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Finland HLTV_Helper 
2022-08-14 18:28
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thank god
2022-08-14 18:34
jks | 
Canada harxDy
2022-08-14 18:34
common obo L
2022-08-14 18:35
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2022-08-15 17:41
REZ | 
Sweden pevzz
2022-08-14 18:35
from the same creators of: his downfall started after he left complexity because he didn't want to live outside of NA
2022-08-14 18:36
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You can shit talk Stewie with a good reason as much as u like, but he would never leave a team without a warning like obo. I know he is a kid but that move was so selfish and unprofessional. He destroyed great team that just started winning tournaments forever.
2022-08-14 18:43
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2022-08-14 18:58
Stewie fucked over EG 100 times more than oBo did with col leaving without warning >>> poisoning a team like stewie
2022-08-14 19:00
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Ruiningo a contender team which never recovered<<<<<<<<<ruining a team which would suck anyways
2022-08-14 19:44
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they did not have a sustainable working environment, they just burned them selves out from working 24/7 to be where they were.
2022-08-15 00:38
Wtf did I just read 💀?
2022-08-15 07:48
that team was extremely dysfunctional with terrible working conditions, anyone who had a terrible job knows that it can get to you and you realize it's effecting your mental health. Obo leaving was a product of a terrible setup Coal had with blameF at the helm.
2022-08-14 19:01
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"extremely dysfunctional, with terrible working conditions" hahahahaha another claim with No substance literally look at their results, they crushed teams like navi, vita, heroic and faze.
2022-08-14 19:47
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It's public knowledge that working conditions were a terror, you can chose to ignore that ofc. Even players outside of it talked how terrible it was there, obo and jks took a long break, iirc Rush ended up taking a break too so. If so many people take prolonged break then it has to be the wrong place to be, even if no one mentioned how bad it was that's a 100% telltale of a terrible working environment. Fact that you don't know of it is on your lack of information and nothing else.
2022-08-15 00:37
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Holy shit you're actually clueless hahaha First of Every player in that team said how unfortunate it was that he left considering how well they were doing. Non of Them Ever said anything about the "working conditions being a terror". Feel free to link any source saying otherwise (i known u cant, cause you made it Up in ur deluded head) Obo took a break??? You are aware he joined eG after which he failed miserable in, ofc he took a break considering the awful decision he had made to leave coL. And now you claim jks took a break? Hahaha jks never took a break, he has just been in contract Hell with coL without any org able or willing to buy him out. Thats not a break u dumbass Rush ended Up benching himself in eG because how shit they were doing. I mean stewie left the game entirely due to performing so bad with eG. You are aware that literally No player took a break while being in coL right? Imagine implying rush benching himself from an awful eG a year later had anything to do with coL. Now you wonna talk about facts? You literally just created a story in your head of which you have 0 sources for. No player in coL took a break apart from poizon who needed surgery and then returned after. It is very clear to see you're not here for a genuine discussion though. For whatever reason BlameF lives rent free in your head, seek help Lil man.
