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AWPing Crisis
North America Camino 
Almost every country and region is suffering a unique crisis. As half the community calls the AWP overpowered, the professional scene struggles to produce top AWPers. Whether we're talking about Scandanavia, the Americas, and beyond, why is this gun so hard to use? On LAN especially, most players can never prove their worth on the gun. As the pressure continues to mount, only a handful breakthrough and dominate as the gun should. Has it been the online era that has broken so many emerging AWP players? For years, the scene produced names like KennyS, GuardiaN, S1mple... But what about ZyWoo? I just have so many questions about this. For extra credit: Why is CIS/Russia seemingly the best at developing AWP players?
2022-08-16 22:14
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Czech Republic Devidee
imagine playing whit a AWP in 2022 couldn't be me
2022-08-16 22:16
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2022-08-17 02:28
India Jester_Bard
It's because everyone except CIS is trying to become an AWper. In CIS region, they are trying to become a AVPer. AVP > AWP confirmed.
2022-08-16 22:18
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Finland Lindeni
Can I take your comedy class?
2022-08-16 22:24
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No, only lame people can join my class and you my man are awesome :D
2022-08-16 22:31
France Dior_Savage
not just awpers, russians/cis in general have the most talented player, its the biggest or second biggest player base, its depressing out there so grinding cs is a way of escapism, when you have a lot of same speaking people it helps to elevate your skill, you find it easier to find a good team etc. just my thoughts, could be wrong tho
2022-08-16 22:20
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Guess this is not too far off.
2022-08-16 22:21
i think its the mentality of cis players, consistently in all levels i see more cis awpers than any other region, even in my low level i can usually assume the cis player will want to awp and the danes will rifle. i think its not a matter of them being better, but that they have a bigger pool to create good players
2022-08-16 22:23
North America Camino
Low quality of life -> More time investment in CSGO? It makes sense on some level, but it's definitely not the kind of answer I was hoping for. The trouble with this perspective is that these conditions can't be replicated for first world nations barring serious political turmoil, so we're left only with the occasional prodigy or competent AWPer. > The solution to our talent problems in NA is simply to make the country worse until people escape into Counter Strike
2022-08-17 01:19
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Puerto Rico Dragoark
High qol countries with shit CS scenes Finland USA Canada Spain Italy Norway High qol countries with good CS scenes Denmark Sweden arguably Kind of germany
2022-08-17 03:11
we have incredible awpers like deko, junior and smooya without t1 teams
2022-08-16 22:23
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NAF | 
United States Krivix
junior top 1 2022
2022-08-16 22:23
I thought u were being serious when I saw smooya and deko, then saw junior kekw
2022-08-17 02:18
jks | 
Australia FA1TLE
don't compare the 🐐 to smooya
2022-08-17 02:42
CIS has the most AWPers cause CIS players always try to get the most frags. So AWP is the easiest gun to get most frags with.
2022-08-16 22:22
I don't think that's totally true. Problem is people expect any new awper to get a minimum of 1.20rating every single map, which could be fair when you're already established in T1 on a top team as it's expensive gun and you have advantage in some places, but not when you're 18yo breaking in csgo scene. As obvious example, you have Broky, he was average awper with no extreme highs, but with some development and understanding, he become a solid awper. Not saying Junior would be better with time, but a lot of talented and unexperienced awpers, doesn't even have the chance to prove themselves because of this, like hades, who was fairly decent and he was benched.
2022-08-16 22:26
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Well you are kinda right, but the Orgs getting pressured a lot from outside, so they try to make the best out of it. I also discussed a lot about if benching hades was a good decision, but obv they just did not want to give him more time to develop and try to stay relevant at top 10. So it is at this point definitely better to get a consistent awper than still trying and giving unconsistent player more time to even maybe loose relevance and your top 10 spot. Especially if you loose your best player to Vitality you need to make a change and that was the most obv change they could do.
2022-08-17 01:52
Ireland reyno0o
I've heard some casters/analysts discuss this and the theory seems to be that teams have gotten so good with utility at the top level that awpers just get shut out and are forced to play very passively. So it seems the meta of the passive awper is changing and the awpers that can really have impact are the ones who make the big ball plays - think s1mple, zywoo, degster, sysoN (online), m0nesy. The players who are too scared to make plays just fade into obscurity- think acoR, mantuu, hades, farlig
2022-08-16 22:26
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2022-08-16 22:28
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Hades also. Imagine ence if he hadnt missed so fucking many easy shots
2022-08-17 01:49
Brazil 0mega_
Lol people just dont awp because its a cringe boring weapon CIS kids play with the awp because "mommy I wunnu b duh next s1mple!!!"
2022-08-17 01:26
My theory is we have worldwide recognized awpers playing fpl/faceit and speaking russian. And when you try to play with awp and managed to kill someone like s1mple you can get to fantastic level of delusion about your own capabilities but it gives motivation to improve + you can communicate with stars in your native language: ask something, flame them, understand their thought-process while they streaming, etc.
2022-08-17 01:40
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Puerto Rico Dragoark
This is unironically a good take W0nderful literally copied s1mple sense xdd
2022-08-17 03:14
we have joel nuff said
2022-08-17 01:42
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joel has gambling debt nuff said
2022-08-17 01:52
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who car nuff said
2022-08-17 02:15
just pay 4750 shekels at round start
2022-08-17 01:44
ZyWoo >>>>> GuardiaN
2022-08-17 02:35
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