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Astralis missed everything
Other roeJ_fan 
Staehr - Sprout Zyphon - Sprout refrezh - Sprout roeJ - fnatic nicoodoz - fnatic jabbi - Heroic valde will find himself a home too at one point device will probably retire while waiting out his contract Are Astralis not tired of missing countless opportunities cos of their greed and pretending like everything's fine?
2022-08-05 01:10
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ton | 
Brazil ZerongBr
i dont think they wanna change
2022-08-05 01:11
16 replies
well i doubt they will succeed without a decent awper
2022-08-05 01:12
15 replies
They will be slightly better with a new awper. But if they really want to contest, they need to replace Xyp9x (look past his recent "fluke" results)
2022-08-05 01:16
14 replies
the roster simply isnt "good enough"
2022-08-05 13:02
Israel michnass
im willing ot bet all of my life savings on the fact that this astralis roster will not win a single trophy
2022-08-05 13:07
3 replies
Denmark sNju
That doesn't sound very Jewish. Fakeflagger?
2022-08-06 11:39
2 replies
Israel michnass
1. Not fake 2. Why u bully me 3. Astralis suck
2022-08-06 15:40
1 reply
Denmark sNju
1. Doubt 2. See your 3 3. No
2022-08-06 17:22
Xyp9x | 
India NinX
Awww man. Just when I thought you were a Chad person on HLTV.
2022-08-05 21:24
3 replies
Why did you think that?
2022-08-06 00:14
2 replies
Xyp9x | 
India NinX
Interacted with you. Couple of times on other post. You seemed like a based person. But you are entitled to have an opinion about xyp. So I guess that's that.
2022-08-06 06:18
1 reply
Yeah, probably that's it.
2022-08-06 07:31
bruh how can someone have 3-4 fluke event ratings? at that point its no longer a fluke yea xyp's probably done but calling his past few ratings a fluke is just stupid...considering in Astralis's losses it has been blame and xyp carrying the team
2022-08-06 06:53
3 replies
Ok fair enough
2022-08-06 07:31
2 replies
ayy that was easy!! nice!! you are a level-headed user indeed!! One of the rare ones....
2022-08-06 07:46
1 reply
Mens))) I am slightly biased against xyp, so made that comment. But I got your point :)
2022-08-06 07:51
New Zealand stam_
farlig is genius and witty, you do not understand; he administers warning shots reminding his enemies next time he will actually kill them
2022-08-06 11:43
Astralis as an org is a joke, they simply don't know what do after the og members left
2022-08-05 01:14
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Netherlands arTvamp
Yeap goes to show it was the players themselves all along and ever will be.
2022-08-06 11:08
yea becasue you know... make your own org
2022-08-06 20:46
Brazil williamhsk1
It's sad to see a team with 4 Majors not having at least qualified for the Legends Stage in the last event... Which would give them a guaranteed spot in the EU RMR (which qualifiers are not so easy)
2022-08-05 01:14
27 replies
Canada Zenrod
Nah, fuck the Astralis org.
2022-08-05 13:38
18 replies
Because? I have nothing against the Org
2022-08-05 21:17
17 replies
as much as i love astralis current/former rosters, the organisation itself is shitty. they don't care about their players.
2022-08-05 21:27
11 replies
Why? What they did?
2022-08-05 21:30
10 replies
North America AsheS_EdeN
The burnout that Astralis suffered? That was all the Orgs fault. Remember when they went to a 6 man roster because I know at one point Gla1ve had to step away and Xyp did too. Their Era could have arguable lasted even longer if they didn't push those guys beyond what was reasonable. I like the players and coaches they've had but fuck them as an Org.
2022-08-06 07:50
9 replies
I didn't see anything evil in that... You guys need to understand that above all the Org-players relationship is a boss-employee relationship
2022-08-06 08:49
8 replies
North America AsheS_EdeN
Lol you're clearly part of the problem with working conditions... everywhere. Just cause you're an employee doesn't make it right for your employer to work you to the point of needing a break for mental health reasons.
2022-08-06 09:03
6 replies
I'm being realistic, if you've ever worked you know that
2022-08-06 09:24
5 replies
North America AsheS_EdeN
Lmfao. FT Hospital tech for 2 years into full time EMT/Paramedic for 4 years. "If you ever worked" Cringe.
2022-08-06 10:04
4 replies
"Cringe". I already have my answer
2022-08-06 11:27
Denmark sNju
You are talking shit without knowing anything. Having only worked 6 years, you are excused. When you get older, promise me you will learn to not talk about subjects that you know nothing about.