2022-08-15 15:17
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I'm the one with the problem yet you follow me around the forum. Coal had terrible working conditions, many people from the scene talked about it, they still talk about it, it was mentioned in one of the recent interviews as well, forgot who. You can ignore that for purposes of cherishing your idol, but it won't change the fact that he was the one tasked to create that team, create and maintain working conditions in that team and make it a juggernaut. Which was a miserable failure thanx to terrible working conditions, terrible calling of "you guys throw flashes for me, I go kill" and also terrible synergies considering blameF brought only 2 players who fit in their role. I did not say I blame baitF for that completely tho he sure bears a lot of responsibility for such outcome. JKS took a break, didn't even play CS, he benched him self. Keep on puking toxicity, seems like you search for word "blameF" and keep responding to that, totally reasonable mindstate to go and insult people, get banned, get unbanned and keep on doing the same thing while showing ignorance, inability to read and sheer on delusions by twisting words. Team imploded because or terrible working conditions and terrible synergies. Astralis does not have their synergies ANY better now. There's some fact for you, passive player plays roles where proactive player should be, best space maker is playing anchor, awpers play anchors but with an awp, xyp who is a great late game player plays entry, k0nfig has peanut brain and despite being one of the best all round aimers around he cannot sustain because he has no idea where's he going or why. I hope they can do better, but not with this squad and not with roles being distributed this badly. You keep on being triggered, cause I live in your head rent free, you took a week ban and came right on to spam all my responses which is totally not a psycho stalker mode rent free behbeh. BaitF = badF xexe
2022-08-15 16:45
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Once again you deroute the conversation and instead of finding a link to any of the "several interviews" where you say players have made these claims. You decide to spend god knows how Long writing another paragraph of stupidity. Could it be that....these interviews dont exist and you made it All Up in your deluded head? Hmmm Oh Now the team was a "massive failure" once again look at the results that team made with ob0 you are bringning down the conversation to a level where you now just claim completely false things cause ur so upset lol. "Flash for me" who are you referring to...cant possible be BlameF who by hltv statistics had the highest flash assist of that lineup right??? "BlameF brought only 2 who fit their role" Now you're claiming that BlameF was the one receuting the players despite not even being the first of that lineup as well??? You cry about bans as well in Every reply now, you can keep spam reporting me but that wont get me banned cause any1 with a brain can see who the degenerate here is. This isnt some "safe space" where you just get to sperg out on players or teams stating the most degenerate Lies you can think of without being called out. Once again Astralis had No synergy since device left, they're not competetive mainly due to having glaive and xyp9x on their team being waay past their Prime without the ability to win any duels. BlameF = banged ur mom, obviously
2022-08-16 17:13
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""BlameF brought only 2 who fit their role" Now you're claiming that BlameF was the one receuting the players despite not even being the first of that lineup as well???" Yes, he was brought first to build a team, may not be 100% responsible for it but he sure is responsible for bringing mostly players who don't fit.
2022-08-16 19:59
"Non of Them Ever said anything about the "working conditions being a terror"" not exactly those words but rush said that it was absolutely awful living in a hotel for like 8 months straight. He said he only had obo and like one staff member to talk with not that it excuses anything of course
2022-08-15 17:14
Argentina Joedash
The problem is that NA take everything for granted, and they don't give a shit about effort. SA and teams like BNE are in even worst conditions when it comes to travelling and participating in tournaments, and outside of Imperial's line-up, you will barely hear/see any SA player crying about travelling hours or the environment whatsoever. And latin teams such as 9z have it even worse bcz of the shitty countries players live in.
2022-08-15 18:20
imagine shitting on a 17 year old kid for having a break down while living away from his family in hotels on the other side of the planet for half a year while the world is in permanent crisis mode
2022-08-14 19:22
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World NukestrikE
man everything is understandable...but there is no freaking way that you can excuse the way how he handle that no matter the age...
2022-08-14 19:28
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the way I see it, the org is to blame for the way things turned out. They could have done way more for Rush and oBo to feel comfortable during Covid. Sure oBo acted unprofessional but I would imagine that he tried to push himself through his doubts and so one and that he just reached a boiling point and had to get out of there. I think Complexity just acted irresponsible by stranding a teenager in european hotels during a pandemic.
