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Germany Bundestrainer what do you think of his decision? Why did he renew with P$G?
2022-07-02 18:25
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700k a week for kicking a ball. This just shows how fucked up our world actually is.
2022-07-02 18:28
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he generates close to that, he's an emplyee of a corporation, i don't see the problem
2022-07-02 18:33
Spain kE01
he is a superstar, one on a million, and he gets this money cause he can make his club win a lot more, basic maths dude, everyone can learn a normal job and win normal money, not everyone can play as he plays, people pays to see stars shining
2022-07-02 18:38
The same can be said about any mass-media entertainment industry.
2022-07-02 18:42
1 reply
Yes, both are bad.
2022-07-02 18:44
bro boxers get 40 million per fight for example tyson fury, it all depends on the people who come watch them
2022-07-02 19:00
it's not entirely his fault that a lot of idiots watch and love him, if people did not care that much about him, PSG and soccer he would not receive this huge salary
2022-07-02 19:00
2022-07-02 19:26
based and red-pilled, the unfortunate part is the world is gonna get even worse and there is nothing you can do about it, a messiah cannot change the way people think nowadays since no one is innocent like in archaic times, everyone thinks they are jesus and got the right answers to everything, its a slow and saddening collapse of civilization as we know it.
2022-07-02 20:31
2022-07-03 08:06
yes a super market cashier should earn as much as someone who generates millions for their club. fucking clueless
2022-07-03 19:48
Brazil AWFenrir
This is completely normal. Supply and demand at its core. Millions of people love football but few are capable of being at the top.
2022-07-03 23:26
thats how business work. sounds retarded indeed, but when you look at it with corporate eyes its seems reasonable
2022-07-04 02:09
because it was a automatic extension
2022-07-02 18:28
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2022-07-02 18:33
+1 some mfs cant even read
2022-07-02 19:00
2022-07-03 08:11
based | 
Seychelles vikr
2022-07-04 07:42
he earns a ape gang nft every week, this is why
2022-07-02 18:29
Germany exdxit_
he will destroy his career at psg if you really wanna show the world that you have to be considert a top 5 player than he should join juventus or the premier league why juventus italy has a higher competition as france why premier league hardest league in football right now
2022-07-02 18:30
7 replies
Notice how you didnt mention farmersliga
2022-07-02 18:38
4 replies
smart German
2022-07-02 18:43
Why would he mention the Süper league?
2022-07-02 20:39
1 reply
Bayern Munih title simulator isnt called super league tho
2022-07-02 20:45
he didn't mention it cos Barca can't afford him and Real don't need him
2022-07-03 22:00
he doesnt care about football anymore, he just wants money
2022-07-02 18:41
He doesn’t even care anymore, money money
2022-07-03 08:06
Petra | 
Poland 138|
what do you think of his decision? Why did he renew with P$G? .... money
2022-07-02 18:32
6 replies
Are you trying to say that he chose money over titles and legacy?
2022-07-02 18:33
5 replies
Petra | 
Poland 138|
yep no matter if he wins or not for br people he is the best anyway
2022-07-02 19:31
2 replies
theres a bunch on br players that were way more respected by br people in previous generation, I dont think they even regard him as the "best" , just one of the best
2022-07-04 02:12
1 reply
Petra | 
Poland 138|
thats what i meant men
2022-07-04 23:50
Is that even a question?
2022-07-03 08:06
When he left barça it was quite obvious, if not, he'd stay or move to another team, same with mbappe, but maybe you can forgive him a bit, since he's french and maybe he's delusional as Zywoo, expecting to win cl with french team.
2022-07-03 21:54
premier league sure. Juventus HAHAHAHAHAH
2022-07-02 18:32
4 replies
the premier league will rip him apart lol... he will dive all along just to not get hit by some irish or scottisch player
2022-07-02 18:43
3 replies
Even better, after getting hit by low class players he just goes to humilliate them. We've all seen it multiple times.
2022-07-02 20:10
2 replies
humiliate them? they will break his legs lol
2022-07-02 20:10
1 reply
Don't think so. He knows how to fall...unironically. He falls to prevent serious injuries. Premier League could change his playstyle not a bad thing. And Italian football is even worse when it comes to getting hit.
