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Underrated skins
Poland infamouss__ 
1. M4A4 Radiation Hazard - looks really nice while in good condition 2. AK47 Green laminate - good especially with some stickers, yesterday on HONORIS vs Apeks match saw Taz using one with 4x Furia holo Antwerp stickers and looks absolutely insane 3. M4A1-S Atomic Alloy - simple and cool paint, also good with stickers 4. AWP Redline - maybe not as niche as the previous ones though it's an OG classic AWP skin 5. Glock Reactor 6. USP Royal Blue Type your ideas !
2022-09-23 12:27
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Finland ishowspeed
M4A4 | Griffin
2022-09-23 12:29
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Finland ishowspeed
honorable mention M4A4 | Desolate Space for a pink m4 it's way too cheap
2022-09-23 12:30
ak-47 neon revolution
2022-09-23 12:31
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2022-09-24 21:40
2022-09-24 22:07
0/8 safari mesh unironically better
2022-09-24 22:50
7 replies
you can't buy skin that costs only $10?
2022-09-24 22:53
6 replies
what ?
2022-09-24 22:55
5 replies
your weird flex with centish skin and aggressive behaviour shows that you can't buy neon revolution for some reason and i can't understand why you need to show it because i didn't call this skin the best. name of thread - underrated, and underrated means that it's not useable that much despite being beautiful. no one tries to flex here, and if you actually like safari mesh, next time just leave your own comment in thread instead of shittalking under mine. thanks
2022-09-24 23:04
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you sound fun
2022-09-24 23:40
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do you write more than few words? or you are on hltv pursuing goal to troll?
2022-09-24 23:44
Canada halfbaked
0/8 bait
2022-09-25 00:04
2022-09-25 11:56
glock candy apple
2022-09-23 12:34
Calyx | 
Turkey zane_
awp corticera, i use a 0.08 version of it with 3 liquid holos and 1 woxic 2019 katowice foil. it looks amazing, and ak47 frontside misty, i use a fn version of it with a 3 ef holo and 1 calyx holo, it looks really good aswell
2022-09-23 12:38
mhL | 
Russia Ishii
arctic wolf skins ssg hand brake p250 vino primo krieg tiger moth a1-s leaded glass
2022-09-23 12:38
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United States miragessbm
hand brake and vino primo are best skins for each
2022-09-25 08:10
Niger Aki_WHO
basic kniv
2022-09-23 12:39
apEX | 
United States r0yal56
Tec-9 and ak fuel injector
2022-09-23 12:40
All lowest quality skins, 0,00XX floats and so on
2022-09-23 12:41
United States THEM4q4
Ak red laminate
2022-09-23 12:42
3 replies
+1 all laminates (except blue) are all really solid
2022-09-24 22:08
2 replies
Blue is superior because most hated :)
2022-09-25 11:59
Blue laminate with some 2014 stickers like the cologne 2014 ones doesn't look bad.
2022-09-25 12:21
USP-S | Business Class AK-47 | Jet Set Desert Eagle | Pilot Most skin from the Baggage collection are actually pretty clean and underrated/unknown.
2022-09-23 12:45
7 replies
+1 fellow baggage collection enjoyer 😎🤝😎
2022-09-24 21:19
1 reply
goat collection my brother 🤝
2022-09-24 21:54
was gonna post exactly this lul
2022-09-24 22:51
2022-09-24 22:56
not underrated cuz they're so expensive you can get much nicer skins for cheaper prices
2022-09-24 22:57
2 replies
the inflated price mainly reflects rarity, they're still underrated imo because not a lot of people know or use these skins and they are pretty cool
2022-09-24 23:50
I dont think it is the price that makes these skins underrated, I think the skins I listed are very unique, whilst not being used much. That is what makes them underrated in my eyes.
2022-09-25 11:07
gut knife autotronic B)
2022-09-23 12:49
1 reply
one of the goats, traded mine for stiletto, animation kind of annoyed me during its last days
2022-09-24 22:56
AK-47 Rat rod, so cheap but looks so good
2022-09-23 12:49
AWP Pink DDPAT Deagle Urban Rubble in Souvenir (cool contrast between the gold and black/dark gray of the skin) FAMAS Styx (souvenir or not)
2022-09-24 21:23
Finland Cucumber))
good take
2022-09-24 21:24
i havent ever seen atomic alloy in game which feels weird m4a1s guardian but lately ive seen more of them awp electric hive (i like the skin so freaking much but it seems like im the only one hehe)
2022-09-24 21:37
3 replies
I had an electric hive awp for a while, I thought it was a it too plain but not bad.
