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16-0 Archive III
Serbia Real_Serbian_NaVi_fan 
Continuing the legacy of two of our fellow mens)) who are unfortunately gone but won't be forgotten Original thread, 5/2020: 2021 Updated thread, 6/2021: If there are any 16-0 games that aren't mentioned in this thread please link the matchpage down below <<< 2022 Movistar Riders vs HUMMER (bo1) IHC vs Rare Atom (map2) B4 vs Stone (map2) Nigma Galaxy vs ATK fe (bo1) Carpe Diem vsv X13 (bo1) Copenhagen Flames vs Anonymo (map2) MOUZ NXT vs GamerLegion (map1) Liquid vs BigRigger (bo1) 1shot vs Entropiq Prague (map2) Entropiq vs Looking For Org (map1) 2021 ORDER vs 8Ballers (map1) Brazen vs Kinship (map1) fnatic Rising vs Enterprise (map2) VERTEX vs Caught off Guard (map2) BLINK vs Budapest Five (map2) Bad News Bears vs Triumph (map3) VERTEX vs Collateral (map2) 00NATION vsv 777 (map1) forZe vs Spirit (map2) MIBR vs FURIA (bo1) (MR12) OG vs Complexity (map1) FURIA vs paiN (map2) Gambit vs Entropiq (map1) Extra Salt vs Akave (map1) FaZe Clan vs Complexity (map3) Galaxy Racer vs Young Ninjas (map2) Triumph vs Strife (map2) MOUZ NXT vs GORILLAZ (map2) Ground Zero vs domilk (map1) Renegades vs Alke (map2) Renegades vs Lese (map1) DBL Poney vs Kuruma (map1) Sudor vs Level (bo1) Paqueta vs FURIA fe (bo1) eXploit vs x6tence (bo1) HAVU vs ENCE (map2) Checkmate vs CatEvil (map1) GROND vs BEE (map2) Nordavind vs Astralis Junior (map3) EC Brugge vs Sangal (map2) Mousesports vs Lilmix (map1) NASR vs Princesses (bo1) SKADE vs Alternate ATTAX (map2) paiN vs Villainous (map2) DBL Poney vs Endpoint (map3) Bad News Bears vs GGPR (map1) HAVU vs Case (map1) Winstrike vs Tricked (map1) HONORIS vs Lilmix (map2) 2020 Winstrike vs SJ (map3) Winstrike vs MBAPPEEK (map1) Gambit vs Ethereal (map2) Lilmix vs Lemondogs (map2) x6tence vs c0ntact (map1) Secret Club vs ex-Warriors International (map2) ViCi vs Invictus (map1) Chaos vs Station7 (bo1) Gambit vsSAW (map2) Endpoint vs MAD Lions (map1) Winstrike vs Unique (map1) ORDER vs madlikewizards (bo1) Sprout vs UoL (bo1) Renegades vs ROCK CANDY (bo1) 2019 ALTERNATE aTTaX vs Winstrike (map2) Bad News Bears vs Mythic (map2) AVANGAR vs Galkynysh (bo1) Grayhound vs Avant (map2) forZe vs Winstrike (map2) Ancient vs Gamerlegion (map2) AVANGAR vs Nemiga (bo1) ENCE vs SJ (map2) Mousesports vs CR4ZY (map1) GamerLegion vs Heroic (bo1) AGO vs fnatic (map1) North vs Aristocracy (map3) Mousesports vs EG (map3) Astralis vs FaZe (map1) ViCi vs Brave Warriors (map2) Astralis vs Cloud9 (bo1) 2018 FrostFire vs VTE (bo1) AaB vs Namibia (bo1) Astralis vs Mibr (bo1) Great Danes vs United (bo1) Mousesports vs North (map1) GOSU vs ikarus (bo1) MVP PK vs TNC (map2) BOOT-d[S] vs Recca (map2) vs 5POWER (map1) Unique vs 5balls (map2) Avangar vs WINSIDE (map1) fish123 vs WE HAWT (map3) W7M vs Rude (bo1) MAX vs Flash (map1) Energy vs Goliath (map1) The frag dolphins vs Grizzlys (bo1) Team One vs The frag dolphins (bo1) Gorilla gang vs Aranea (bo1) Summit vs Avant (map1) Virtue vs Furia Inagame (map1) Dynasty vs Blink once for help (bo1) C4 vs AEON (map1) Deathway vs Sector 7 (map2) Dignitas