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Drop boiling water on my hands
Poland Neo[T]orius 
While making soup. idk what gonna happen with my hands now so far nothing bad. Scared it might have some impacts in a few days.
2022-08-08 02:43
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Doctors do exist. So you will be fine. Don't worry.
2022-08-08 02:45
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hate to break it to ya but some things even doctors can't treat. hence the saying prevention is better than cure
2022-08-08 04:18
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some medical problems* cant* be treated* to the point of satisfaction* by any doctor* hate to break it to ya but too many astreisks to the point its not worth making #17
2022-08-08 05:18
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Djibouti MEEBAH
what are you even saying
2022-08-08 05:35
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Australia flashi
+1 waytoodank
2022-08-08 06:01
that... any medical problem can be treated by some doctor, just not to your satisfaction. oh you got your arm chopped off? here's a tourniquet. technically doc treated. which ends up being the total opposite of what #17 mentioned. depending on the meaning you take for every asterisk in #19
2022-08-08 06:54
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well if you wanna get technical then the tourniquet isn't a treatment, it's a method of preventing further damage. treatment would involved sutures, sealing off the arteries, skin grafts and physio, and STILL won't get your arm back. all depends on what your definition of treatment is
2022-08-11 04:14
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what do you call wound dressing? stitching? not "treating"?? just because you arent satisfied doesnt mean it's not "treated"
2022-08-11 09:36
1 reply
just curious, just how much knowledge do you have about medicine?
2022-08-11 13:46
2022-08-11 10:01
Point is the doctor can't undo your burn, he is just going to tell you to do what you already know. You don't have to go to the doctor for everything, or even for most things. After a certain amount of experience you should already know the script. "Don't do this for a few days/weeks" "Get rest" "Try not to" "And try taking" "If it gets worse, then" etc And you wait two hours to hear all this shit ~~
2022-08-08 06:45
2 replies
not all people are as smart as you assume. some people need those things to be said to them by what they belive is a qualified professional to stay alive. although they're obvious to you and me,
2022-08-08 06:55
They can still prescribe medicine, there is cremes that help with burn wounds for example
2022-08-11 15:46
But man it is 2nd degree burn cap. And it is on less than 5% of the skin. So that is 100% treatable.
2022-08-08 12:36
United States zovint
Maybe you are in shock.
2022-08-08 02:46
Russia Thfthf
Youll get scares only if a hot water contacts with your arms for a long time. If not, your skin will regenerate and thats all.
2022-08-08 02:53
2022-08-08 02:59
if u werent immediatly burned ur probably fine
2022-08-08 03:02
why did you do that
2022-08-08 03:03
JW | 
Sweden EntonXD
wash them and keep washing them in cold water otherwise its going to be bad. idk how much you burned yourself, if its just on the hands quick its less painful. just literally have your hands in cold water for like 30 minutes. then use some hand moisturizer
2022-08-08 03:15
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This. They say that every minute of hand in cold water right after it happened saves half a day of pain later. Or something like that, cannot remember the exact quote.
2022-08-08 03:20
"Ouch, i just injured myself....what should i do...AH, ill make a thread on HLTV, the website filled with experienced doctors, nurses and pharmacists!"
2022-08-08 03:20
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Sweden txshirx
This made me crack up more than it should've LMAO
2022-08-08 05:10
You missed out the fact that he managed to type this thread out with burned hands... like come on it isnt that bad if you can type without being in pain
2022-08-08 06:02
happened to me, takes a few weeks but it heals. Your hand will swell and there will be a weird yellow boil growing on ur hand but it'll eventually heal
2022-08-08 03:22
say bye bye to your hands
2022-08-08 03:47
lol if you seriously burned your hands you'd know it
2022-08-08 03:50
Man if your hands good now , everything is fine. If you would burned your hands seriously believe me you you would know it.
2022-08-08 04:03
call 911
2022-08-08 04:03
2022-08-08 05:48
you will be fine, dont worry. go see a doctor to be on the safer side
2022-08-08 06:00
Rinse area of impact in cold-lukewarm water for 30-30 minutes then moisturize. You’ll be fune
2022-08-08 07:00
Keep them in lukewarm water for as long as it takes. If you can feel a slight warm sensation in less than 5 minutes you get it in water again. Even if it takes 5 hours in water. I made soup and my blender exploited with the top popping off and soup all over (hot soup in closed container does not work well, hot air expands). I was in the shower for 16 hours after.
2022-08-08 07:06
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Egypt BomberMan_
Damn well thanks for the tip men. Tho i would think running cold water would be better than lukewarm water.
2022-08-08 07:08
1 reply
No, cold water is not better, it is harder to sustain for longer thus lukewarm is better :)
2022-08-08 18:27
Canada firtlast
extended contact in hot water = gg if not then its gonna hurt like a bitch for a couple days but otherwise nothing
2022-08-08 18:28
your new name blistermeister[t]
2022-08-11 04:27
1 reply
savage kkkkkkk
2022-08-11 04:39
Russia Drapery
this is fine, I spilled a cup of hot coffee on my balls once
2022-08-11 04:49
1 reply
big balls of fire!
2022-08-11 04:50
Petra | 
Poland 138|
you must be the weirdest fucking person in here. First you post some very noice posts about 1.6 legends or something and then you do this shitposting. Wtf is wrong wit you? Is your stepbro using your acc?
2022-08-11 04:56
5 replies
i do this too btw we have no life looks at our post numbers, u can't be serious all the time with so much amount of posts have fun mens
2022-08-11 09:40
4 replies
don't mind him. this guy is a massive hater of mine. can't really say what I really want because mods would ban me lol it is what it is.
2022-08-11 09:47
3 replies
unlucky when i use to play i would have weird "fans" that hated me if i didn't give them attention and started leaving hate comments on my esea profile
2022-08-11 09:50
1 reply
I think that tradition is still on going on steam profiles lol. my friens who play on faceit all have "go die" comments on their profiles hahaha
2022-08-11 09:51
Petra | 
Poland 138|
massive hater of you? what?
2022-08-11 15:43
make sure u moisturize if not skins gonna peel
2022-08-11 09:49
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