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alcohol is a problem?
Serbia worstplayerr 
like when u take cocaine or mdma u know there comes a risk but with alcohol u just drink cuz its mainstream, so this is a big problem isn't it?
2022-08-06 21:29
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If you have a tendency for addiction/overdoing it yes.
2022-08-06 21:31
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Can you explain how it become problem then? If you ever been bar/nightclub sober after midnight, you cannot not notice that people act really stupid, no matter how much they drink
2022-08-06 21:36
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Not knowing when to stop is when it's a big problem. Getting drunk 1 night and having a hangover is not the worst. Just obviously don't make a habit of it.
2022-08-06 21:42
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Can you tell some examples how its a (big) problem if somebody don't know when to stop?
2022-08-06 21:43
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Besides addiction and having no control over it physical aswell as mental health issues.
2022-08-06 21:45
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more you drink = more fun and fun little bit shorter life = better life than sober boring long life
2022-08-06 21:47
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I didn't say you should never do it lol. Alcohol addiction isn't just 'fun little bit shorter life' though. Seen clients like that and they are a mess.
2022-08-06 21:48
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Where you seen these clients? You realize that those clients you see don't represent 100% of addicts, they just represent those of having too big problems because of addictions and thats why you see them. It can easily corrupt whole picture of addicts in your view. Most addicts are functional addicts that never strain healthcare or other service etc. They work, pay taxes etc. They live life they chose. Addiction doesn't automatically make person problem case.
2022-08-07 20:27
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Latvia everybodyz
> Most addicts are functional addicts what's your source?
2022-08-07 23:00
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It's probably a pretty broad definition of addiction. If he defines people who drink half a bottle of wine a night am addict then yeah lol. But real addiction is horrific, probably he never see it or just coping. My family has/had a lot of alcoholics.
2022-08-08 02:11
If alcohol becomes a bigger part of your life than education or a job then it's a huge problem, I'd rather have a boring sober life than a short better life being homeless or stuck in a dead end job.
2022-08-06 22:23
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Why? A lot of most successful actors/actresses and artists have been addicts to alcohol and other similar things, but still been able be successful even if they care more about alcohol and party for example than job and it become bigger part of their lives than for example job. I think in many cases it makes them better in their profession. More creative etc.
2022-08-07 20:30
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Yeah but those people are famous and artists, try being an engineer or employed at some other regular human job while being an alcoholic. Alcoholism and drug abuse fits with a career in arts, it doesn't in the real world. Look at lil xan, the guy got made by abusing xanax and eventually destroyed his career and went broke because of it. Amy Winehouse died because of her insane alcoholism. If you want to pursue soundcloud rap then yeah go ahead, drink every single day.
2022-08-07 21:12
Well, a line of coke a month or one pill at a party once in a while won't hurt me more than 8-10 beers every weekend. and u'r gonna use cocaine and mdma more carefully imo.
2022-08-06 21:31
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Yeah but cocaine and all other drugs are more addictive and they can lead to diseases like psychosis etc. Alcohol is bad in its own way can lead to alcoholism and that kind of stuff, but I would say risks with drugs are way higher than with alcohol.
2022-08-07 20:32
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nah i think its just the media that portrays some drugs like really bad lol
2022-08-07 21:17
that's what i mean, like u already know this thats why u will be careful with the drug, but alcohol is the most addictive shit out there but u dont consume it carefully cuz there is no warning and government hoax about it. if we look back 40 years, they literally used psychedelics to battle traumas and depression, nowadays ur a junkie. like wtf
2022-08-08 02:01
I mean you don't know what will happen if you're an extremely stupid person but most people know what drinking alcohol does.
2022-08-06 21:31
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yet 90% of people drink alcohol does it make 9/10 of people 'extremely stupid'?
2022-08-06 21:37
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The main thing is how much do you drink and how often
2022-08-06 22:15
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So where does that line goes between too much and not problem?
