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Soda and Cigs
ropz | 
Ukraine Daddy_Ropz 
So, I finally stopped drinking soda(and even junk food in general) but still struggling to quit smoking. This is hands-down the hardest thing I ever tried to kick. Does anyone have any success stories on how you kicked the habit and how you did it?
2022-07-16 16:34
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Try to be busy, so you dont have time for cigs
2022-07-16 16:35
shit streamer
2022-07-16 16:36
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shit show saturday
2022-07-16 17:09
shouldve never started
2022-07-16 16:36
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Czech Republic filiposija
2022-07-16 16:42
good suggestion nostradamus
2022-07-17 01:17
France ignorefAN
You could try to replace smoking with a beneficial activity, something you enjoy, like maybe exercising, going for a walk, just something to occupy you whenever you get the urge to smoke. You also probably shouldn't quit cold turkey (idk if you are) but it just makes it way harder on you.
2022-07-16 16:37
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yeah, this is good advice. i personally quit smoking by giving myself small injections of heroin, whenever i felt the urge to smoke. made it so much easier.
2022-07-16 21:45
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2022-07-17 02:05
smoked for 10 years one day i just quit never looked back haven't smoked for 6 years now
2022-07-16 16:38
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when did you start? tell your story, its intresting
2022-07-16 16:43
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it's not that interesting but i started when i was like 15-16 i quit at like 25-26..
2022-07-16 16:50
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your friends made you smoke, or it was up to you?
2022-07-16 19:52
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first time i tried it was with a friend so kinda started smoking with him but ye parents smoked too and stuff so it was just a thing and fun thing to do after school and then in school breaks, breaks at work and even when u wait for the bus etc. but ye just got tired of it ..
2022-07-16 20:51
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ok, thats how it usually goes, happy to hear you are free now
2022-07-16 21:04
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ty it feels good
2022-07-16 21:11
I ate lots of sunflower seeds (shelled). Keeps you occupied. Could be gum or something else too but that's what worked for me.
2022-07-16 16:38
go snus no tar but still nicotine addict
2022-07-16 16:40
nicotine tablets do help tbh but if you wanna avoid tablets then it's just your willpower that'll pull you through for me it was easy i was like- okay no more and have been clean for 5 months now
2022-07-16 16:42
France Ansi
you might wanna try installing an app on your phone that tells you how much money you save; that can really add up you should fill the gap of your addiction with a healthy substitute. Adjust your eating behavior accordingly. dont be gentle on yourself. if you get soft, the temptation will be too hard to resist.
2022-07-16 16:48
Eswatini  xyzoo
a lot of sport !
2022-07-16 16:51
I will tell you how a person i know did it. When you are in public have friends telling you to stop, when you want to by yourself, everytime you put your hand on the cig, start doing push ups until you can t. Man was both ripped and healthy lol
2022-07-16 16:59
United States gweees
chew nicotine gum and slowly change it out for normal gum
2022-07-16 17:00
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2022-07-16 19:55
allen carr easy way to stop smoking
2022-07-16 17:02
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This ^ Or google for a free pdf. Good luck brother
2022-07-16 21:26
I never understood how this book even worked for anyone. One of my friends insistently recommended it to me (by now he smoking as well, despite being convinced at that time that book helped and he will not smoke ever), I read it and of course nothing happened to my smoking. It was extremely repetitive and there was very little information of any kind. Like, the book is good, smoking is bad, you're actually not enjoying smoking, you will enjoy to not smoke, don't smoke ever, repeat 1000 times. Why is the above true? Because the book is good and told you so. If you are not convinced or this "innovative method" didn't work for you, read again. It honestly feels like a religious book and even the Bible is more reasonable and convincing.
2022-07-16 22:53
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This book is fucking shit and don't even deserve to be called a book But that's not for what it was created. This is basically an instruction, a method that will help you to stop smoking. And as this one, it works perfectly. Of course you can get baited again (it's kinda hard tho, myself I was just feeling that I don't want it, at worst you will feel like a teenager who didn't smoke his first cig yet, but in danger of it cause of certain reasons), but after reading you will be feeling absolutely different, at least it was from my experience. I was in no need of smoking ever again Truly the greatest method ever despite being one of the most disgusting books to ever read. Maybe you read it somehow wrong. I never felt any issues after that
2022-07-16 23:03
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Idk, the instruction can be summarized this way: 1) stop smoking, you don't need to smoke 2) be happy about being non-smoker Which is kinda like recommend someone to quit depression by following steps: 1) stop being sad, you don't need to be sad 2) be happy about being non-depressive It's great that it worked for you and many people, and realistically that's the best if not the only way to quit smoking, but it's not like it's something unknown without that instruction and I don't see how it could work for me even in theory. The constant feeling that the author is trying to manipulate me doesn't help.
2022-07-17 01:25
I just switched to vaping, you dont smell, dont lose breath and it is cheaper, quitting nicotine is impossible for me
2022-07-16 17:04
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Lower your nicotine intake, after I quit smoking I went to 18mg after 7months I went to 12mg now I'm currently on 3mg and puff it less than 20 times a day.
2022-07-17 01:03
It's possible, you just gotta man up
2022-07-17 02:15
Poland Wairusss
never smoked a single cig ez
2022-07-16 17:07
Just stop, lmao. Cold turkey
2022-07-16 19:56
Slovakia nvrn06
i switched to vaping and then i start lowering nicotine percentage and stop vaping after 1 year
2022-07-16 19:58
problem is you'll always have the urge to smoke if you've been smoking for a long time
2022-07-16 19:59
Pakistan Piano
give me all your money and I’ll make sure you don’t spent it on smokes
2022-07-16 20:01
Belgium KYC
just stop buying cigarettes? lol dumb thread
2022-07-16 20:02
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you don't know how addictions work do you?
