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Source 2 possibility
broky | 
England Tolland 
I'm putting on the source 2 conspiracy sticker a sec. My guess with Source 2 is that we may get it in 1 week exactly (next Tuesday). In this update valve said that we only have 1 week to earn the 10th anniversary badges or whatever, which I think is quite unusual since valve give you loads of time in the operations and loads of time to buy the major stickers, way more than one week. Since, valve always releases updates on tuesdays (6pm their local time I think.?), this would mean there would have to be an update next tuesday. And since the 10th anniversary of csgo is on the 21st, they wouldn't release any update on that day, but push it back to the next tuesday (23rd august). I am on copium.
2022-08-17 05:46
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Europe fastandeasy
pog, hopefully it's true
2022-08-17 05:50
volvo here, can confirm this
2022-08-17 05:51
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thanks volvo
2022-08-17 05:52
my dad work at volvo, he say you are not it.
2022-08-17 06:18
5 replies
your dad meets me privately everynight 2am at volvo enterprises isn't his name mohamed?
2022-08-17 06:27
3 replies
ok i beliber you now
2022-08-17 06:23
2 replies
please tell him that he forgot his panty here
2022-08-17 06:56
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2022-08-17 07:00
Pakistan Harami_Boi
Ask dad when HL3 out???
2022-08-17 07:08
Argentina cheapdeed
if you scratch the source 2 conspiracy sticker it shows the date when source2 releases!!
2022-08-17 05:52
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based | 
Canada JC_123
actually its gaben armpit scratch n sniff
2022-08-17 06:13
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Argentina cheapdeed
what the hell boy
2022-08-17 06:13
2022-08-17 08:06
damn, that's some high levels of copium. imo they did that early so they don't get that trashed like they'd if they did that on the anniversary date.
2022-08-17 05:56
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true, but if they release nothing whatsoever next week I think they'll get trashed anyway
2022-08-17 16:24
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2022-08-17 16:37
2022-08-17 06:01
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binod moment
2022-08-17 06:18
What's the point of Source 2 exactly?
2022-08-17 06:57
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United States Flanderzz
2022-08-17 07:03
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No point? It gives so many new options for creating new maps, new skins, it makes it easier.
2022-08-17 07:25
beans | 
Russia prav_
Updating code architecture which will make development easier and will possibly attract more developers inside Valve to CS:GO, hence better updates in the future. Also better performance and graphics
2022-08-17 16:38
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I don't want different graphics.
2022-08-17 16:56
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beans | 
Russia prav_
I think it's mostly lighting and maybe smoke rendering
2022-08-17 17:52
I'd get back to mapping if they released it. No point in making a map in Source when the update could come out during the development. Might as well just wait for the new tools that will come with S2.
2022-08-17 19:22
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It depends on how much work you wanna put into the map. It probably won't be very difficult to port simple maps to source 2. Valve might even bless us and release an official porting tool, and even if they don't there are bound to be community tools for that.
2022-08-17 23:52
United Kingdom _xC4ctus
2022-08-17 07:12
i believe you there is 0,01% chance
2022-08-17 07:17
cope, you will eat same shit from valve for next 10 years also
2022-08-17 07:21
JW | 
Sweden EntonXD
Copium but i hope so
2022-08-17 07:25
1 reply
what is copium
2022-08-17 07:48
They will wait until September and then port it to unreal 5 engine.
2022-08-17 07:44 doesn't look too shabs maybe if valve can't do it just let the community make it haha community made game poggers
2022-08-17 08:01
1 reply
well that's what CS was originally
2022-08-17 18:02
people still optimistic about source2 kekw.
2022-08-17 16:26
5 replies
Optimistic is a stretch, I'm wearing a tin foil hat rn
2022-08-17 16:27
2 replies
source2 tin foil hat?
2022-08-17 16:36
1 reply
Like the sticker!