2022-08-06 11:42
2 replies
North America AsheS_EdeN
That's only 6 years of work experience I feel like sharing online. And if you knew anything besides being a mouth breather in your mother's basement you'd know that EMS, and public service in general (Police/Fire/EMS) is one of the most grueling fields out there with the longest work hours, as is hospital work. Flag(s) check out.
2022-08-06 19:49
1 reply
Denmark sNju
Kiddo, I'm old enough to be your dad, and if I were to be hanging out in any mothers basement, it could unironically be your moms. Comparing police to fire/ems just instantly made your whole point invalid. And what is your point anyway? Is it the danger of the job that should be respected? I respect EMS/fire workers in Denmark, because they do a shitty job for a low wage, because they like to help people. Just like nurses, doctors, teachers etc. You don't get respect by demanding it, but by behaving in a way that makes people respect you. Also something you will learn in time. Flag(s)?
2022-08-07 09:50
2022-08-06 17:26
New Zealand stam_
you have n0thing against it?
2022-08-06 11:47
4 replies
against n0thing I have
2022-08-06 11:49
3 replies
New Zealand stam_
n0thing against I have
2022-08-06 11:51
2 replies
Have i n0thing against
2022-08-06 11:53
1 reply
New Zealand stam_
against i n0thing have
2022-08-07 02:23
They qualified for legend stage mate? what you on about?
2022-08-06 07:42
7 replies
5 replies
the link you shared is Play Offs/Champion stage. Astralis did reach Legend stage they didn't made it to Platy Offs
2022-08-06 08:56
4 replies they did not make it past challengers stage bro what u on about
2022-08-06 09:15
3 replies
He is drunk i think
2022-08-06 09:25
1 reply
astralis not reaching legends stage traumatized him so much that he wiped it from his memory lmao
2022-08-06 10:25
wtf you are right my bad , bruh i am delusion or what i swear i remember them reaching legend stage wtf.
2022-08-06 09:37
not in antwerp they did so in stockholm
2022-08-06 09:42
Zeus | 
Australia NoLeS
they fucked up not getting roeJ and nicooodoz
2022-08-05 01:14
1 reply
2022-08-05 14:46
astralis allegedly in talks to bring back device is all you need to know about astralis.
2022-08-05 01:15
Depends if the device and Valde rumors are true or not. I still think there must be some better reason for Valde to bench himself in oG other than "he didnt like the direction the org was moving" or w/e
2022-08-05 01:18
2 replies
Montenegro bel0wsk1
valde/devve was confirmed by ABOverdrive and Thorin,the problem lies in the fact they have to pay for them.Valde's contract ends this year,so maybe next year we have Ast Valde? Devve is impossible if Astralis are going with the same approach
2022-08-05 13:05
1 reply
Cheap org. Unwilling to spend some money but if they can cash they do it in a blink..
2022-08-06 10:11
They just don't want to spend an extra penny
2022-08-05 02:07
6 replies
Astralis is rich as fuck, dont worry about that
2022-08-05 13:05
5 replies
That's not what the financial reports say
2022-08-05 13:20
Germany tilted_up
if they actually spend that pennies they would be right now: glaive blameF k0nfig dev1ce Valde
2022-08-05 13:22
Hell no, astralis almost collapse in 2020, decided to cut the salaries of the players there
2022-08-05 13:54
Astralis is barely profitable from the financial reports they published a while ago. Just because they are the most succesfull org in CS doesn't mean they are the richest. Orgs like G2, Faze, Complexity, Liquid and Cloud9 are far, far richer.
2022-08-05 21:51
1 reply
North America AsheS_EdeN
Yeah cause you have to take in account all rosters across all esports as well as Sponsorships, Financial Backers, etc. The money gained comes into the org as a whole and isn't 1:1 spent on the same team who gained the income. Liquid is a great example. While their CSGO roster are having and have had considerably lackluster results by their standards, they remain one of the richest Orgs at the moment.
2022-08-06 07:53
There were a few rumours of valde going to EG but they've decided to not get an EU core for RMR reasons (and keep CeRq lmfao). valde is still a real option.
2022-08-05 02:10
1 reply
Finland Khroni
The Valde rumours have been quiet on EG for a while, it was only really in the player break, probably why they looked at misutaa instead
2022-08-05 13:10
idk why they still haven't gone for +Valde -xyp
2022-08-05 13:06
Well they say they don't want to change anything cause they showed promise at Cologne KEKW In reality this team cannot be consistent with Farlig and K0nfig, not that K0nfig is bad but considering hes supposed to be the 2nd star of the team he is too inconsistent.
