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Cbble Source 2 remake?
Spain BIGGEST_VALVE_FAN As far as i can tell, this is not an actual leak by Valve, and its a fake.. unless.. I do think when Valve ports the game they will showcase a new map or a remake in new engine, could be possible cbble, or train (more likely). Am hyped for Source 2 still. biggest update CS will ever get. prepare everything cuz we moving towards a whole new era soon.
2022-06-29 22:57
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United Kingdom Leftie
as long as they port everyones bought skins too mens
2022-06-29 23:05
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they wont dump the money into the fire like that, if anyone loves money is Volvo xD
2022-06-29 23:44
Turkey edsvi
Name checks out
2022-06-29 23:09
just bring old cbble bck. we dont need reworks on best map ever
2022-06-29 23:11
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a site on original cobble is the worst bombsite in all of csgo 10x worse than vertigo a
2022-06-29 23:19
3 replies
i agree to disagree...
2022-06-29 23:46
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maybe 10x is a little too much vertigo a really sucks
2022-06-29 23:59
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yaa def a site vertigo is very very bad
2022-06-30 00:02
tbh cbble was considered a "boring" map by many people and players by the end of its "lifespan" before going into the slaughter house xD I think many like it too cuz of the cbble souvenirs
2022-06-29 23:45
lean | 
North Macedonia m3tAce
man i hope we get it, and I hope it will make the game more optimized
2022-06-29 23:12
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game will run silky smooth with Source 2, but probably will take a few months in the new beta client they are apparently making for the port, so it wont effect many players if u dont opt in. Which is the right way it's done too
2022-06-29 23:47
Russia xtkjdtr0011
i wonder when will people realize that porting something on source 2 =/= adding shiny plastic textures from some indie unity based game its almost as people really believe that csgo on source = minecraft, csgo on source 2 = minecraft with shaders
2022-06-29 23:19
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xD people baiting a lot lately with Source 2, the amount of videos related with Source 2 is insane. They all repeat the same and show the same leaks from Gabe Follower, it's just dumb clickbait videos at this point,
2022-06-29 23:50
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2022-06-30 09:00
I loved cobblestone but replayed it after 2 years on community servers, it's not as good as I remembered Same goes for cache Imo they will revamp mirage next -vertigo +train in the meantime please
2022-06-29 23:49
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yeah i think it's mostly nostalgia speaking, that once u try it again it's not even the same feeling.. problem is there really isnt many maps to make it into active duty pool, not to say there isnt any.. unless they do rework train would be an amazing surprise.. tried tuscan and had a pretty bad feel with the map as well.
2022-06-29 23:56
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yeah same for tuscan it's like fy_iceworld better in memories :D
2022-06-30 00:13
Europe Putin69
Cobblestone is trash mens))
2022-06-30 09:07
Who said S2 is gonna make it into CSGO? Where did you get the confirmation?
2022-06-30 09:10
2 replies
why do people keep talking about source 2 lmfao like it's gonna happen
2022-06-30 09:13
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+1 baits are so easy to make these days because the TikTok gen has the attention span of an gold fish
2022-06-30 09:37
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