2022-08-14 19:33
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World NukestrikE
"the org is to blame for the way things turned out. They could have done way more for Rush and oBo to feel comfortable during Covid." we have no clue what they did or didnt for them. this is speculation... "I think Complexity just acted irresponsible by stranding a teenager in european hotels during a pandemic." it was his job. he signed contract and got paid for it. it was profesional team and their job was playing tournaments. there is no excuse for leaving the team during tournament and calling them from freaking airport to inform them about it no matter what
2022-08-14 19:38
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He didn’t expect to be stranded in a hotel tho Least he could do though is to let them know more than 20 hours in advance
2022-08-14 19:41
"we have no clue what they did or didnt for them. this is speculation" actually, there is quite an extensive documentary series on the complexity team of that time. Of course, I am speculating a bit, but at the end of the day oBo and Rush spent their days being locked in hotels in foreign countries. "it was his job. he signed contract..." Yo wtf, oBo signed with complexity in June of 2019 right before turning sixteen, presumably under the impression that he would spent most of his time in the Dallas headquarter of Complexity. You cannot seriously argued that being marooned in hotels on the other side of the globe is not a viable excuse for a kid that could in no way have foreseen a global pandemic cutting him off from his country and family. Sure, oBo fucked the team by stranding them in the tournament but do not act like that was not the fault of the org negligently stranding him in europe. I do not know the specifics of american labor law and the asterisks being an athlete brings to them, but in some other circumstance you might very well consider such a behaviour illegal.
2022-08-14 20:06
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World NukestrikE
as i said in my comment 26 i get it. i rly do understand how he felt(i was out of my home from 15 to 17 myself and i wasnt even "that far" as he was and it was still hard sometimes) but still the way how he handle it was just wrong and age shouldnt be an excuse in this case imo. i dont bash him or insult him btw...but i dont think it would be that hard to finish that tournament and make decision after it
2022-08-14 20:12
2 replies
Well, now I think you're the one that is speculating. We can only imagine how shitty it was for him, I think he might have just panicked and wanted to get out but from a purely objective POV, him leaving definitely fucked the team, yeah.
2022-08-14 20:13
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World NukestrikE
well i didnt try to say that i know exactly how he felt. this is very individual thing right? for someone its way harder and for someone its actually enjoyable... im the second case and there were times where it was hard even for me. i just wanted to point out that i was in somehow "similar" situation
2022-08-14 20:23
He was 16 living in another continent without sight of being able to return home later in the year as covid was starting to become more serious and you try to act like you would have your shit figured out considering he was still in school.
2022-08-14 19:43
Yugoslavia bigtito
maybe he just felt like leaving. His head probably wasn't in the right place. Mental health > team success
2022-08-15 02:36
I agree, people are saying he was a teenager, he missed home etc but abandoning your team without warning.... it's ridiculous and it'd be even for a 10 year old
2022-08-15 18:18
about time
2022-08-14 18:37
2022-08-14 18:40
1 reply
bon obo?
2022-08-14 19:04
his instagram also went down he probably just wants to get on with his life away from esports
2022-08-14 18:42
l | 
Germany _car
2022-08-14 18:43
who even cares at this point
2022-08-14 18:43
Pakistan LoOuU2
Wasn't he making bait tweets recently
2022-08-14 18:44
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2022-08-14 18:48
he's done with csgo, let him enjoy college
2022-08-14 18:48
He deleted all of his social media. He's a Mormon.
2022-08-14 18:55
4 replies
is it some kind of a sect? do they live isolated in their own villages like amish people?
2022-08-14 19:16
2 replies
They're just kind of crazy Christians. Can't get divorced. Wear weird ass underwear. Have 5 billion kids. In some cases have multiple wives. Ride bikes around the country to annoy the shit out of my ass when I'm trying to sleep on a Saturday...
2022-08-15 05:02
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xd last part won
2022-08-15 22:07
🤣 how hard he fell
2022-08-14 19:20
2022-08-14 19:04
2022-08-14 19:31
kind of expected, very sad though
2022-08-14 19:40
United States BuckSoxely
Sad but whatever. He was a kid in over his head. Respect to Obo and good luck.
2022-08-14 19:41
sad he followed me :/
2022-08-14 19:52
dude goes ghost, that can only mean one thing..... in a few years he will be as big as blameF
2022-08-14 19:52
1 reply
haha yes
2022-08-14 20:26
Now we can celebrate 🎉
2022-08-14 20:06
stop posting about this guy now, this was his final goodbye.
