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Best Casters
f0rest | 
Portugal TERMINATOR1g 
machine, sadokist and HenryG. honorable mentions: spunj and and anders
2022-07-20 23:08
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Italy Karimk03
Harry and Hugo are the best casters
2022-07-20 23:09
8 replies
Also good
2022-07-20 23:09
Germany Kit_su
2022-07-20 23:13
2022-07-20 23:36
Serbia Vinnier
2022-07-20 23:40
certainly the most underrated
2022-07-21 08:35
2022-07-21 09:23
2022-07-21 09:26
Pakistan LoOuU2
Indeed, the best among the current bunch.
2022-07-21 20:07
sjokz and frankie should be casters too they will be goatesses
2022-07-20 23:09
8 replies
frankie? if you meant freya, then, yes... frankie is clueless about the game. She's a Karen host.
2022-07-20 23:11
7 replies
no i meant frankie and frankie is very aware of cs go i saw her making videos about hltv comments so she should be based at least
2022-07-20 23:11
6 replies
Frankie doesn't have the knowledge lol. She does interviews and doesn't even watch CS outside of the events she hosts.
2022-07-20 23:12
5 replies
she does trust me
2022-07-20 23:13
Is this a known thing ? Or are you just assuming?
2022-07-20 23:13
3 replies
No. I am not assuming. Frankie isn't freya. Have you ever watched her analyze a game or a single play? She doesn't even know how the game's economy works lmao.
2022-07-20 23:15
2 replies
Actually I haven't watched competitive CS in a while. I just questionned you because I thought it would be a bit weird for someone in the scene profesionally not to watch csgo or have general knowledge about the game
2022-07-20 23:15
1 reply
It's not weird considering her role.
2022-07-20 23:17
Croatia VTZU
prob anders but i think sadokist is much better than the amount of events he gets 100% top3 caster
2022-07-20 23:10
4 replies
+1 we need more of him on the scene. But the problem is that both blast and esl have their usual duos, so it's hard to find a place for him
2022-07-20 23:16
2 replies
Croatia VTZU
idk maybe with some less known caster or creating a casting trio
2022-07-20 23:18
1 reply
we used to have some caster trios on ESLs in 2020 though, but they are gone now. Duos make more sense
2022-07-20 23:22
+1 anders is godlike
2022-07-20 23:32
ngl I miss bardolph with his shenanigans rn I guess harry & hugo 'cuz they got more experienced recently and anders+moses as well as spunj+machine are over-using some of their classic stuff too much
2022-07-20 23:14
Austria Grundz
Sadokist Moses Machine Anders
2022-07-20 23:14
bardolph ddk sadokist henryg harry hugo machine dinko without order
2022-07-20 23:21
Anders, semmler, Pansy >>> All of those new gen casters
2022-07-20 23:22
United States r0l4nd_
Spunj and machine (think that’s who commentated faze vs NaVi in cologne) do a good job of staying on track with the game
2022-07-20 23:23
sadokist, semmler
2022-07-20 23:34
idk why scrawny gets hate. i like him a lot
2022-07-20 23:35
4 replies
Turkey hizumi
yeah same he is fun
2022-07-21 00:22
+1, i love scrawnys casting style and him and launders fit perfectly for one another
2022-07-21 00:30
2 replies
they are a great duo but scrawny overshadows him just like how sado overshadowed henryg
2022-07-21 07:54
1 reply
2022-07-21 13:35
Spunj is really cool
2022-07-20 23:41
Japan esy
Harry and Hugo + Anders
2022-07-20 23:43
Turkey hizumi
machine + spunj > harry + hugo > anders + moses > scrawny + lau my humble opinion of top 4
2022-07-21 00:22
1 reply
2022-07-21 09:00
a caster isn't good without a decent or well-suited secondary imo Machine and SPUNJ is my personal favourite duo, but Machine was also good in his casts with HenryG Harry and Hugo only work together, nobody else works with one of those two as it just feels wrong Anders fits with nearly everyone (Moses, Semmler, Mauisnake) but to me he's best with Moses Sadokist is best with Moses or HenryG as a side, though Sadokist is just a legendary caster and one of the voices of CSGO imo Machine, Sadokist, Anders, Harry/Hugo, HenryG, Moses, SPUNJ, Semmler is the order of my best casters
2022-07-21 00:27
Spunj and machine
2022-07-21 08:01
most of casters are bearable for my ears, so i consider them good, without picking 'the best' except that bleh guy (or how was his name) who speaks by spitting in mic
2022-07-21 08:19
machine and spunj are declining lately for cologne anders+moses would've been better for the finals harry and hugo are my personal favs and for old times: ddk and bardolph
2022-07-21 08:26
I liked it when in 2020 they did like a casting and presenting trio thing. Stunna worked really well with harry and hugo
2022-07-21 08:28
Rivington "RivingtonThe3rd" Bisland is the GOAT for me anyways.
2022-07-21 08:33
Europe skelteR
I thought HenryG was alright
2022-07-21 08:38
Launders is one of the worst that commentates big events
2022-07-21 08:51
1 reply
He used to be good but now I don't think so much anymore
2022-07-21 13:41
Everyone is great but I like that Scrawny energy
2022-07-21 08:55
Anders, Semmler, Moses, HenryG, Sadokist
2022-07-21 08:57
Where are the true GOAT casters in Jay and Dwegg? Literally the best two people ever to shriek a CSGO game.
2022-07-21 08:59
Bardolph and DDK bestest
2022-07-21 09:04
If you like Machine and SpunJ, just copy/paste their last commentary to a match and add it to a new. Its the same shit they say each time, same tone, same play by play. This duo is so over. SpunJ is a good host in HLTV streams, he should stick to that. and machine is a good presenter and I guess host, he should stick to that.
2022-07-21 09:30
If you guys could understand portuguese, you would probably love gaules... Thats why he brings a lot of people and sometimes even more than the maincast
2022-07-21 09:33
2 replies
I don't like to watch gaules, but he's a good guy.
2022-07-21 11:04
1 reply
honestly I don't watch it anymore, cuz I'm not in the mood for all the jokes. But he's good.
2022-07-21 17:32
Georgia g3ks1
Kane CSGO and zeus
2022-07-21 09:36
Ljaf i Svojke
2022-07-21 11:04
the one and only babam
2022-07-21 11:06
1 reply
2022-07-21 11:17
2022-07-21 11:17
Finland 7ones
Finnish casters >> boring mainstream English casters
2022-07-21 11:19
Australia B_Tannen
Moses, Anders, and semmler are icons of CS esports. You hear their voice and so many memories come back. I think machine can reach this level, but he needs to regulate the hype more. I know he’s a “giddy” dude, but saving that energy for the truly special moments would elevate the cast. Also the cringe world-play whiny whispering stuff makes me mute the stream. Especially in arenas.
2022-07-21 11:28
Hugo sadokist machine
2022-07-21 13:40
definitely not scrawny and launders sadokist goat caster
2022-07-21 13:48
Sadokist, HenryG, Anders, moses, Spunj
2022-07-21 20:06
Sadokist, Moses and Machine
2022-07-21 20:15
I like launders because he seems so down to earth
2022-07-21 20:16
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