2022-08-07 20:31
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Individually for a people I think. Everyone knows when to stop if he wanna stop. Some guys are amazing when drunk and they do it without stop. Some are become angry monkeys :D So this guys should know when to stop
2022-08-07 22:46
Yes, I would say that it is definitely fair to say that most people are stupid.
2022-08-06 22:21
no? Being aware of a risk and yet taking that risk doesn't make someone stupid
2022-08-07 20:32
idk im fine under the effects of alcohol but cocaine and mdma transform me into a killing machine :(
2022-08-06 21:31
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2022-08-06 21:43
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20/13 😎
2022-08-06 21:47
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when you go pro don't tell anyone about your secret
2022-08-06 21:52
Alcohol always gives hangover if taken anything but just the smallest amount. I dont see myself drinking any more than currently.
2022-08-06 21:32
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United States Andrew2
uh… no? Not everyone always gets hangovers, I rarely do.
2022-08-06 21:33
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depends how much u get drunk
2022-08-06 21:34
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United States Andrew2
No it does not I can get blackout drunk and it’s still super rare for me to get a hangover. It’s entirely a person-to-person thing
2022-08-06 22:12
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+1 same, i get hangover only if i have not eaten much or slept much
2022-08-07 22:58
depends on how your body takes alcohol. For me i have small hangover even if i drink a lot
2022-08-06 21:36
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I wouldn't want even a small hangover too often
2022-08-06 21:37
Drink more water then, the main reason why alcohol causes hangover is because you are dehyrdrating yourself, if you drink water you can help with that
2022-08-07 20:33
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Na it doesnt necessarily help, some get it anyway even if they have 10 liters of water before bed, i usualy down a gatorade with a ibuprofin and that does the trick for me, but Theres alot to it and its not 100% unavoidable
2022-08-07 22:59
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It's not 100% unavoidable but it should at least soften the blow
2022-08-07 23:01
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For sure, ik a girl who has the worst hangovers ive ever seen, she still has em despite trying everything, idk surprisingly little is known about hangovers
2022-08-07 23:04
Serbia DjapeZ
It depends on how people react to it and how much they drink it. I had hangovers in first years of highschool so idk 15,16, early 17 but after that i got use to it and i dont remember having hangover in last 2,3 years, even when i get really really drunk
2022-08-07 22:55
i candyflip once a year and im happy.
2022-08-06 21:33
yes problem it is
2022-08-06 21:33
Poland GumiPr0
just smoke weed bro ez
2022-08-06 21:36
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I rather smoke some brewskies
2022-08-06 21:40
CIS ksyingo
do you know that alcohol is top2 drug in the world in terms of addiction xddd
2022-08-06 21:37
alcohol was cool when u were like 16-25 and barely had any hangovers at all but once u go over 25-28, hangovers become a reason to stop with this shit.
2022-08-06 21:37
Armenia Yerevan
No if you drink in modesty.
2022-08-06 21:44
alcohol should be illegal to consume if you are not driving
2022-08-06 22:13
Hungary szia
unless alcohol is having negative influence on your work, school, friend/family relationships, or driving, i dont think its a problem
2022-08-07 20:33
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Serbia DjapeZ
2022-08-07 22:51
United States Bob_02101
normal drinking is fine, but if you get drunk, that's a problem for me personally
2022-08-07 21:59
Whatever i need a bottle now but i have none
2022-08-07 22:49
It starts off with casual fun drinking, but before you know it it becomes that Psycho trailer park shit, i drink 3-4 days per week and black out half the times
2022-08-07 22:57
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2022-08-08 02:08
alcohol is poison
2022-08-07 23:03
as someone whos an alcoholic no its not really a problem alcohol is only a problem when you start doing it on your own
2022-08-08 02:04
if u drink it cuz its "mainstream" the problem isnt alcohol
2022-08-08 02:07
fuck alcohol, yay to cocaine (imo)
2022-08-08 02:10
wow sherlock youre onto something big
2022-08-08 02:11
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