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Igl is nip's best player statwise
Poland ayrtonsenna3xWC 
Hampus is currently best rated nip player. He has same rating but better impact (1.27 compared to brollan's 1.26). It will probably change soon tho.
2022-08-17 21:26
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1.27 Impact holyyyyyyyy
2022-08-17 21:27
it's especially funny when you realize he is not a great caller. imagine nip bringing an actual igl so hampus can just focus fragging. best swedish player since the fall of legendary nip and fnatic rosters.
2022-08-17 21:30
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Argentina fribergoat
Actually nip is terrible defending, they do pretty decent on t side
2022-08-17 21:39
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Poopski needs to be kicked
2022-08-17 21:44
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Norway mistertipp
I think so too. He has his moments for sure, but there's very few "wow" moments with him. In a dream world NiP would get device back, but as of now I think NiP should try to sell him and use the resources for someone to replace plopski.
2022-08-17 21:55
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who would you get if you were to replace plopski? there doesnt seem to be a lot of options imo
2022-08-17 21:59
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krimz would be perfect
2022-08-17 22:01
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+1 that would be awesome
2022-08-17 22:04
Norway mistertipp
I don't know, preferably a Swedish but I'd be fine with another Danish or perhaps Norwegian player, but yeah, I have no clue. I don't think Krimz or F0rest would work because I feel like they should retire. I'd pay good money to see F0rest as a standin for NiP though, that could be interesting to watch.
2022-08-17 22:04
REZ | 
Sweden gNeJS
Krimz Heap Plessen Lekr0 Flusha Not all youngsters and support players but neither is plopski. There is options that could work out. A confident, and experienced player that could help out with mid round calls like flusha would be a great addition IMO.
2022-08-17 22:16
Plopskinisnt worth more than 20k rn and nip have millions thanks to countless sponsots
2022-08-17 22:03
Even if lekro is old and probably not a great igl, I'm pretty sure he is better igl than hampus.
2022-08-17 21:42
Finland Khroni
Hampus calls in such a way that he basically is their playbook, they live and die on his exploits and gap finding, the other 4 are basically there to fuck around and hold onto sites or gather info whilst he does it Take him off IGL and unless he's given free range and allowed to override calls it's not really easy to say what happens
2022-08-17 21:48
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That was true 6 months ago
2022-08-17 21:51
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Finland Khroni
He still does it some games but I don't really give a shit about NiP so the last time I watched them was against G2, this game I know for sure he did it in But I can't remember how long ago this was
2022-08-17 21:54
That was before brollan prolly
2022-08-17 21:56
United Kingdom Jonty04l32
It's NiP's CT sides that usually lack, in all fairness.
2022-08-17 21:52
Ukraine SwissRolls
hampus is a fragging igl that creates a lot of space, his calling for sure is bad though. he is 100x the x factor on the team
2022-08-17 21:33
REZ | 
Sweden Kabbe
this statistic has an asterix to it considering it was a month ago they played an official match
2022-08-17 21:35
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France ignorefAN
2022-08-17 21:37
Argentina fribergoat
just last tournament bru, no one perform only him. All time stats he is just a little better than es3tag
2022-08-17 21:38
United Kingdom Jonty04l32
Yeah, hampus is an insane fragger and it's maddening that NiP's most consistent fragger is the IGL.
2022-08-17 21:54
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