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Jesus | 
Uzbekistan sherzodb 
I dont understand why everyone judging furia for their recent performance (e.g HLTV confirmed talked about). They literally played in Kangaroo tournament (what?) and are playing some qualifying matches (esl valencia) for tournament that they already have guaranteed spot. stop trying to "fix" them with ur plus munis signs pls. Cologne is what matters
2022-07-02 12:47
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Czech Republic Devidee
i mean they are losing to coldzera in 2022
2022-07-02 12:48
12 replies
so what
2022-07-02 12:49
10 replies
mOE | 
Finland Hasbulla
that's pathetic
2022-07-02 12:50
9 replies
you're right
2022-07-02 12:50
thats true but they not lsoe to coldzera but to dumau and latto and try both coldzera and taco useless
2022-07-02 12:54
7 replies
taco carried vertigo t side btw. but dumau still is preeeeeetty good
2022-07-02 13:05
6 replies
yeah he carry with 11-12 score line he take 4 or 5 kills on T side what he carry exactly ?
2022-07-02 13:26
5 replies
1st of all he is caller, so he was calling great. 2nd thing is his impact kills on pistols and 1st buy
2022-07-02 13:30
4 replies
dumau and latto carried them :) taco aim like shit
2022-07-02 13:41
3 replies
but still he won 2 improtant round for a team. but yeah, dumau is insane
2022-07-02 13:42
2 replies
its easy on T side to win pistol round and find kills except that if you talk abut the gun round that taco sneaky into A site yeah this round was total sick by taco , but overall he is bad player individual
2022-07-02 13:43
Finally you guys are recognizing godumau
2022-07-02 15:17
2022-07-02 15:09
Coping harder than some Faze fans
2022-07-02 12:50
United States zovint
2022-07-02 12:51
ESL Valencia was designed to be a win for Furia, like actual first place tournament win. Thats why people judge...
2022-07-02 12:51
8 replies
50k prize lmaoo
2022-07-02 12:54
6 replies
Yes exactly. Like I said, Furia were supposed to win this tournament easily. Meanwhile they lost to Sprout and 00Nation.
2022-07-02 12:55
5 replies
they not give a shit bro , and basically they lost vs 3 guys latto dumau and try , taco cant even aim proper and coldzera is worst than my 3000 elo puggers
2022-07-02 12:56
4 replies
Nowadays everyone knows about their braindead playstyle and it doesnt work anymore - this team is finished tbh. Yuurih should try to find a new team, other 4 should retire.
2022-07-02 12:57
1 reply
yeah but they not care at all you can see that , but yeah predictable playstyle this days
2022-07-02 12:59
yeah im, furia i like to lose 50k and get free hate by playing like a bunch of 3k elo
2022-07-02 15:10
1 reply
yeah propably they care? XD even brazilians not support them bcs they support kekw dance :) and basically they not give a shit about 50 k they make 10 k per month they got already the esl spot and no motivation overall they gonna play good in cologne 100%
2022-07-02 15:12
??? for what?? They are already have a spot in ESL pro league s16. U think they are playing for money??? for only 50K??? Like Ropz said "win prizes are just bonuses at this point."
2022-07-02 12:59
Furia lmaoo
2022-07-02 13:04
Rush A tactic doesn't work anymore
2022-07-02 13:05
France mk@
Get a good awper and change tactics pls.
2022-07-02 13:45
i got u, but Furia never won a LAN tournament. This one they were the highest ranked team
2022-07-02 13:46
1 reply
Yep somethibg needs to change they been constatly around rhe top 10 but never won anything
2022-07-02 13:48
FURIA clearly has got problems with team from Brazil like NaVi used to with CIS teams
2022-07-02 15:15
Bangladesh ImpacT_
2022-07-02 15:18
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