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rate my internet speed
Portugal thunderbolt21 
2022-09-21 05:15
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damn you can download stuff so fast. you can download a whole game in like 2 years.
2022-09-21 05:16
2022-09-21 05:17
Lmao how many hours did it take to upload the imgur?
2022-09-21 05:20
3 replies
It took like 4 minutes to both open imgur & upload a 24kb image
2022-09-21 05:21
2 replies
and took 6 minutes to answer to this guy?
2022-09-21 05:22
1 reply
replying is fast, it just "buffers" for like 15 seconds when it's sending the reply
2022-09-21 05:25
Literally Canadian internet kekw
2022-09-21 05:23
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Maybe where you live? I have gigabit fibre and they sent me an email a few weeks ago that they're launching 2.5 gigabit, which would actually require me to rewire some of my home ethernet with newer cables. Haven't switched yet ... not sure how greedy I want to be lol
2022-09-21 05:29
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how much is the 2.5 gigabit supposed to cost, i bet upload is still < 50mbps because canadian telecom
2022-09-21 05:33
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Upload is also 2.5 gigabit, the price is outrageous at $175. I'm currently on $89 for symmetrical gigabit (telus purefibre). The speed is exactly as advertised too. Super expensive compared to elsewhere in the world, but nice to have quality internet.
2022-09-21 05:36
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symmetrical upload 😭😭😭😭😭😭 most people (including me) get 15mbps upload because fuck
2022-09-21 05:37
1 reply
Probably coax with DOCSIS, I feel your pain. I had that for years. The good news is the newest update with DOCSIS allows symmetrical uploads so even if fibre never arrives your current wiring will allow a good upload speed eventually
2022-09-21 05:40
That’s cool, but who needs 2.5 gb/s at private household?
2022-09-21 07:25
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This. Gigabit Internet is cool but realistically I've never needed to go beyond ~50Mbps. If I'm downloading something large (GTA V, CoD lol, etc.) I just let it sit overnight. Anything else I need happens within minutes.
2022-09-21 07:47
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Fine maybe if you live by yourself. 50 isn't even close to sufficient for a whole family with multiple people streaming video or music.
2022-09-21 07:55
People were asking the same question about 50 mbit just 10 years ago.
2022-09-21 07:51
United States tahawus
hltv has never heard of a family
2022-09-21 08:02
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We've never topped out the gigabit connection (except with steam downloads which I have limited on purpose) even with multiple people watching 4k. So 2.5 is a bit overkill even for the biggest families, hence the markup. It's for folks who want bleeding edge stuff. But I think in the next decade gigabit will become the new basic internet and 5 and 10 gigabit will become what gigabit is now.
2022-09-21 08:14
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United States tahawus
yeah i was kidding it is def more than enough
2022-09-21 08:15
crow | 
Indonesia ycrows
contact provider
2022-09-21 05:25
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there has been lightning storms & rain today, it should be because of that, hope it's better tomorrow
2022-09-21 05:27
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crow | 
Indonesia ycrows
unlucky weather
2022-09-21 05:27
I envy u
2022-09-21 05:27
Brazil Yung_Leann
Lol wtf, here's what i get in my 3rd world country for 20$/month
2022-09-21 05:44
1 reply
I guess "come to Brazil" is not that bad of an advice
2022-09-21 05:51
Pretty solid I'd say
2022-09-21 05:50
too broke to upgrade to a better one?
2022-09-21 06:01
I get 100mbps for like 8$ in india
2022-09-21 06:22
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+1 1GBps plans are also not that costly but 100mbps works out fine for us, unlimited data is what I want and I get it in 100mbps so I am happy
2022-09-21 06:35
my phone better
2022-09-21 06:24
Brazil ZerongBr
Internet speed is overrated what really maters is ms
2022-09-21 06:37
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Brazil Yung_Leann
What? ping is relative, if you are closer to the server you gonna have lower ping.
2022-09-21 06:44
4 replies
Your own ISP network quality can also affect ping to some extent. For example, with one ISP your ping to the server might be 30ms, but by switching providers you end up with 26ms to the same server because of more efficient networking. A good ISP can only help a bit though. If the server is a long way away your ping is going to be shit either way.
2022-09-21 06:51
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Brazil Yung_Leann
I dont think that's a problem with fiber, cus i already had fiber from 3 different ISP's and the ping to the games i play didn't change. Like for instance someone living in Sao Paulo will always have a better ping than me in csgo/lol/dota or any other online game, that's due to the fact that most SA servers are located in SP, but that doesn't mean that my connection is worse than what ppl have in SP.
2022-09-21 06:56
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I think the difference is mostly with different technologies, for example fibre as compared with DSL or cable. You won't find much difference between providers of the same technology, particularly if the cables are run and managed by governments who lease the network to providers. In that case, they would all be using the same network. Here in Canada most networking is laid and operated separately by private businesses but I know in many parts of the world government leased networks are typical.
2022-09-21 07:05
I get like 40-50 ping in delhi while people in mumbai get 5 ping, servers are in mumbai
2022-09-21 07:06
2022-09-21 06:40
Solid 6/10
2022-09-21 07:58
World NaegeN it’s wifi speed only Through cable it’s way faster
2022-09-21 08:18
autist | 
Australia admo
this is what happens when you convert a pigeon from Lisbon into analytical data
2022-09-21 08:24
2022-09-21 22:17
China Zmjjkk
2022-09-21 22:21
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