2022-07-02 20:14
ropz | 
Slovakia nvrn06
2022-07-02 18:32
automatic extension, can you read brother
2022-07-02 18:40
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ZywOo | 
France Yougz
2022-07-02 18:44
He's Ben Simmons of the football, just more talented
2022-07-02 18:45
talk about a player who wasted almost his entire career
2022-07-02 18:48
Latvia GetANick
don't care. overrated player
2022-07-02 18:49
Czech Republic JameS_19
It’s sad that he’ll continue there. Why would he continue in France? If he wants to prove himself as a top 5 player (which he is) he should go to a real competition, he shouldn’t play in French league…
2022-07-02 18:51
8 replies
Top 5 player? stop smoking crack kid
2022-07-02 18:58
1 reply
?? NeymerJR TOP 5 on fifa ranks ?? Espected from Euro
2022-07-02 19:01
He hasn't been top5 player since he left Barca
2022-07-02 19:07
5 replies
Czech Republic JameS_19
That’s the reason why he should leave PSG and go prove himself again, I think he lost his motivation in PSG, which isn’t hard to do there, just look at Messi how bad he looked last season
2022-07-02 19:11
4 replies
money doesn't smell
2022-07-02 19:17
France KryzzZie
Prove what? He's dogshit and finished and it's not PSG fault, it's his constant lazyness. Mbappe is down to win, neymar isn't. Maybe PSG sped up the process but neymar didn't put in as much work when he left barça
2022-07-02 20:52
2 replies
Czech Republic JameS_19
Constant laziness does not exclude my point about loosing motivation there, it even supports my point that players lose motivation in PSG.
2022-07-03 07:57
1 reply
France KryzzZie
Mbappe didn't and is still willing to put in every ounce of his energy into making it a decent club. He always gets mad at everyone being late for a reason. But again maybe it's cus he is actually from the Paris region
2022-07-03 12:43
lol, learn to read
2022-07-02 18:59
it wasnt his decision, it was a clause in his contract... people talking shit but you guys forgot that he wanted to leave to barcelona like a year ago? everybody knows that Ligue1 sucks and you guys think he dont? ofc he wanna leave as soon as possible but now it seems hes stuck to this shit team and league cuz hes still hell expensive for others teams to buy nowadays... i hope psg bring a top tier coach cuz with pochettino was a disaster
2022-07-02 19:09
he just wants that cash at this point also its probably the biggest "fuck you" he can give PSG so why not
2022-07-02 19:33
PSG don't let players go untill they are washed.
2022-07-02 20:06
1 reply
Not true, lately they are only signing washed players that are far from their prime. Buy S.Ramos when he was seriously injured with no minutes for ages was the most obvious face palm. They don't sell anyone, but most of their players are super washed rn
2022-07-03 21:58
700,000 a week and we have people that can't afford to eat 2 meals a day
2022-07-02 20:07
because 700k a week
2022-07-02 20:32
2022-07-02 20:42
2022-07-02 20:51
10 years of your career at PSG is crazy
2022-07-03 07:58
should just focus on CS:GO because he is more finished than Ronaldo
2022-07-03 19:45
1 reply
hahaha +1. The only thing Neymar does is lying on the ground because he got attacked by a flea
2022-07-03 19:52
RpK | 
France HippzZ
It is more about his personality (he likes to chill, to evolve in a known environment with his friends) than anything else
2022-07-03 20:08
2 replies
true cuz his chances to be the best basically disappeared after he left barcelona
2022-07-03 21:21
1 reply
RpK | 
France HippzZ
Probably, or maybe after his first injury in PSG he was insane a prior to that
2022-07-03 21:29
I don't think its true.
2022-07-03 20:08
North Macedonia LeMatej
2022-07-03 22:00
PSG is a joke playing in farmer league MONEY never win !!! /close
2022-07-03 23:22
hes sooooo overrated lol ronaldinho and ronaldo superior
2022-07-04 00:26
salary is wrong, he gets 4m a month tax free.
2022-07-04 00:46
its automatic extension but 700k a week is HUGE so no way u can refuse that
2022-07-04 01:02
Oh, I don’t know, it’s probably could do something with €700K/week, but I’m not sure.
2022-07-04 01:02
Brazil pcR
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK WHY???????? WHY PSG EXISTS???????????????????? HOW CAN MONEY FUCK UP SO MANY CAREERS???????????? mbappe is finished cause of this trash team neymar is finished cause of this trash team messi is finished cause of this trash team everybody in this team is doomed and they're never gonna win a champions league...... I used to like this team but now it's just annoying, they have infinite money and can sign whoever the hell they want, just to make them play in Ligue 1 and end their careers. Take Verratti for an example, or Marquinhos, how big would they be in Premier League, La Liga or even Serie A? All this wasted talent to play against fucking RC LENS instead of Barcelona, Liverpool or Juventus.
2022-07-04 02:05
Neymar should quit footie at 35 and try to go pro in csgo
2022-07-04 02:13
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