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the best and worst thing about your country
Brazil S1mple_GOAT_EZ 
the best thing about brazil is the clean streets. the great people. low poverty. incredible safety. incorrupt government and so many things i can say. but it will prob take forever. what about yours guys?
2022-09-23 17:19
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Brazil top 1 2022
2022-09-23 17:20
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hell yea
2022-09-23 17:21
ele | 
Finland krep
Best: everything Worst: nothing
2022-09-23 17:22
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tbh finland is a reailly good indeed country.
2022-09-23 17:23
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He is lying. Worst is definitely by huge margin depressing and grey and sad and wet and dark late autumn after trees have already dropped leaves but before snow comes. Such bullshit every year. Everyone just feels tired and depressed waiting for the winter finally come. Luckily it only lasts month or two.
2022-09-24 01:35
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JW | 
Sweden gNeJS
Worst is when snow comes and you feel hope for two days but then melts away and you have to go back to depressed mindset. Turns out it wont be snow for Christmas or New years, but then January the second 5dm arrives and by that time you feel more or less done with winter but you have to go through 3 months of marching in the snow. Then it finally melts away and you get that happy spring feeling with sun, 5c outside and happy thoughts. You buy a new pair of shoes feeling sexy and fresh walking around the neighborhood on the dry ground, but then BOOM, 5 new decimeters of snow -10c for another couple of weeks. Snow then decide to full brown slush mode for two weeks, but freezes at night so you have to skate with your shoes going out in the morning. Then you have 2 weeks of perfect spring and then BOOM, mosquito season is here.
2022-09-24 01:57
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Definitely familiar feelings what you described. ;)
2022-09-24 02:43
Best: Lots of help from the government that protects people from different kinds of poverty Worst: Cowardice
2022-09-23 17:22
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tbh we all know what is the worst thing about sweden its ok..
2022-09-23 17:23
Why cowardice? Btw Sweden and in general Scandinavia goat countries
2022-09-23 17:25
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the only thing that comes to mind is that in ww2 sweden had to sell iron for germany despite the fact that they invaded norway for securing the trrade. and u know.. for germany being germany..
2022-09-23 17:27
Best is infrastructure and quality of public works, worst is weather and the fact that we are all arrogant know it alls
2022-09-23 17:26
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isn't the cost of living in the netherlands?
2022-09-23 17:27
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Rent is quite expensive in big cities, but otherwise its quite okay id say
2022-09-24 00:17
Finland Lolipowerr
Not getting robbed is quite nice
2022-09-23 17:30
cat | 
China GuileEe
Best: Friendly, easygoing, practical and lovely people Worst: xi
2022-09-23 17:33
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JW | 
Sweden gNeJS
2022-09-24 01:42
France KryzzZie
Best : Social aid and system Worst : social aid and system
2022-09-23 17:33
Best: everything Worst: everything
2022-09-24 00:19
Best : Diverse and Immigrant-friendly country, High quality of life and wealthy, General Stability Worst : Military spending, Legalized bribery in government, Corporatism and monopolies
2022-09-24 01:30
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2022-09-24 01:41
>hears foreign language, proceeds to beat the sh&t out of them >hate males (white to be specific), supports males with wig and breasts >encourages abortion "Friendly" is nothing but facade for the media and outside world. #25
2022-09-24 01:48
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That does not happen often, also dont act like racism against immigrants doesnt happen in UK lol. Tons of discrimination against Pakistanis, Indians, Syrians and other Muslims, Balkan Slavs etc. Mostly white males are in power, not sure where you are getting this from. Abortion should be legal, it is not someone elses job to dictate what someone should do with their body, especially not forcing someone to birth a child which may have birth defects due to incest or a child which cannot be properly taken care of financially.
2022-09-24 02:09
The best thing about it is the fact that I can be in the middle of nowhere and not have to see people I would rather not see, not a council house in sight. the worst part is that it does mean I have to travel 30 to 40 minutes to get to a large retail store
2022-09-24 01:37
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30-40 minutes not much, when you can live in middle of nowhere
2022-09-24 01:41
Many would like to join you.
2022-09-24 01:45
United States zovint
Best: Everything and worst: nothing Good night
2022-09-24 02:00
good: food and nature worst: people
2022-09-24 02:07
Chill | 
Poland threk
good: beautiful women , helpful country , less toxic peopole than in russia , Romania etc. bad: in germany they paying more and they have nice Cars
2022-09-24 03:56
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