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csgo crowd > all?
Greece InvernoVermelho 
I'm watching LEC and the crowd is so funny, all wearing masks, barely cheering etc. Reminds me of pinnacle cup championship, except that one was a bit louder
2022-08-13 19:22
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Greece Pizapia
bro are you stupid? thats a regional game with 150 ppl crowd and the games are every can't expect to fill a stadium of ppl every weekend lol
2022-08-13 23:29
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2022-08-14 01:37
flag checks out. even the crowd at esl conference with 100 people was better than this. most lol fans are limp wristed anime fans lol
2022-08-14 18:39
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Why are you so insecure lmfao
2022-08-14 18:42
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Hit too close at home seems like kekw
2022-08-14 18:43
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Dodging the question? :) Hope you fix your issues!
2022-08-14 18:44
Greece Pizapia
bad bait kid touch grass + you respond with twitch emotes?? 🤡
2022-08-14 22:13
Bangladesh ImpacT_
2022-08-14 22:03
that's what you get when you have an overly politically correct event, the hype is just not the same
2022-08-13 23:30
Sweden AFCx
csgo crowds are test filled (except for that one major in stockholm) i was at PGL antwerp and it was so fucking hype.
2022-08-13 23:31
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+1 was there too, great atmosphere
2022-08-13 23:34
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same, i was really close to the stage too and it was insane
2022-08-14 00:01
Netherlands SpiceNut
It was amazing yeah, first big event for me after covid (concert/tournament wise)
2022-08-14 18:47
wdym test filled
2022-08-14 01:47
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He means Covid tests
2022-08-14 03:14
"all wearing masks" this is supposed to be bad?
2022-08-13 23:31
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if its because of covid, its stupid, yes. the mask doesnt help you so much, it actually can cause problems to lungs, especially to astmatic people and the cherry on top: you look stupid (if youre not health worker ofc, then its reasonable)
2022-08-14 01:35
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"the mask doesnt help you so much, it actually can cause problems to lungs" "and the cherry on top: you look stupid" LMAO bro i have no words thank you a lot I was having a hard day but u made my day. Thank you for making me realize there are still people like you.
2022-08-14 01:39
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it is literally true are you living in 2020,atleast where very few people use masks anymore
2022-08-14 02:01
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yeah "very few people" who know better than 99% of the world. congrats dude, i'd say hope ur society grows but thank god you wont because your believes will do the job for the sake of our world.
2022-08-14 02:04
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can u read?
2022-08-14 02:39
England Triturn
masks were always placebo lmao
2022-08-14 03:35
Sweden snallan
It's true that not a lot of people are using masks anymore but if LEC has those rules you gotta wear a mask to get inside the studio even if you think it's stupid af.
2022-08-14 03:25
who are you laughing at? look at yourself deep in the mirror, you are living in a fucking shelf, have you ever tried to go deep and search for truth? or are u just simply stubborn and living in your world of thoughs. ask yourself. im not judging you, I was the same as you. i have a doctor in my family( hes like cousin of my father), highly respected in his domain, and i had time to have an open conversation with him about some topics, especially about masks, not about vaccines, im talking about masks, and you will not ever convince me otherwise, maybe only if you called me someone even better, for example from harvard who has your opinion, umm, wait, noone like that exists,... to sum this up: im not judging you, but keep in your mind, if you know shit, then dont talk, people like you support and feed the public desinformations like flat earth or even some more stupid shit and drive me mad, the same things with 100 genders, omg,.. no words, just madness if you came to this end of my post, thank you, even if i wont convince you
2022-08-14 03:05
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not gonna read a bot's article, +1 for the effort tho.
2022-08-14 03:12
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you are either as i said a stubborn person, who wont listen to other peoples opinion even if you are wrong but your ego wont accept defeat, (,,not gonna read a bot's article" ahahhaha, baby you are the star of the show tonight, lemme get some popcorn quickly, im gonna read some of your comments elsewhere) or you actually have read it and dont have any arguments cuz you are stupid there is no other option, im sorry
2022-08-14 03:27
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If someone is defending 2+2 is 5 after 2 years in which 99% of the world including all of the science community tried to correct them, I won’t bother to deal with that level of colossal stupidity.