2022-07-16 20:06
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maybe he smokes every day, and think he isn't addicted
2022-07-16 21:16
i got a shit pack of lucky strikes, failed the quality check, smelled really bad and it put me off for a few days. after that i just couldn't be asked to smoke. no cravings at all
2022-07-16 21:23
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Canada firtlast
someone was looking out for you :D
2022-07-17 01:13
I read a "stop smoking book" and it actually helped. It might not for you, but it could be a way to do it. It just makes you realise certain things about smoking and the habit in general (atleast for me it did)
2022-07-16 21:43
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true, i'm not a nicotine addict but i was addicted to a dangerous/highly addicitve drug for some years, and the more you know about addiction and habits the more you know what the battlefield looks like, otherwise the fight is always in your opponents(the substance) favor
2022-07-16 21:47
book link
2022-07-16 21:47
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It was a long time ago. Sorry. I don't remember the book, but i'm sure you could fine a good one.
2022-07-16 21:59
Belgium Gaetje
Start running. When u Make progress u will deny a cig because it will be a set back of your progress
2022-07-16 21:47
Good for you brother ! Hope it works out for you !
2022-07-16 21:54
I stopped smoking when I met my wife some odd 13 years ago since she didn't want me to smoke. It was a cold turkey quit and I never looked back. The thing is I love her and don't want to disappoint her. The nicotine addiction is a joke compared to stuff like SSRI medicine withdrawal, or benzos, etc., they are far more addictive than some lousy nicotine. It takes a decision and going with it. If you fail you have only yourself to blame.
2022-07-16 22:09
i bought tabs with nocotine and eat one when i needed smoke. each day i needed less tabs and one day puff i dont need no cigs or tabs
2022-07-16 22:14
the only way I was able to kick smoking is having a reason that's greater than my want to keep smoking which was a girl so find a female that doesn't like smoking
2022-07-16 22:42
my mom drank diet coke to stop smoking, maybe soda will help you if you trade
2022-07-16 22:45
did last week, i lost my pack and was like thats it im quitting
2022-07-16 22:50
Calculated how much im spending for cigarettes
2022-07-16 22:50
Serbia eliiiiii_
a lot of people I know just did a cold turkey
2022-07-16 22:51
United States hjhjghj23
use e-cigs. start with a high concentration of nicotine, and once every few weeks reduce the concentration. eventually you will be at 0 nicotine. i did the same thing with caffeine. i bought caffeine pills and over time cut them into smaller fractions until i was taking a tiny amount. alternatively you could mix caffeinated and non-caffeinated coffee
2022-07-16 23:01
Sugar helps you to stop using nicotine
2022-07-16 23:04
Suriname Ljannister
Oversmoke, vommit and leave them. I never had desire to quit but if I did I would do that since it worked for alcohol
2022-07-17 01:18
guys idk I have only smoked half a pack of cigarettes (10-12) since my first cigarette in 2019, but I did not feel addicted to cigarettes. my father is addicted too , stopped smoking for 6-7 months and then started again. and you guys after how many branches/packs of cigarettes did you become addicted?
2022-07-17 01:32
everytime you have the urge to smoke try chewing on some sunflower seeds instead
2022-07-17 02:05
just get a different addiction that isn't as bad for you.
2022-07-17 02:06
Try to be busy, just like first reply said.
2022-07-17 02:10
vape but start with 12mg then build off to 0
2022-07-17 02:10
get sick like 1 week in hospital and say bye cig
2022-07-17 02:10
United States Freakmode
2022-07-17 02:15
you dont need to stop drinking soda just drink less and drink no sugar.
2022-07-17 02:21
Nicotine-free plastic inhalers may increase a smoker's chance of quitting, according to new research published online in the European Respiratory Journal. This study is the first to assess the effectiveness of using a nicotine-free inhaler to help stop smoking. The research, which was carried out by scientists at the Università di Catania in Italy, analysed 120 people who were enrolled in a programme to help them quit smoking. The participants were split into two groups, with one group receiving the plastic inhalers as a treatment, and the other group following the usual programme. The researchers also used questionnaires to determine a person's physical and behavioural dependence on cigarettes. After 24 weeks, the participants were asked if they had successfully quit smoking. Whilst there wasn't a significant difference in the quit rates of both groups overall, people who continue to smoke due to the addictive habit and ritual process of 'lighting up' had a much higher success rate when using the inhaler. People who were identified as being heavily dependent on the behavioural pattern of smoking had a quit rate of 66.7% in the group using the inhalers, compared with 19.2% in the other group. The results show that for smokers who rely on the handling of a cigarette as a behavioural pattern, nicotine-free inhalers could increase their chance of success when trying to quit smoking. Professor Riccardo Polosa, Director of the University Institute of Internal Medicine and Clinical Immunology at the University of Catania in Italy, said: "By showing a clear predictive association between the measure of behavioural dependence and relapse, our study is the first to reveal that the concept of behavioural addiction can be exploited as a useful clinical tool for many smokers willing to quit. This will open up a potentially novel area of research in smoking cessation."
2022-07-17 02:23
as you can see behavioural addiction is very much involved try those candy chocolate cigarettes and simply pick one of those up and pretend that you light it up and smoke it. And maybe at some point, a month or several months idk, your addiction of smoking slowly fades away... gl. Ofc it's gonna be damn hard and you will probably sweat or have absdinent, but anyone can be strong enought to do it, you just need to be strong mentally, If you want to light a real cigarette, think about how big of a pussy you are if you do it... Thank me later
2022-07-17 02:32
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