022-06-26 23:13
2 replies
I mean not even software engineering, watching netflix and browsing the web is what some people will do on a mac
2022-06-26 23:15
1 reply
Sweden derppey
I mean the MacBook Air has great battery life for that purpose
2022-06-26 23:52
2022-06-26 19:56
scam, my old budget laptop from 2012 better lol
2022-06-26 21:55
1 reply
cope + delusional
2022-06-28 19:00
I was deciding between that or the 14 and I just got the 14.
2022-06-26 21:58
3 replies
Defo more worth it, I paid less for 14 on a discount than I would pay for the same spec air
2022-06-26 23:08
France taykah
it's a fucking brick though
2022-06-26 23:25
1 reply
Didnt know carrying bricks in one hand would be so comfortable
2022-06-26 23:45
Who cares. Shit for narcissists. You can do a lot more on windows + more reliable hardware than Shitbook.
2022-06-26 23:50
23 replies
Any benchmarks proving your point?
2022-06-26 23:58
12 replies
so good to run benchmark for couple minutes! well done. It will overheat like crazy with such trash cooling after some long intensive work.
2022-06-27 01:11
9 replies
Not rly, blasting music on speakers full volume while performing programming tasks with multiple sites open in safari is perfectly fine
2022-06-27 01:22
8 replies
As if having a browser and a lightweight ide like vscode open its such an impossible feat to accomplish on 2020 hardware
2022-06-28 05:47
7 replies
I sit 3h in 30 celsius temp with my laptop and it didnt overheat, I was sitting in shadow tho
2022-06-28 09:38
3 replies
overheating comes from cpu intensive tasks editing text and browsing sites is barely intensive
2022-06-28 18:34
2 replies
if u think programming tasks aren't cpu intensive then idk why it shows me that the IDE is heavy on battery when I'm performing them
2022-06-28 18:36
1 reply
depends on what u mean by programming if u build artifacts locally then yes it is demanding if u write js and run it under node/in browser, not rly
2022-06-28 18:38
+1 Vscode is text editor not an ide
2022-06-28 18:29
2 replies
arguably it is more than a simple text editor with all that plugin support it has it isnt really an ide and it doesnt help that it is electron based, but it definitely is more than a mere text editor
2022-06-28 18:37
1 reply
True it is much more powerful than sublime or notepad++, it was on pair with atom but Microsoft killed atom :(
2022-06-28 20:43
Besides loser, who says anything about benchmarks? ha ha
2022-06-27 01:12
1 reply
Youre so passive aggressive it kinda sounds like jealousy is hiding behind it ngl
2022-06-27 01:21
hardware lmao. meanwhile m1 outclassing intel-based laptops that are x2 higher in price lol. a 990usd m1-based mac is worth more than any 2k usd Windows based plastic shit.
2022-06-27 00:07
7 replies
What you gonna do on that shit? Interface is terrible, you cant play games and by hardware i mean parts that are not cpu. Besides, you think it can maintain this cpu performance for long periods of time while having trash cooling? Have fun buying crap. What you gonna play? lol. minecraft?
2022-06-27 01:09
6 replies
British Virgin Islands 1stavno
the thought that all you do with laptops is play games shows how little you know about any of those things. I use my mac for web dev and its so much better than any windows OS its ridiculous. yes, im thinking also to switch to arch linux soon probably, but comparing mac to windows is delusional. stay in your wonderland and play pc games and dont use it for anything else edit: i also saw rn you said "It will overheat like crazy with such trash cooling after some long intensive work." i really tried being nice but now i gotta say stfu cause you have no idea about m chip series at all. funny guy
2022-06-27 01:20
ofc I'm not talking about gaming.
2022-06-27 01:24
the reason the m1 is so much better is that it is much more power-efficient, which means less heat and requires less cooling. I don't know what you mean by "parts that are not CPU" since the m1 is the ram, GPU, and CPU in one. and ofc nobody is buying a mac to game on, it is not made for that.
2022-06-27 01:26
3 replies
Yet you still buy another pc to play cs right? good windows machince can do it all.
2022-06-27 05:13
2 replies
I have a desktop pc to game on and use when I am home and a MacBook Air that I use at university. I'm not saying that a mac is the best possible laptop for everyone but if you need a work/school computer that you don't intend to game on, right now mac is the best option in my opinion.
2022-06-27 14:37
Yea, for 3 hours until it dies. My "Windows laptop" has: 12th Gen i9 12800H 1440p 240Hz monitor RTX 3080 Ti 32 GB DDR5 1TB M2 SSD Pretty much top specced atm. It sucks ass and no matter what, I'd still play video games on my stationary PC. Laptops are not meant for intense gaming, despite some depicted as such.
2022-06-28 20:20
2022-06-28 06:17
cope harder
2022-06-28 19:00
love reading broke kids crying about how apple is expensive and their 2012 Lenovo can "do the same"
2022-06-26 23:52
thinkpad clear
2022-06-27 01:11
if you buy the macbook air with 16gb ram you are dumb, just get the pro if you need more ram.
2022-06-27 01:15
jks | 
Australia FA1TLE
I have to game on a 2017 MacBook Pro 13 inch (8gb ram, integrated graphics, +1tb ssd NVMe mod). I dual boot in windows and it can run cs:go fine (min 60 fps) when using reasonable graphics settings. I don't regret buying since it is very good build quality and has lasted a long time with no issues. Many of my friends who brought similar spec windows laptops have had them break and needed to buy a new one. I would highly recommend a MacBook although perhaps not for gaming as its bit of a struggle.
2022-06-27 01:26
lean | 
North Macedonia m3tAce
Apple phones = 6/8 Apple PC's = 0/8 Apple Laptops = 5/8 (but overpriced)
2022-06-27 01:35
Apples knows how to do phones and laptops, top notch
2022-06-27 03:50
Tbf, I’m using an old Mac for CAD and some Mechanical engineering stuff and it’s actually pretty good Basically #3
2022-06-27 03:53
apple more like crapple
2022-06-27 04:20
Can’t you just buy MacBook and change everything inside it? Like ssd, ram, etc It will way cheaper
2022-06-28 11:54
2 replies
no + cheaper doesn't mean better + cope harder
2022-06-28 19:01
1 reply
Why not
2022-06-29 11:43
MacBook lmao, if you want a laptop not for gaming then get a high end laptop or if you really like turn it into linux and then add a macos theme. Much cheaper than paying 99999$.
2022-06-28 12:07
1 reply
copium + mad cuz poor
2022-06-28 19:01
less software than ps5
2022-06-28 20:16
Finland alivexhd
bought Zephyrus G14 recently, actually good windows laptop
2022-06-28 20:21
MacBook airs are absolute tanks, I’ve had mine for 9 years and still use it for word processing, browsing the web etc.. performance doesn’t drop unlike windows if you don’t update it to newer iOS’s. I also have an hp elitebook which has a similar aluminium chassis, that’s a windows alternative but the thing is they’re more expensive that Mac airs.
2022-06-28 20:25
France KryzzZie
The new processor is actually quite insane for the weight
2022-06-28 20:48
Korea queendom
i bought last years macbook air for uni / office work and photo / video editing and can't complain at all. performance is really good, doesn't get overly hot, battery life is the best i've ever had on any device and speakers are the best i've seen built in so far aswell also build quality is superb
2022-06-28 20:54
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