vs Prospects (map1) Bravado vs Really old people (map2) North vs OpTic (map1) The Pioneers vs boxr (map3) MK vs Nexus (bo1) Ground Zero vs ORDER (bo1) Grayhound vs 1up (bo1) Prospects vs Gorilla Gang (bo1) Não Tem Como vs Amaterasu (bo1) Fierce Tiger vs MAX (bo1) Sharks vs Virtue (map1) North vs Ago (map2) Valiance vs GODSENT (map3) Enyoy vs Epiphany Bolt (map1) eUnited vs TeamOne (map1) Order vs Taboo (map2) Wild vs FURIA (bo1) Panthers vs HAVU (map2) k0pfsache vs Quantum Bellator Fire (map1) LDLC vs Naevermind (map1) XPC vs Bpro (map2) Envy vs Russia (map1) Movistar Riders vs x6tence Galaxy (map2) 2017 Mineski vs Imperium (map5) Signature vs Kinguin (map2) Rogue vs Legacy of Jenume (bo1) Heroic vs Valiance (map1) GODSENT vs Belgium (map3) Red Reserve vs En av de lette (bo1) HEXAGONE Cubo vs HEXAGONE (map3) NRG vs Immortals (bo1) 5POWER vs rte (bo1) Kinguin vs RESISTANCE (bo1) GODSENT vs Team5 (bo1) BIG vs NiP (map1) Dignitas vs Vega Squadron (map1) Splyce vs SK (bo1) North vs Fragsters (map1) eXtatus vs Envy Academy (map1) Prophecy vs Epsilon (map1) Saltbae vs Imperial (bo1) Skjuta hess vs fightclub (map3) TeamOne vs Isurus (map1) Spartak vs Nodachi (bo1) Mousesports vs Natus Vincere (bo1) OpTic vs Winterfox (bo1) Fuglebjerg vs VHQ&T (bo1) Future$tars vs EleMeNade (bo1) Endpoint vs Fuglebjerg (bo1) PRIDE vs EleMeNade (bo1) eFuture vs Wicked (bo1) paiN vs 2KILL (map2) Misfits vs Bee's Money Crew (map2) eXtatus vs GUNRUNNERS (map1) ViCi vs nxl (map1) Born Of Fire vs HG (bo1) Outlaws vs Tricked (bo1) VeloX vs QuetzaL (bo1) Renegades vs CLG Red (map2) Signature vs Kinguin (map2) Movistar Riders vs EURONICS (map1) 2016 Renegades vs SK (bo1) Luminosity vs Renegades (bo1) iNETKOXTV vs VenatoreS (map3) Signature vs Ulti (bo1) Netland vs Outlaw (map2) YETTI vs SCARZ (map2) m0nster vs m0nster white (map3) ENTiTY.Gold vs Risky (map3) Cloud9 vs TyLoo (bo1) Shukufuku Sunshine vs ENZO Devious vs Enso (bo1) g3x vs BigGods (map1) G2 vs SK (map1) RvN vs Brutality (map1) VG.CyberZen vs Endpoint (bo1) France vs Canada (map2) ExcelsioR vs iNation (bo1) TheMongolz vs AMC (bo1) TheMongolz vs Renegades (map1) Kinguin vs (bo1) CoL vs Immortals (map1) Space Soldiers vs Legends Never Die (bo1) Renegades vs SK (bo1) KoN Denmark vs KoN Finland (bo1) Team X vs ANOX (map2) Team X vs FaZe (map2) Team X vs Energy Pacemaker (bo1) Canada vs El Salvador (bo1) Quest vs Vesuvius (map1) Epsilon vs Secret Fe (map1) nxl vs ZZCY (map1) fnatic vs FaZe (bo1) g3x vs INTZ (map2) GODS.WIN vs seven (map1) Renegades vs Luminosity (bo1) Worst Players vs Alpha (map2) CPH Wolves vs NerdRage (bo1) TyLoo vs eFuture (map1) Aquiver.RED vs Influx Nordic (bo1) fLVERNE vs Recursive (bo1) FAB vs OlleBolle (bo1) PANTERS vs demise (map1) Method vs Reason (map2) eXplosive vs ex-Epiphany (bo1) TSM vs CoL (map3) Karma vs Millenium fe (bo1) CeX vs AliGon (map1) gBots vs NerdRage (map1) YP vs Ancient (map2) Games Academy vs No Tenemos Nada (bo1) Games Academy vs Gathers (bo1) 2015 Luminosity vs Renegades (bo1) Bravado vs Pixel Hunters (map1) xTc vs online Bots (map1) Playing Ducks vs KILLERFISH (map2) No Problem! vs LGB fe (bo1) TamuluS vs