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Tarik = Valorant's Gaules?
Brazil Yung_Leann 
For ppl who follow valorant, how did Tarik became the top streamer in that game? is he actually a god at the game or did he became some sort of gaules? every time i see him with alot of viewers and open his stream he is watching a comp match.
2022-08-13 00:26
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Had a big viewerbase in cs already, then when he made the switch he took his viewerbase with him and since valorant allows restreaming for everything he can just watch games with his viewers which is kinda the same style as gaules' casting
2022-08-13 00:28
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Israel michnass
And not only from NA, I watch him and also a lot of the eu pros watch party with him sometimes like nAts and nukkye
2022-08-13 01:58
He’s easily the most entertaining top player, and he’s probably a top 10 player NA in competitive. Obviously pro play is totally different, so who knows about that.
2022-08-13 00:30
English communication + Charismatic guy + Rich history and name in e-sport
2022-08-13 00:32
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+ he is good at the game, was rank 1 multiple times
2022-08-13 00:33
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I don't know if he's good matters so much, there are many streamers who are bad or average and are so successful in viewership, but considerable too
2022-08-13 00:34
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xqc xD
2022-08-13 00:41
it does matter, cuz its high ranked gameplay which brings some good clips which transition to tiktok views and youtube views which translates into more viewers on twitch. Shroud got popular due to his aim not his personality. Tarik has aim, personality, energy and degen hours streaming
2022-08-13 01:09
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But the thread is referring to the numbers that Tarik gets in competitive games that he broadcasts, not of him playing himself
2022-08-13 01:35
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yes he got big due to his valorant gring. He was the biggest valorant streamer, maybe tenz sometimes could overtake his viewer count but thats it. So when tournament comes people will watch the best and biggest streamer watch-party. Also tarik stream is english so it affects larger demographic
2022-08-13 01:49
+1 this
2022-08-13 00:34
+ valorant boring game so they need tarik to make it somewhat entertaining
2022-08-13 00:36
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+1 actually never watched it without tarik or any co-stream
2022-08-13 03:08
instalock jett radiant god
2022-08-13 00:35
Brazil Largato
He seems like a nice guy in general, I saw his stream once, he was playing chess at the time and it was kinda entertaining so I can see why people like him. He deserves his success, genuine guy
2022-08-13 01:56
United Kingdom HuzzyBoii
wouldn't say he's the Valorant Gaules. Gaules is the official Portugese streams for CS. Tarik is not the official English stream, he's just another co-streamer. And Valorant fans prefer watching co-streams over the main stream, which is why he generally has more viewers than the main stream.
2022-08-13 02:01
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Brazil Yung_Leann
Same thing happened in the Brazilian scene tho, we used to have an official portuguese stream with casters and co-casters, but everybody watched Gaules instead, actually one of the best BR casters imo (BiDa) moved to valorant cus he couldn't compete with Gaules.
2022-08-13 04:03
United States Phamous3k
He’s the same as Gaules. Viewership is through Gaules fan base. It’s nothing to get Portuguese co-stream but, it’s a lot more beneficial to use Gaules. He’s a watch party just like any other streamer who streams tournaments.
2022-08-13 05:43
He is pretty insane in the game. I think one of the best players like ever, he has made some pretty crazy plays. Also he's a gaules too
2022-08-13 02:01
i never played valorant in my life but the guy makes me watch and enjoy it. he is entertaining and fun to watch but ofc these are not the only reasons. even though he didnt go pro he is a legend coming from cs and a god especially for NA scene. whether people think it was a fluke or not cloud9 won the major and thats the only one NA ever won and the guy didnt only win a major he is the MVP of the event so that makes him the only major mvp of na ever had and thats the biggest reason why did he grow up so fast because biggest names in valorant pro scene(yes mostly t2 t3 players from cs) have mad respect for him there for his viewers respects his opinions and reactions. he is playing and duoing with pros in ranked games and watching the games etc. he was already getting the numbers playing ranked but after watchparties he became something else
2022-08-13 02:11
He is a teenager trapped in 30yo man so he matches with valorant auditory.
2022-08-13 02:12
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2022-08-13 02:36
Argentina cheapdeed
every time i check him hes either watching a comp match or spectating his teammates (he dies early round because hes silver)
2022-08-13 02:25
god turok I was browsing through twitch yesterday and he was streaming a valorant tourney with like 160k+ viewers. Kinda insane how popular his stream has gotten. Valorant helps obv
2022-08-13 02:37
When SicK eventually returns and if Shroud wants to keep playing competitively what do ya'll think of a "The Last Dance" lineup with Stewie2k, Tarik, Shroud, Brax and either WARDELL or skadoodle?
2022-08-13 02:39
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why shroud? He's trash
2022-08-13 03:00
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because might as well if hes playing pro right now
2022-08-13 03:47
Tarik will never go pro again
2022-08-13 03:09
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That's what Shroud said but just because your worth millions and set up for life doesn't really mean anything and he's looking to keep playing after SENtinels so yeah you never know man
2022-08-13 03:45
casters there suck with seangares and ddk leaving so people just watch tarik after shroud stopped doing watch parties
2022-08-13 03:46
Germany who|cars
because they always mention "MAJOR WINNER" at almost every time turok clutch / hit insane shot since NA tier 1 csgo is dead so yeah achieve last major wiNNER is very hyped up
2022-08-13 06:04
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