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VAC was unable to verify your game session
Australia rationale 
Never cheated or anything alike. Stop with any jokes, I've been playing the game since 2001. Today, August 12th, 2022, after finishing a match and trying to start a new one I got this message. Tried reinstalling CSGO and Steam, restarted Windows several times - nothing helps. Has something broken on Valve's end?
2022-08-12 10:01
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2022-08-12 10:03
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Australia rationale
I hope it's because they are implementing better VAC or something. Bloody tired of cheaters.
2022-08-12 10:04
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Netherlands arTvamp
same ban them all!
2022-08-12 10:49
cheaters arent as bad as they were a year or so ago.. chill
2022-08-12 17:07
You were trying to cheat on VAC secure servers.
2022-08-12 10:03
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Australia rationale
I said no jokes, are you stupid?
2022-08-12 10:04
Finland Mibrdisband
Had the same issue yesterday! Verified game files (twice), logged manually out, restarted computer, logged back in, made a new lobby (tried to que in a friends lobby first) and it started working again.
2022-08-12 10:05
based | 
Canada JC_123
bugged game by small indie dev dw
2022-08-12 10:05
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Czech Republic Evis1337
csgo has 0 devs but nt
2022-08-12 10:17
Australia rationale
2022-08-12 10:06
Russia Soawii
you're done bro
2022-08-12 10:09
It is bugged happens me often last 2 weeks I just close cs go and reopen it got fixes
2022-08-12 10:09
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nice english
2022-08-13 08:29
Often its from playing on non VAC secure servers. For example DM servers ect
2022-08-13 09:02
Czech Republic Evis1337
if rr pc doesnt help you cant do shit about it, just have to wait
2022-08-12 10:10
ANa | 
Romania Mr_God
Just open Task Manager, end task to Steam, open Steam and CSGO again, invite your friends to lobby and done.
2022-08-12 10:10
Happened to me a few times... just restart the game and it should work
2022-08-12 10:10
Happened to me yesterday...verified integrity files and it worked fine after that
2022-08-12 10:11
swag | 
Cyprus Porgos
Verify game files ez fix
2022-08-12 10:18
For me restarting pc fixes
2022-08-12 10:19
ropz | 
Slovakia nvrn06
2022-08-12 10:20
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Belgium Soldierce
+1 had same idea
2022-08-12 10:27
+1 only helpful advice here worked for me once, when restarting the game would not solve the problem
2022-08-12 10:28
Portugal OwnedBro
+1 Yea worked for me aswell
2022-08-12 13:36
turn off your faceit anti cheat to play MM
2022-08-12 10:21
My friend always have to turn off discord and he turns it on when he got the game.
2022-08-12 10:23
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That's fucking hilarious dude, does Valve give a single fuck at all?
2022-08-12 11:20
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We will see 21 august if they do. 10th birthday is a big thing so I expect something more than operation or party hats for chicken
2022-08-12 11:43
it happened recently to both of my friends, i forgot how to fix it but just so you know its fixable
2022-08-12 10:32
Denmark mckrogh
Disabled VOIP in audio. Works for me somehow.
2022-08-12 10:33
It happened to me as well several times, I just restart the game and it works fine after that
2022-08-12 10:52
Germany MatthisXyz
had the same a few years ago, try to restart steam and if that is not enough, try to start steam as an admin and you should be fine
2022-08-12 11:06
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a while ago I had it because of some models that a community server installed automatically when I joined it had to delete the custom models and it worked afterwards. not sure if i had to repait
2022-08-12 14:19
Try this, it works for me when this happens Exit Steam. Click Start > Run (Windows Key + R). Type the following command: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\bin\SteamService.exe" /repair Launch Steam and test the issue again.
2022-08-12 11:13
Happened to me a couple of times in the last weeks for some reason I just had to restart the game
2022-08-12 11:13
You've been ömyayaing a game from 2012 since 2001? Jokes aside though:this issue happens from time to time when Valve updates security and doesn't test it properly. There are most likely hot-fixes for it, otherwise it should be properly bug fixed in a few days
2022-08-12 11:19
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Ömyaya what means mens)
2022-08-12 16:16
Poland tailal
happened to me yesterday. Verified game files 2 files were missing. it installed those files and then game worked fine.
2022-08-12 11:46
hi. 1. verify csgo files 2. relogin to steam 3. queue MM ez
2022-08-12 13:09
United States zovint
Restarting the game usually works for me. Sometimes I have to restart windows. It’s such an annoying bug. If I sit idle in the menu for too long, I can’t queue. In your case, I don’t know what to do. I don’t think you want to reinstall windows.
2022-08-12 13:37
Have simmilar shit since last week. But only on MM esportal working fine for me.
2022-08-12 13:39
server issue, verify your file 2 time and restart pc good to go
2022-08-12 13:42
Portugal W!LDF1RE
It's a very easy error to fix. Just do that steam repair thing. You probably wont do it in time to not be banned. Unfortunatly for me when I discovered how to fix it, I haad acumulated 7 daays of bans
2022-08-12 13:50
You got caught cheating on Valve official servers, better luck next time
2022-08-12 14:06
Germany MatthisXyz
obama prism
2022-08-12 16:13
Happens to me when I start CSGO lately, but just clicking to start a match and closing the VAC message lets me play like normal. The maximum amount of times I had to click that message away was like 3-4
2022-08-12 16:17
Right click csgo on steam library, go property, local files and then verify file integrity and restart csgo
2022-08-12 17:01
Happened to me aswell a few days ago, it started working again a few hours later
2022-08-12 17:01
United States bomberNTC
used to happen to me randomly, try playing on different account and see if it works it should fix itself after a while though
2022-08-12 17:05
Norway JumboPiece
This happened to me as well some time ago. I fixed it by just resetting windows and everything
2022-08-12 17:14
Open steam app Library - CSGO - Right click - Properties - Local Files - Verify integrity of game. Has happened to me once. after you do this it won´t happen again.
2022-08-12 17:20
Australia rationale
It self corrected 20 minutes later _without_ me doing anything. Looks like a Valve bug. A small Indie dev after all.
2022-08-13 08:27
they officially let u free after 21 year of your service. cmon buddy, lets go outside and breath some air
2022-08-13 08:57
Oh, this was something more common? I had that a couple of times and though it was caused because I switched my mouse from wired mode to wireless mode when the game was launching, but relaunching the game always fixed that.
2022-08-13 09:15
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