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Barca KEKW
United States cptn_fantastic8 
can't register 5 summer signings for La Liga. OMEGALUL
2022-08-05 23:18
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2022-08-05 23:18
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USA talking about football kekw
2022-08-06 00:06
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cry is free
2022-08-06 00:30
no Messi no party
2022-08-06 01:04
Real question is: How are they allowed to spend money. Barcelona wont exist in 10 years lol. Spending money they dont have to sign X players.
2022-08-05 23:19
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this is kind of telling them they can't spend money. shame for the players though
2022-08-05 23:27
do u really think barcelona wont exist in 10 years lol? its more easy to la liga change their rules
2022-08-05 23:53
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€1.3 billion in debt + 153 million euro for Lewandowski, Kounde, Raphina + soon like 7-10 million euro for Alonso and 35-50 million euro for Sergio Reguilón lol. So: 1.3 billion + 153m + 42-60m in debts. Could be a little less if they sell Aubameyang, Depay, Pjanic, Umtiti, Dest and Neto like rumours say. Probably: Auba: 25 million Depay: 20 million or less because of contract Pjanic: 12-13 million Umtiti: 3 million if even that lol. Dest: 30 million or so Neto: 3 million or so because of contract Which means: ~94 million, probably less. Thats NOTHING. That pays of the latest transfers, but thats it.
2022-08-06 00:24
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Didnt they sell like 25% of their laliga TV rights? And you'd believe the spotify sponsorship would bring some money in.
2022-08-06 00:43
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Yes, they did. 25% for 700 million euro. And yes, ofc the Spotify deal brings in a good amount. But, they still need to sort that debt sooner or later.
2022-08-06 00:48
Egypt BomberMan_
I think partly the most important thing they did is shed a lot of large contracts. Tho signing auba and lewa is kinda contrary to the idea of lowering salaries.
2022-08-06 00:51
They sold part of their merch rights, why wouldn't they be able to spend money? They want to have a competitive team to maintain or improve their income. It is as simple as that, not spending was not an option because the team was already in shambles, which means less money overall for the team, less attractive for foreigners etc etc. I'm a RM supporter but I believe they did It right, the other choice was to let the boat sink. Now, the problem with this strategy is that if It goes wrong, the club is absolutely done, they will have to sell It to whoever wants to purchase It. They are restricted in terms of salary, that's why they are struggling to be able to use all the new players, they need to get rid of some of cut some salaries, otherwise they will be stuck with players they can't use at all. They will exist in any case, if things go absolutely wrong, they just sell the club to some rich ass petrol prince and end of the story.
2022-08-05 23:59
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they need to sell players in order to register, its not about having money through other sources
2022-08-06 00:12
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It's not just a limit of X number of players in each team, It's related to how much you can spend on salaries depending on your income/sponsors etc.
2022-08-06 01:13
They sold around 25% of TV rights for the next 25years and 25% of their barça stores and they made around 700M€ just with that, why they wouldn't be able to spend 100M€ in new signings? The problem is they expected to sell De Jong or Depay among many others like Braitwhite to get a bit of cash+less salary and it looks like they don't want to leave unless Barça pays them the remaining contract, that's why they can't register the new ones, because La Liga rules about salaries are way more strict than other leagues and they are even stricter with Barça because of the debt thing.
2022-08-06 00:24
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Well, those 700m wont help with much. Why they cant spend on new players? Because they have 1.3 BILLION euro in debt dude? + 153 million euro for Lewandowski, Kounde and Raphina. On top of that rumours say they will also get Alonso and Reguilón, which probably is like 45-50 million euro in total. They are spending money they dont have. Even if they sold some stuff for 700m euro. They need to pay their debt lol.
2022-08-06 00:27
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If you buy a house you'll have around 300k€ debt, I guess that according to you, you shouldn't be able to buy anything else until you pay it... Debt means nothing as long as you can pay it, they expect to sell a 24% more of barça stores this year, so they could get around 900M€ before season starts, ofc that will mean they will get less benefits on the long run, but debt can be paid, if they stop investing on the team and turn irrelevant is when they won't be able to pay the debt, because the 25% of their tv rights are not going to cost 250M€. Ofc, it's a risky approach, but at the end, if the things goes wrong they can always sell the club to a random qatari that have billions in their account.
