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language 00nation
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Canada Volvo_bankrupt 
what language 00nation speak? can try speak Portugese or they speak English? English would seem weird to me
2022-07-05 18:47
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Try knows how to speak portugese he lived in brazil
2022-07-05 18:49
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na, he particularly didn't, but some brazilians learn spanish at school and he probably understand portuguese so... he speaks spanish and they speak portuguese probably
2022-07-06 04:59
North Macedonia trashbait
when furia had a non brazilian awper, they spoke english so i'm guessing they are probably speaking english
2022-07-05 18:49
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Brazil bandindin
argentines can speak portuguese very well
2022-07-05 18:50
Brazil gugamello
nice logic
2022-07-07 19:24
Brazil bandindin
Portuguese obviously, there are so many Argentines/Chileans who speak Portuguese very well because they have to play on a Br server every day
2022-07-05 18:50
its portuguese, but try speaks "portunhol"
2022-07-05 18:51
Try can speak portuguese
2022-07-05 18:51
Brazil chibsCK
they are speaking portuguese, try is trying to speak portuguese
2022-07-05 18:51
portuguese. Spanish and portuguese are 85% the same thing
2022-07-05 18:55
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2022-07-05 18:55
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why not
2022-07-05 18:55
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I think you can be right for reading and shit but speaking is a lot different in prononciation no?
2022-07-05 18:58
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thanks to csgo i learned portuguese
2022-07-05 19:00
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thats nice) I learned Russian
2022-07-05 19:01
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in belgium what language do you speak predominantly?
2022-07-05 19:04
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in the north Dutch in the south (and middle) French
2022-07-05 20:41
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Europe xrnavkha
Aren’t there German cantons too
2022-07-07 19:04
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yes but not predominantly it's only a small area in the east, but you're right
2022-07-07 19:07
yes, to speak it at least you have to speak constantly with Brazilians for at least 3 months but to read you don't need to know anything about Portuguese. same with Italian
2022-07-05 19:07
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same with portuguese and italian hahahahaha i can understand 90% written italian
2022-07-06 04:12
they are 90% mutually intelligible lmao
2022-07-05 19:01
for portuguese speakers isnt hard to understand. as a brazilian i can understand 85% of a conversation in spanish easily. obviouly the pronunciantion is diferent, but only some letters like "j". portuguese speakers say "j" like in "Jay" while spanish speakers say "Hay"
2022-07-05 19:03
Brazil bounceback
50% spanish and 50% portuguese Sometimes they yell "BORA CARALHO" Sometimes they yell "LA PUTA MADRE"
2022-07-05 18:55
Try speaks Portuguese. A lot of brazilians (and argentinos) can speak "portunhol" (portugues + espanhol).
2022-07-05 18:57
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didn't know that existed damn thanks
2022-07-05 18:58
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In latino america it's pretty normal this "portunhol" cuz a lot of contrys here speaks spanish (i guess all of them and just brazil speaks protuguese). And in CS we share the servers with Argentinos, chilenos and we try uor best to make comunication clear
2022-07-05 19:05
9z and Isurus speak like that too Almost every argentinian pro can speak a basic portuguese, and some BR players can speak a basic spanish
2022-07-06 05:12
Portugal Davdio
Is the same of saw with arki, "portunhol" is very common in portuguese/Spanish speaker teams
2022-07-05 18:57
Brazil Elakk
definitely portuguese
2022-07-05 19:01
Portugal Lost_fly
adr, analyst of 00, spoke about this early today actualy, in gaules stream while being interviewed by bt0 and liminha he said theres still a language barrier and sometimes try takes a second too long to give the call because he is giving them in portuguese
2022-07-05 19:04
Honest answer.. They all speak portunhol.. The mix of the 2 languages..
2022-07-05 19:09
Try can understand portuguese and communicate in "portuguese/spanish". Usually Brazil and the other countries in SA make an effor to undestand one each other
2022-07-05 19:16
it's not hard for spanish to understand portuguese and italian just like nip esetag is danish but the team speaks sweden and he understand a little
2022-07-05 19:30
Brazil hugoooo
If you think a bit, you would realize that on SA, Brazil and all the Spanish speaking countries plays all the time right? So, we can understand each other, on the game itself, the calls and the positions are the same (or very similar)... so no big deal like on the case of Brazilians and Americans on the same team (2018 MIBR)
2022-07-06 04:26
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I mean, 2018 SK/Mibr with firstly 1 American and then 2 on the roster was actually pretty bad just because of the language like, they had good comms in english in ESEA and Faceit but when u start communicating in a diferent language after u having a full brazilian line which won 2 Major Championships and they even were going through a bad moment...
2022-07-06 04:37
try actually speaks a clean portuguese, ofc it isnt very good but the enough to have a good comunication in-game
2022-07-06 04:29
Spanish and Portuguese are pretty similar, I think they're speaking portuguese
2022-07-06 05:10
they speak spanish, i'm pretty sure that 4 brazils are aware of how to speak language that is grammatically easier that their one instead of pressuring try on working to learn portuguese
2022-07-06 08:09
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Brazil cassiongas
try won't be writing any essays in portuguese, he doesn't need to learn grammar hahahah he speaks portuguese pretty well. It's actually pretty easy for a spanish speaker to learn portuguese and vice versa, the two languages are pretty similar
2022-07-07 07:47
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spanish easier for pt speakers than vice versa tho
2022-07-07 08:34
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Brazil cassiongas
But it is easier for 1 person to speak in a foreign language than make 4 people speak a foreign language just for that person. Besides, try had already spoken portuguese long before 00nation, he didn't had to learn it from scratch
2022-07-07 19:03
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your languages are very similar, but spanish is easier itself, that's why it's better to speak spanish even for 4 pt speakers against 1 spanish speaker talking pt
2022-07-07 19:05
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Portuguese is hard to learn in therms of grammar and stuff. The spoken language itself is actually pretty similar to spanish. I mean, is really really hard to learn a grammatically correct portuguese, but to learn the basics (enough to be understood by portuguese speakers) is pretty much like spanish
2022-07-07 20:52
United Kingdom _xC4ctus
easier for 1 person to speak in a foreign language than make 4 people speak a foreign language look at MIBR 2018 stew boltz cold fer fallen they all spoke englando. sorry americano
2022-07-07 19:08
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That's because americans refuse to learn other languages, so when stew joined he had 0 knowledge of latin languages. The other 4 players in mibr already knew english pretty well, so it was easier for them to just speak english instead
2022-07-07 20:54
Pt br
2022-07-07 07:59
Portuguese. When try don't know the word, they probably understand cause spanish and portuguese are pretty similar.
2022-07-07 19:25
Spanish and Portuguese are very similar so probably Portuguese
2022-07-07 20:55
Argentina cheapdeed
portunol & portuguese
2022-07-07 20:56
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