2022-08-14 04:02
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give me link to ONE RELEVANT science work about masks not having negative effects to your body functions LONG-TERM, just ONE please! i repeat, RELEVANT (atleast from top 100 medicine universities) dont give me link to some bbc news, where half of the informations is twisted and non provable
2022-08-14 17:50
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2022-08-14 18:33
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you just confirmed your arrogance and stupidity
2022-08-14 20:48
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2022-08-14 23:03
Did your relative say that masks have no benefit in the medical field whatsoever? Not just for covid, but for everything else as well? Like spreading germs in general? Or was your relative saying that masks do help for some things but are overall more detrimental to an individuals health in the long term (as in masks do more harm than good, but still said there were some benefits, just not enough to outweigh the negatives?) Not trying to attack any of the points that you made, or disagree with any of them. Just wondering if you could go more in depth, that's all. -- Curious American
2022-08-14 20:58
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if i wasnt clear , then im saying it again, i was not talking about medical field (hospitals, etc. where it actually is helpful, i was talking about daily life, going out in public,..) for the 1% of the ,,weak people" that can actually die from covid, other 99% people have to give up a part of their freedom and have to sacrifice themselves for the good of the 1% If you are worried about yourself, its good if you wear mask/respirator/etc. get vaccinated, i dont fucking care, but dont bother me as a person with my space of freedom --- and to answer the other part of your question: if you dont face germs on your daily basis, your immunity wont be strong, the problem of society nowdays is that they rely on medicaments and not on their immunity, thats why they are getting weaker, even tho they think they are safe, eating antibiotics, and so on.. i havent consumed any antibiotics since i was 6 (im 21 now) and i havent been sick since then, the same thing with my sister - but i have a lot of friends that when they feel they have a fever, they instantly dope themself with some shits, which work short-time - it actually works, but it destroys your immunity of your body that loses ability to fight against those germs long-term sorry for the english americano
2022-08-14 21:35
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"sorry for the english americano" No need to apologize my brother, I appreciate the civil response and information. I completely agree with you though, mandated everyone to wear masks is unnecessary and unfair. Especially after all this time when we clearly have a handle on things in regards to the virus. Enjoy your day my friend. -- Appreciative American
2022-08-14 21:35
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i edited (added some things to my comment that are also relevant and important) good rest of the day to you aswell <3
2022-08-14 21:37
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I checked back and those are also great points. I can recall back when I was little and I would always be fine during the sick seasons because I was always being exposed to a bunch of germs in school, especially with other sick kids. Even in the off chance that I did get sick from them, it was never severe enough to even keep me out of school and I would quickly get over it. Most of the time it would end up being a runny nose at most. I appreciate the well wishes, cheers <3
2022-08-14 21:43
and to explain the cherry on top: you dont look stupid to people like you, for them, you are one of them <3 :D
2022-08-14 03:07
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i'm so saddened that 100 people in the world thinks I look stupid, devastated rn.
2022-08-14 03:13
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or make it 200, 100 is a bit small.
2022-08-14 03:14
2022-08-14 17:53
Greece sifounasGG
those people should not go to events that require masks then?
2022-08-14 22:16
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its up to them, but i dont support this mask event bullshit, rather i will come to a normal event where organisators arent completely retarded than suffering in a silent arena breathing air that i exhaled 10times already in my mask
2022-08-14 22:34
covid is not a thing in most european countries. riot did the same thing with valorant in order to cut costs lmao. what a lame company
2022-08-14 18:40
No reason to wear that worthless stuff
2022-08-14 21:41
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flag checks out, u people sure like to cause deaths
2022-08-14 23:02
What a shit bait lol
2022-08-13 23:32
Europe Baunsator
u expect ppl togo crazy in game u attack mininos or 90% o the time
2022-08-13 23:34
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Canada bruhmeister
Lol such a boring game
2022-08-13 23:56
Big lol events have great crowds afaik
2022-08-13 23:39
You are aware you are effectively watching the equivalent of an ESL pro league group play match right? It’s a random midseason week for the LEC. Just like the LCS is basically an old MLG event, it just happens once per week.
2022-08-14 00:01
United Kingdom _xC4ctus
2022-08-14 00:07
bad bait idk how people fall for this
2022-08-14 01:41
NA Arlington Dota crowd is Pog
2022-08-14 18:36
Yes, but LEC crowd is small af because its just regional games
2022-08-14 18:41
United States R700
CSGO better than all. If there is ever tournaments in NY where I live, I show up and party all weekend. I get fucked up on drugs and alcohol and enjoy the vibe. CSGO players understand that you have to go all in. I am living proof of this. Other esports have players that never drink because they are all children. Real men get fucked up and go to LAN with the boys. Me and the boys even dab up before playing on LAN. We do not fuck about. Even if you are not as extreme as me, just know that through CSGO we are brothers and I will always go hard as fuck for you. Maybe we meet at LAN and I buy you drinks and we party.
2022-08-14 18:42
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- NiKo
2022-08-14 22:35
2022-08-14 18:48
2022-08-14 21:40
HooXi | 
Romania wadd
Rocket League crowd is pretty good ngl, especially now with the world championship But yeah cs crowd GOAT
2022-08-14 21:43
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