2022-09-24 21:44
2 replies
i understand what u mean. that and the colors are exactly what i like in the skin :p
2022-09-24 21:54
1 reply
I think it's better than the Lightning Strike for sure
2022-09-24 21:55
Croatia Sroljo662
m4 bright water
2022-09-24 21:33
6 replies
yeah its cool, ive thought to buy it but havent ever bought. some movistar player used it and it looked rly good in the game
2022-09-24 21:34
1 reply
Croatia Sroljo662
B1T also had one if im correct
2022-09-24 22:00
it's nice but even nicer with the right stickers
2022-09-24 21:39
3 replies
Croatia Sroljo662
imo has to be either blue,any shade of blue(darker,brighter),purple,black and white, otherwise the colours dont go well together
2022-09-24 22:00
2 replies
I think it can be nice with red too, it's a good contrast I haven't checked these out in-game but these must look sweet (better than in those screenshots)
2022-09-24 22:06
1 reply
Croatia Sroljo662
youre right those are fire
2022-09-24 22:39
AK47 Safari Mesh of course. P250 Valence UMP Exposure XM1014 Teclu Burner - also Glock Bunsen Burner P90 Nostalgia
2022-09-24 21:49
2 replies
England KhT
+1 on Valence it looks really good with blue stickers I also think Galil eco is underrated,its clean and looks really good with some green stickers.
2022-09-24 23:11
1 reply
Valence has been one of my favorites for a long time. Great wave stickers look so good on it
2022-09-25 07:51
i have the green laminate ak FN with 4 Entorpiq Foil stickers and it looks so gooodddd. lol one of my last games a guy peeked it after i died from my team and he is inspected it so much that he wasn't ready for a fight and died
2022-09-24 21:54
cat | 
China GuileEe
AK47 Safari Mesh most underrated skin
2022-09-24 21:58
stainless, used only by jackz i think
2022-09-24 22:00
2 replies
kennyS had one if I'm not mistaken I think it had the nametag magic baguette or something edit: looked it up and yeah it was called magic baguette
2022-09-24 22:17
1 reply
expected from kennys. legend!
2022-09-25 11:54
sh1ro | 
Greenland pix3w
Frontside misty
2022-09-24 22:00
1 reply
United States miragessbm
2022-09-25 08:16
Sun in leo FN
2022-09-24 22:11
M4A1-S blood tiger, very nice with 3x red stickers, specially 3x faze Stockholm
2022-09-24 22:27
1 reply
2022-09-25 11:55
USP Ticket to Hell. This thing has no business only being like $2 or whatever, it's so fucking clean.
2022-09-24 22:28
3 replies
Poor mans printstream
2022-09-24 22:58
1 reply
Yes, but I'm also not gonna run a triple printstream loadout, it's too tacky/not creative. I save Print for the M4 since it'll be in my hands the most :> Ticket to Hell USP, Hypno Deag for some classic spice.
2022-09-24 23:14
Top 5 USP skin in the game easily. Detailed graphics on the USP yet it still feels clean to use, perfectly balanced
2022-09-24 23:19
Deagle Night heist with 3x G2 2020 foil. One of my favorite skins :)
2022-09-24 22:49
2 replies
2020 RMR stickers 🤮
2022-09-24 22:53
1 reply
2022-09-24 23:01
I know its "underrated" thread but I need to say about most "overrated" for me. AWP Medusa. I have one, played one game with it, its absolute garbage.
2022-09-24 23:01
2 replies
Because the design is only viewable when you inspect it. Might as well just buy an AWP Sun in Leo for $2000 less lol
2022-09-24 23:10
1 reply
I didn't buy it. I dropped one on my second acc when I was doing some missions. Head should be from the front, then it would be cool
2022-09-24 23:16
Russia Vigilance
stiletto marble fade cheap af for a good knife
2022-09-24 23:03
M4A1S Atomic Alloy used to be super popular when I played a lot in 2015,2016 now nobody uses it. AK-47 Point Disarray Galil Tuxedo AWP Sun In Leo
2022-09-24 23:09
1 reply
point disarray with 4x stockholm heroic foils looks clean great skin without stickers too
2022-09-24 23:53
Fuel injector ak47
2022-09-24 23:16
Noone on pro scene uses aquamarine revenge anymore :(
2022-09-24 23:22
m4a4 | magensium
2022-09-24 23:54
ak first class
2022-09-25 07:55
SSG Mainframe
2022-09-25 08:17
United States miragessbm
M4A4 X Ray M4A4 Red DDPAT M4A1s Blood Tiger Desert Eagle Night Heist Desert Eagle Heirloom AWP Pop AWP the Amber Fade skins
2022-09-25 08:28
AWP Worm God 🥸🥸
2022-09-25 08:36
m4 howl
2022-09-25 08:50
Brazil _Awper
I only find the Awp Redline beautiful among those, in my opinion, the red line is the best skin for both AK and AWP. Cool and iconic design without being expensive, Dragon Lore and Wild Lotus are ugly AF, especially wild lotus.
2022-09-25 08:53
Ak47 rusty coat
2022-09-25 11:16
Glock catacombs best glock/ best blue skin
2022-09-25 12:10
m4a4 buzz kill imo
2022-09-25 12:24
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