RoyalFamily (bo1) autocracy vs WHY Schwyz (bo1) Fnatic vs Luminosity (bo1) TSM vs Liquid (bo1) Vega Squadron vs LowLandLions (map2) vs FTW.Evo (bo1) Luminosity vs Renegades (bo1) Game Show Staff vs NaVi Staff (map2) Game Show Staff vs Noobtubers (map2) SK vs Mousesports (bo1) Esc vs NerdRage (map3) CoL vs Winterfox (bo1) Energy vs Aperture (map3) iDomina vs EasyFix (map2) vs Enervate (map3) unKnights vs Asus ROG (bo1) Denmark vs Latvia (bo1) OverGaming vs KILLERFISH (bo1) Vietnam vs Kyrgyzstan (map2) Belarus vs Ireland (map1) INFINITY vs Dignitas (map1) Renegades vs NeckBreack (bo1) vs Kinguin (map3) x6tence vs 1337 (map3) mouseSpaz affNity (bo1) GPlay vs Airwalk (map1) Cloud9 vs Method (map2) Flipsid3 vs LGB (map3) Nihilum vs eLevate (map1) GPlay vs GIANT5 (bo1) vs G2 (map1) CM Storm vs Property Fe (map3) LGB vs puta (map1) Property vs lemondogs (map1) Envy vs Property (map2) Vox Eminor vs TRIDENT (bo1) Penta vs Titan (map2) 2014 fnatic vs eLevate (map1) Staff vs Russian eSF Staff (bo1) SLTV Staff vs Russian eSF Staff (bo1) LDLC vs (map3) vs Virtual Impact (bo1) NiP vs fnatic (map1) 97club vs faith (map3) Hungary vs Moldova (map1) United Kingdom vs Malta (map2) Epsilon vs OnlineBOTS (bo1) CPH Wolves vs unu.AiN (map1) Hellraisers vs Epsilon (map3) vs (map1) NiP vs PangaFett (map2) Dignitas vs LGB (bo1) Clan-Mystik vs Wizards (bo1) 2013 über G33KZ vs Reason (map2) Clan-Mystik vs WARMAKER (map1) LGB vs THiS iS (bo1) Slovenia vs Armenia (map1) MTF Gaming vs Playing Ducks (map1) Fraternitas vs DISTRICT (bo1) GUNRUNNERS vs DISTRICT (bo1) fnatic vs iNation (bo1) ALTERNATE aTTaX vs 3DMAX (bo1) Western Wolves vs Derailed (map2) fnatic vs BX3 (map1) CF-Gaming vs ALSEN (map2) ESC vs redzone (bo1) Anexis vs EYES ON U (bo1) 2012 NIP vs E-Srael (bo1) zNation vs Brussels Guardians (bo1) Area 51 vs ProGaming.TD (bo1) mousesports vs logiX (map1) DN-Gaming vs VeryGames (bo1) 32-0 Games Dire Wolves vs Overperformers (map1 & map2) BKO potata aim vs Dream Chaser (map1 & map2) Nova vs ARES (map1 & map2) Bolivia vs Peru (map1 & map2) >>> Next update coming in the first half of 2023 OR whenever this thread gets locked
2022-07-23 18:48
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mens)) here we come! 💪😎👌👍 ------😎------------😎----------------------------------😎😎😎😎 --😎😎----------😎---------------------------------😎-------------😎 😎--😎--------😎😎😎-------------------------😎---------------😎 ------😎------😎--------😎-----😎😎😎-----😎-----------------😎 ------😎------😎---------😎----------------------😎----------------😎 ------😎------😎-------😎-------------------------😎--------------😎 --😎😎😎---😎😎😎-----------------------------😎😎😎😎 c😎ntent
2022-07-23 18:48
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Nice bump from alt
2022-07-23 19:03
3 replies
I don't possess any alt accounts, nt
2022-07-23 19:05
1 reply
2022-07-23 19:06
2022-07-23 23:58
l | 
Germany _car
Nice 😎👍
2022-07-23 19:06
Good thread LTN)
2022-07-23 18:48
1 reply
2022-07-23 19:11
Petra | 
Poland 138|
2022-07-23 18:49
please get a life <3
2022-07-23 18:52
1 reply
what u mean? Its actually a good threat
2023-01-18 11:10
n1 LtN
2022-07-23 18:53
1 reply