2022-08-05 13:13
1 reply
North America AsheS_EdeN
I think that's one of the worst traps a team can find themselves in. When the roster isn't working but then they get just enough decent results to justify keeping the roster for another 6 months. It almost makes you wish that they would have bombed out in groups in Cologne to spur along the inevitable (and needed) roster change.
2022-08-06 07:56
Astralis CEO being dumb What's new?
2022-08-05 13:18
1 reply
United States jvac
fr this is the Astralis brand
2022-08-05 13:28
Europe monerap
totally agree
2022-08-05 13:24
yeah its sad
2022-08-05 13:24
JW | 
Sweden EntonXD
They never wanted magisk, and he was considered to be dropping in form. They wanted to keep kjaerbye.
2022-08-05 13:52
1 reply
Romania Ghostpawn
after kjærbye leave the team, they want first to sign k0nfig, but because he can't reach the meet in time, they sign magisk
2022-08-05 21:31
United States SMOKEBREAK
They definitley missed with Farlig in the lineup Yikes, never thought I'd see a dude griefing inferno on lan.
2022-08-05 14:17
1 reply
hehehe that inferno map vs Faze was comedy gold
2022-08-06 06:50
United Kingdom Jonty04l32
Nothing new with Astralis and there was obviously Trace making that statement in the HLTV article. I think Astralis have what it takes with the current roster to win tournaments but they cannot rely on BlameF alone, plus Xyp9x is past his prime.
2022-08-05 14:50
-xyp +Valde wouldnt cost that much and it's obv it would make for a better roster. The org is probably broke AF
2022-08-05 15:30
they extended xyr9x contract for many years do u think they want to win tournaments
2022-08-05 15:32
should have gotten nicoodoz, also maybe roej for konfig as he sucks over 50% of the time. at least xyp doing good now
2022-08-05 21:21
Pakistan LoOuU2
they are fine , missing out on Nicodoz is a real mess up. They need some actual tier 1 awper and then if the results dont improve , they need to decide who is worth keeping out of inconsistent, once-in-a-blue-moon performer in Konfig or past-his-glory days, multi-year-contracted Xyp9x.
2022-08-05 21:25
i know it won't happen, but all they need is to do +devve -farlig, they don't need any other change.
2022-08-05 21:28
are zyphon and refrezh actually confirmed for sprout?
2022-08-05 21:33
Romania Ghostpawn
it should be enough to sign nicodooz when cphf announced they sell every player for 5k$, xyp can hard support for nicoodoz or k0nfig
2022-08-05 21:34
Astralis already said no changes so you talking about “missing something” is nonsense. Money doesn’t grow on trees . And second, Nicodoz was the only awper that could’ve helped and he was snatched away by Fnatic, a org that also has more money than Astralis, don’t forget that. They wasted money on Lucky/Farlig and now they have to live with it.
2022-08-05 21:36
danish scene is lost wihtout device. It is really crazy how much a whole nation depends on 1 player. I mean even Germany has more than tabsen.
2022-08-05 21:43
1 reply
not really, i mean eventho Heroic is onliner, they keep the scene relevant
2022-08-06 06:46
they will take soon valde and device ( best options ) why would they hurry and take shits like refrezh ? wtf
2022-08-05 21:45
Tbf they stil have fessor, but ye they missed out on so many talents
2022-08-06 06:28
they took farlig and that is a mistake, Lucky much better skill-wise i think they reconsider their way of judging performance and fixing problems bc after resigned glaive and xyp, their signing is disaster konfig not even equal to duppe; blameF destructing team harmony; farlig not the type of awper they need
2022-08-06 06:44
how can they not understand that their current team cant win anything if navi and faze are still around. they should get device and valde. thats a good investment
2022-08-06 06:47
i mean, the only person they probably would like to replace is farlig, and there really isnt many other danish awpers around (mertz maybe?)
2022-08-06 07:23
1 reply
They should've tried to get nicoodoz, too late tho
2022-08-06 07:33
astralis not making changes
2022-08-06 07:47
they did not miss valde and dev1ce yet.
2022-08-06 08:48
what about device
2022-08-06 10:09
Netherlands arTvamp
2022-08-06 11:06
fessor better than all of those + free also they're waiting for dev1ce
2022-08-06 11:15
Lucky was the problem LULW
2022-08-07 02:24
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