2022-08-14 20:25
who tf cares
2022-08-14 20:25
2 replies
Because the ignorance of children blows peoples minds he had his career set in stone one of the only Americans playing in top tier events guaranteed paycheck after guaranteed paycheck and he just could handle the pressure whatever pressure that may have been. Very privileged individual. Very very ignorant of his situation.
2022-08-14 20:31
1 reply
Well he backstabbed complexity as I remember
2022-08-14 20:32
India LRAD
bruh tf is he doing
2022-08-14 20:28
Whores like him always comeback so)))
2022-08-14 20:28
He won't come back because he won't take the vaccine
2022-08-14 20:32
1 reply
Good for him.
2022-08-15 22:12
oBo was still a child in the eyes of the law so he had to balance school and playing professionally that with the combination of being "homesick" and pressure from his parents who only wanted him to go to college, he backed out of CS and is now going to school what is wrong with that why all the hate?!
2022-08-14 22:05
10 replies
shouldn't have agreed to sign for coL in the first place if his/his parent's priorities were him going to college etc.
2022-08-15 00:48
9 replies
He was and still is a young and impressionable teenager it can take some people almost their entire life to figure out the right path for them and what priorities are important c'mon man!
2022-08-15 02:17
8 replies
Fine, even if he wanted to leave, he could have done it gracefully ... not just like run away lol - i wonder why didn't coL sue his parents as they would have been the ones who signed the contract on his behalf..
2022-08-15 02:22
7 replies
Have you never heard of a clause in a contract? Being underage I'm sure there were a few
2022-08-15 02:23
6 replies
His parents weren't underage. As you said his parents wanted him to pursue college and all that bullshit, if that was the case, they should never have signed the contract in the first place and if they did, they would have had at least the decency to teach his kid how to fulfil his contractual obligations.
2022-08-15 02:25
5 replies
Yeah people make mistakes especially at such a young age he got homesick during COVID I'm sure he learned from it and moved on like the community needs to IMO.
2022-08-15 02:30
3 replies
community has long moved on.. no one gives a flying fuck about him lol
2022-08-15 02:31
2 replies
Then why are we here talking about him?
2022-08-15 02:34
1 reply
fair enough. fuck that guy.
2022-08-15 02:36
ropz | 
United States Goob
yes this is a known issue here in na his parents are wack and he misses cs still
2022-08-15 17:25
DD | 
Philippines libon23
Although I don't like the way he handled that situation but I kinda understand him because he probably had enough of blameF baiting the shit out of everyone in the team. He realized that it's not a sustainable way to win so he just decided to yeah fuck everyone and go home.
2022-08-15 02:41
2 replies
2022-08-15 02:47
2022-08-15 04:51
Amish oBozikel?
2022-08-15 03:03
This account doesn’t exist.
2022-08-15 04:55
he got lots of shit when he made those recent tweets, he probably realized esports fans are brutal and didnt want anything to do with them anymore.
2022-08-15 05:14
2022-08-15 05:36
2022-08-15 07:41
The account doesn't exist anymore
2022-08-15 07:50
1 reply
Canada complx_11
That's what this post is about
2022-08-15 17:33
2022-08-15 15:17
Serbia DjapeZ
wait whats context ? What he tweeted ?
2022-08-15 16:51
1 reply
He deleted Twitter and Instagram, regular dude now
2022-08-15 17:25
ropz | 
United States Goob
parents again probably
2022-08-15 17:24
Talent wasted. But deserved tbh, Ovechkin went across the ocean to play NHL at the age of 19. Back in 2004 there were less internet options to talk to family. And he didn't ruin career for missing parents.
2022-08-15 17:38
1 reply
ppl back then were emotionally stronger i feel. i have the feeling like me and my generation are all mentally kinda weak
2022-08-15 22:19
Denmark Xipingu
I thought I cared about it when I got in here, but I actually couldn't care less. Huh. Well, bye Obo
2022-08-15 17:44
this is kid is obv getting blackballed by someone(probably family) I doubt its burnout or some other shit redditor armchair psychologists suggest
2022-08-15 17:50
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