+1 16-0 archive 2 was really nice
2022-07-23 19:11
Indonesia sTakaTaka
bookmarking this forsure
2022-07-23 19:00
1 reply
W mens))
2022-07-23 20:43
I remember mouz 16-0 NAVI
2022-07-23 19:03
1 reply
Yeah i remember it like it was yesterday Sad days
2022-07-23 20:44
16-0---------16-0-----------------------------------16-016-016-0 16-0-------16-0------------------------------------16-0---------16-0 16-0-----16-0-------------------------------------16-0-----------16-0 16-0-----16-0-16-0-------16-016-0----------16-0-------------16-0 16-0----16-0---16-0------16-016-0----------16-0-------------16-0 16-0----16-0----16-0----------------------------16-0------------16-0 16-0----16-0---16-0-------------------------------16-0---------16-0 16-0-----16-0-16-0----------------------------------16-016-016-0
2022-07-23 19:12
32-0 omegalul
2022-07-23 19:13
Pakistan LoOuU2
I hope to see a day where 32-0 will be a reality in Tier 1 or tier 2 Astralis winning 32-2 against Faze is sadly the closest we are ever gonna get
2022-07-23 20:59
2 replies
NaVi vs FaZe IEM Rio final 💪💪💪😎😎😎
2022-07-24 12:06
1 reply
ja 0-32
2022-07-29 14:31
------😎------------😎----------------------------------😎😎😎😎 --😎😎----------😎---------------------------------😎-------------😎 😎--😎--------😎😎😎-------------------------😎---------------😎 ------😎------😎--------😎-----😎😎😎-----😎-------0--------😎 ------😎------😎---------😎----------------------😎----------------😎 ------😎------😎-------😎-------------------------😎--------------😎 --😎😎😎---😎😎😎-----------------------------😎😎😎😎
2022-07-23 21:02
1 reply
2022-07-23 22:15
2022-07-23 21:06
gj LtN))
2022-07-23 23:48
1 reply
2022-07-29 14:30
imagine getting 32-0
2022-07-23 23:56
United States ka0nashi
This is a great thread, man. +rep!
2022-07-24 00:00
1 reply
thanks mens))
2022-07-29 14:29
Australia Whatajoke
how tf ence with doto lost to HAVU on d2 16-0?? ?DDDDDDDD
2022-07-24 12:12
2 replies
havu with their coach no less
2022-07-24 12:19
1 reply
Australia Whatajoke
lmao :D disturbed was playing with like 3dmax on 2014? :DD
2022-07-24 12:20
2022-07-24 15:44
Go outside man…
2022-07-24 15:45
1 reply
too warm
2022-07-24 17:32
2 replies
Thank you for contribution
2022-07-29 14:32
1 reply
ef academy
2022-07-29 14:31
2022-07-29 14:33
1 reply
I don't think they would be so evil but after all you never know what to expect
2022-07-29 15:06
Sweden extol88
G2 Esctatic last major 16-0 And JUST in this moment Argentina-Algeria 16-0
2022-12-08 09:53
Barbados P0vTr
I won't look for that but i'm 100% sure c016zera plays in the 70% of the matches listed
2023-01-18 07:21
2023-01-18 07:32
mens)) here we come! 💪😎👌👍 ------😎------------😎----------------------------------😎😎😎😎 --😎😎----------😎---------------------------------😎-------------😎 😎--😎--------😎😎😎-------------------------😎---------------😎 ------😎------😎--------😎-----😎😎😎-----😎-----------------😎 ------😎------😎---------😎----------------------😎----------------😎 ------😎------😎-------😎-------------------------😎--------------😎 --😎😎😎---😎😎😎-----------------------------😎😎😎😎
2023-01-18 07:34
Nt ltn
2023-01-18 10:55
2023-01-18 11:02
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