2022-08-06 00:32
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"If you buy a house you'll have around 300k€ debt, I guess that according to you, you shouldn't be able to buy anything else until you pay it..." No? Thats reasonable. But 1.3 BILLION + more inc in debt and you keep on buying insanely expensive players its just weird. They need to fix their debt sooner or later or its gonna grow. Yes, i believe thats the thing that will happen. Some random Saudi or Qatari teen will tell his 80 year old dad to buy Barcelona lol.
2022-08-06 00:48
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Ok, so a 300K debt is ok when you earn, what?, 50k per year? But 1,3B is not for someone who can earn 900M€ per year. Problem was they did half of that during the last seasons because of covid, but even if you don't count the income, they have a lot of assets to sell in case they can't pay. Barça is still a good branding name, it's obvious that in case of economic failure, some rich dude from middle east or some investing fund will buy it, as happened with Chelsea this year, where according to some rumors they had 1.8B debt because Abramovich unable to pay salaries and other things this past season, so the debt accumulated pretty fast.
2022-08-06 00:58
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"Ok, so a 300K debt is ok when you earn, what?, 50k per year?" debt in general is stupid. You should stay away from it. Obviously people go into debt when they take a loan to buy a place to live if you dont get a rental apartment etc, but, most of the times you get even more money back if you resell your house, apartment etc lol because it goes up in value. So many blame the pandemic for Barcelonas debt lol, they hade a HUGE debt WAY before that. They still need to pay off that debt. And signing expensive players is not smart. Obv Spotify deal and what not helps them a bit.
2022-08-06 01:47
Oh, I totally forgot to mention, but you have to note that barça accounting books are public and they are reviewed by external company because they need to get approved by the partners in democracy, something that very few other teams do, so it's hard to know for sure the real debt of other football clubs.
2022-08-06 00:39
they overdrafted their bank account lul
2022-08-05 23:29
Turkey TheKaiser
I'd normally comment here and defend Barca but at this point even I'm not so sure about wtf is going on over there They'll definitely find a way tho
2022-08-05 23:30
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they will. whatever shady deal they have to make.
2022-08-05 23:36
Shit like this happens if you buy some overrated Brazilian player for 150M from Liverpool.
2022-08-05 23:36
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Barca funded Liverpool to buy Van Dijk and Alisson kkkkkk
2022-08-05 23:39
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2022-08-05 23:39
2022-08-06 00:49
and dembele, vidal, braithwate, memphis, etc. the list goes on and on. dont blame it all on little cout
2022-08-05 23:41
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I don't. Just a nice example
2022-08-05 23:45
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cout has a special place in my heart. he was so good at LFC
2022-08-05 23:50
well dembele got the talent to be a top5 player in the world.. too bad hes still 12 in his head
2022-08-05 23:51
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He got way too arrogant after Barca wanted him, too bad. Bad character destroys talent
2022-08-06 00:06
Farmer flops kekw
2022-08-05 23:56
I love financial fair play, Barcelona will declare bankruptcy in a maximum of two seasons. F
2022-08-05 23:51
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They are in the financial fair play selling part of the club assets, we can't say the same about the state clubs around.
2022-08-06 00:26
Laporta is straight out printing euros
2022-08-05 23:53
First try to write correct the name of the club.
2022-08-06 00:05
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im sorry did people not realize Barca is short for Barcelona? seems like they did. mad cuz flag
2022-08-06 00:32
Europe Aki_WHO
No problem, Catalans will move to league 1. F Tebas and Laliga. Visca Catalunya!!! Visca Barca!!!
2022-08-06 00:46
Some people are still comparing them to Real Madrid lol There is no financial fair play among any of the big clubs, but at least some of them have deserved a part of their money
2022-08-06 00:51
Serbia biTe19
Begging for money from their grandmas
2022-08-06 01:14
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