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Vita back 2 french wont work
ZywOo | 
Turkey Random_Turkish_ZywOo_fan 
There is no french player other than ZywOo can average over 1.1 rating in tier 1 it would be ZywOo 1v9 anyways So pointless suggestion
2022-07-06 00:10
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Vitality is cursed because of kicking the tank
2022-07-06 00:11
2 replies
+1 been down hill ever since kicking godPK
2022-07-06 00:18
rpk was also bad, kyojin was just even worse
2022-07-07 06:22
kennyS | 
France Jaune
shouldnt have kicked Nivera
2022-07-06 00:12
8 replies
He is valorant player anyways
2022-07-06 00:14
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United Kingdom Samfo7
Probably wouldn't be if he wasn't kicked
2022-07-06 00:16
3 replies
Nivera was actually really good, idk why he got kicked
2022-07-06 03:48
2 replies
toxic mind set and depressed easily so great skills but bad mate to have
2022-07-07 05:46
toxic apparently, even for the likes of RpK who has maxed out defense stats.
2022-07-07 05:47
+1 they shouldve cut rpk instead of nivera
2022-07-06 03:53
2 replies
no not RpK, they should have cut shox. them cutting RpK for Botjin in 2021 was a huge mistake, if they wanted to keep shox but not RpK then they should have went for JaCkz when he was still benched before kennyS got benched
2022-07-07 05:19
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nah, misutta is playing rpks roles now on vitality mostly, the play to stay french was to cut rpk switch misuttas roles and keep nivera
2022-07-07 16:33
who said that? are you schizophrenic
2022-07-06 00:17
Eh bullshit there are some good French players
2022-07-06 00:17
3 replies
Not in tier 1
2022-07-06 00:42
2 replies
That’s normal, nobody starts in tier 1
2022-07-06 03:11
1 reply
This. We don’t know if they’re not given a chance
2022-07-07 16:35
nivera hadji zywoo apex jackz could've been smth
2022-07-06 00:17
1 reply
not nivera he was good but toxic and depressed after every looses
2022-07-07 05:47
Faroe Islands v_v
dupreeh and magisk aren’t above 1.1 either
2022-07-06 00:17
1 reply
Hes not saying that they dont need a change just that going back to french wont work
2022-07-06 03:54
Zywoo apex maka hadji shox
2022-07-06 00:18
4 replies
Shox in 2022 lol
2022-07-06 00:42
3 replies
still better than magisk
2022-07-07 05:47
2 replies
RpK | 
France Snabe_
0 Consistency, not goot
2022-07-07 16:35
1 reply
either magisk
2022-07-07 16:52
i agree people keep saying they should go back to being french but it would only improve them slightly in the short term
2022-07-06 00:43
At least they would communicate better, today the whole team seemed lost
2022-07-06 00:47
Hadji should've been on vita years ago smh
2022-07-06 00:49
1 reply
+1 probably the best human French player nowadays.
2022-07-07 06:29
2022-07-06 03:30
San Marino Loyuu
If we mix falcons with heet, it will have more potential than vitality
2022-07-06 03:41
Austria Grundz
"star players" Dupreeh 1.05 Magisk 1.05 At least they signed big names. They destroyed the synergy that helped Zywoo become a superstar, but they got some washed former major winners who haven't had competitive drive for 2 years. Sign cold next. Let's keep this train alive. Poor zywoo.
2022-07-06 03:33
2 replies
1.05 is definitely not bad, they need to -misutaaa Did you know that misutaaa is the lowest rated player in the top 10 atm?
2022-07-06 03:50
they need to clone zywoo x4, he can play all the positions/roles
2022-07-07 05:44
I don't know why the French scene doesn't just disband already. Germany, France, UK, biggest European countries (-Russia) are all so dead. International is the future.
2022-07-06 03:44
They should bring Kyojin back!
2022-07-06 03:51
2022-07-06 11:48
Nah not really Astralis system just don't work for agressive players. Maybe if we are talking like Liquid or Heroic then it might work.
2022-07-07 05:32
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Oceania xJ7
I like this idea. -daps -elige -naf +zonic +dupreeh +magisk
2022-07-07 06:00
-misutaaa -apex -zywoo +device +xypn9x +glaive could work
2022-07-07 05:43
its not a pointless suggestion))
2022-07-07 06:09
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