2022-08-17 19:26
you aren't optimistic , i can tell
2022-08-17 16:28
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2022-08-17 17:23
I'm thinking that too. Atleast they release a beta client that they'll work on fixing bugs until after the Rio Major and Source 2 + Operation 2022 as the Big Update of the year.
2022-08-17 16:34
posibility 0%, closed.
2022-08-17 16:37
Sweden Zeepter
You all wanted new csgo and got stickers and 5 "new maps" 2 new 1 remade 2 old ones. And people still thinks valve gives a fuck about the community
2022-08-17 16:41
1 reply
who? who thinks valve give a fuck? nobody has thought valve gives a fuck for the last 5+ years
2022-08-17 16:43
Not happening
2022-08-17 16:44
Germany KEMSN
2022-08-17 16:53
1 reply
more like 0.0001%-0.00005%
2022-08-17 17:24
Not in 2022 thats for sure
2022-08-17 16:57
you officially have a 5% chance of being right, I hope you are
2022-08-17 17:05
I own a volvo and my conspiracy is that they didn't release the 10th aniversary on 10th aniversary day when they could easily do it if they had no futher updates to come. There is some things that makes sense and some that doesnt. Why would volvo update CS for 10th aniversary when its till few days till the day but also, when did volvo update 2 times in 14 days? Mixed feelings, just hopefully they make smth big for the 10th aniversary day which is few days.
2022-08-17 17:55
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+1 right now this update doesn’t make me launch the game
2022-08-17 18:45
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what about the amazing cupcake?? :DDDD
2022-08-17 19:18
1 reply he knows and my senses are telling me there is something coming, enjoy
2022-08-17 20:52
7 days to valve is 2 months to them, look at major sticker capsules when they removed them 2 months after they told they will
2022-08-17 19:23
2022-08-17 19:23
2 replies
2022-08-17 21:50
1 reply
2022-08-17 22:10
All you can do is wait for 21st, if nothing happens then don't hold your breath cuz CSGO currently is doing extremely good with the playerbase, the number's gone up consistently. I think they won't make a big change if there's no real threat to the competition.
2022-08-17 20:58
they dont have to update the client to disable coin drops
2022-08-17 21:59
1 reply
That's a good point, but it's mainly because 1 week of drops coincides with their update schedule. If it wasn't exactly 7 days I of drops I wouldn't be making this thread at all.
2022-08-17 23:55
Europe Vallon5(1)
Holy shit, this forum is just full of copium after that ''update''.
2022-08-17 22:03
I hate to say it but they're just meming on everyone with that sticker
2022-08-17 22:06
They clearly hinted that it will not be an update for CSGO but a new game based on the new engine, they registered new trademarks or whatever, so say good bye to all your skins because no way they will be transferrable. So yep, can't wait.
2022-08-17 22:06
2 replies
I've heard this many times, but doesn't make sense to me... Why wouldn't the skins be transferrable from CS:GO to the next installment of CS? After all, skins are related to the Steam profile, so it shouldn't be any problem with that
2022-08-17 22:12
I don't believe for a second that they would make a new game because of all the extra work regarding skins. And if they weren't transferring the skins then there would be outrage.
2022-08-17 23:49
British Virgin Islands CantBanMe
Hey man , a little bit of copium never hurt anyone :)
2022-08-17 22:17
Liazz | 
New Zealand Iuca5
not releasing for a while they are still in the early stages of development right now, I think we get the official announcement at the rio major and it will come out near the end of the year/early next year
2022-08-17 22:23
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Korea Lyoa
Ofc, they've only had like 7 years since source 2 was released
2022-08-17 23:55
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Liazz | 
New Zealand Iuca5
ya but theres been leaks showing they are most likely still pretty early in development but I also dont know how long something like this would take to finish so who knows
2022-08-18 00:04
might be, but idk this is just valve being super slow
2022-08-17 22:24
Korea Lyoa
100% at least 1 CS:GO dev browses HLTV while laughing his ass of, at how they fucked the community so hard.
2022-08-17 23:53
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