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Mig 29C awesome
Russia Rebuild_Master This machine is awesome with its maneuverability and launching missiles tech, even tho it hasnt tacticalm indicator. Probably the most uisefull plane in a closarange punching fight. Love this plane <3
2022-07-04 01:43
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United Kingdom Ginoe
It's quite an outdated plane tho
2022-07-04 01:47
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ofc, but its lack only the technical indicators parts. All other things are top and flying it feels so awesome
2022-07-04 01:48
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United Kingdom Ginoe
also when compared to its biggest rival - f16, it kinda pales in comparison, doesn't it?
2022-07-04 01:54
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Not in flying, maneuverability, ocketlaucnhersA A single MIG 29C is copable to beat 2 F16 with ease
2022-07-04 02:02
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United Kingdom Ginoe
I think they are kinda equal in their agility, but in the end avionics in mig really suck. Many pilots have complained about it - operational hardships really make it difficult to reach its maximum on-paper performance
2022-07-04 02:06
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Seems fair
2022-07-04 02:15
Europe Real_Man
F16 beats MiG29 in everything except the maneuverability. The maneverability "advantage" is only there cuz of outdated soviet doctrines who thought that at the time maneuverability was still important. It was not and its even less important now. Jet will never be more agile or outrun a rocket. US understood that much sooner than USSR so russia is left with those poor migs since they produced so many its not worth sending to junkyard. That is why F16>mig29s. All the nations that could change, did change for f16s for a reason.
2022-07-04 02:15
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true, but its still a fucking cool air plane, and the novelty of useless maneuverability advantage is the ting that actually makes me like it. has an old school charm to it
2022-07-04 02:19
that why we need to focus on avionics and things our planes lack. The SU 57 is a great start Need more of the SUs and MIGs
2022-07-04 02:28
zewsy | 
Vanuatu aZZtec
thats crazy brother but i dont remember asking
2022-07-04 01:48
Other rssyo
2022-07-04 01:48
Germany aL1337
Stuka better
2022-07-04 01:52
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Legend plane
2022-07-04 01:53
Buy that ps4 game and enjoy your passion kekw
2022-07-04 02:11
yea but it can't do a negative pushover
2022-07-04 02:11
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