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yekindar threw
United States steelersboi 
he always is so agresive banana and any team who does the most half assed demo review of their next opponent will be ready for it. the dude just overall sucks on ct side always giving away the first pick and being punished for pushing
2022-09-25 01:02
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yekindar also carried lulquid the rest of the group cry and cope
2022-09-25 01:03
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Italy Karimk03
Rare W
2022-09-25 01:11
But when it mattered most vs bots it was 4v5 and he was worse than nitr0 while having any role he wanted
2022-09-25 01:20
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"Hard ultra carry" Here's a better example: /closed
2022-09-25 01:26
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Wow 3.56 Yekindar combined rating vs Elige 3.51 combined rating. What an insane ultra EU hypercarry bruh!
2022-09-25 01:47
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France ignorefAN
You don't combine you average
2022-09-25 01:58
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I think you're missing the point.
2022-09-25 02:03
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France ignorefAN
That yekindar does his job extremely well and is bringing a lot to TL? Yeah good point, glad you realize this
2022-09-25 02:07
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But he isn’t carrying liquid which is what the other dude is trying to say
2022-09-25 02:37
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Just because Elige is also carrying doesn’t mean Yekindar isn’t, and its been said that Yekindar is a big enabler for Elige. Either way, he is a critical component of the success Liquid is having, since even with NAF playing well Elige was struggling and the team couldn’t win anything before. I realize this point is better made to the other guy, but can’t be bothered to move it
2022-09-25 06:31
That is insane considering yekindar is entry and elige is star player
2022-09-25 02:01
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He lurks a lot now
2022-09-25 02:09
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Lurker is the best t rifle role you can have (forgot to remove map lock which is why yekindar and other players aren't on here)
2022-09-25 15:33
Europe dooddi
you should appreciate him, he carries your region
2022-09-25 01:24
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2022-09-25 01:26
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not true
2022-09-25 01:29
Europe dooddi
sure brudda
2022-09-25 01:54
YEKINDAR > Elige > NAF >>>> oSee >> Nitro At least, this is true the past 2 years, and arguably NAF better than Elige since Elige was inconsistent until recently. Elige at his peak was better than YEKINDAR, but they’re at least equal
2022-09-25 06:32
Canada f0rkb0mb
C9 is way better team bro.
2022-09-25 05:27
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Also this, Ax1le and sh1ro are some of the best players in the world no matter how many people call them onliners, no wonder Liquid lost
2022-09-25 06:33
North Macedonia m3tAce
"carried" LULW Yeki is amazing but he isnt playing solo /close
2022-09-25 10:31
Petra | 
Poland 138|
sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt,
2022-09-25 01:03
actually can't disagree
2022-09-25 01:04
shit happens
2022-09-25 01:07
he sucks on ct? what do you mean, one game doesn't mean he always plays badly, did you watch him in VP????
2022-09-25 01:09
2022-09-25 01:10
0 utility support from nitr0
2022-09-25 01:10
I mean it's just true. If the guy who wants to be the star with any role he wants is dogshit and dies 5 seconds into every round the game is just over. Elige tried his best to be a soldier and carry but to no avail. The games were very close too.
2022-09-25 01:12
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YEKINDAR isn’t taking star roles he’s taking entry roles. He plays similarly to arT and does it better. Clowns who think he’s playing star positions are just that, clowns. EliGE is not playing to the degree he should be as a top 3 rifler in NA in star rifler positions Also, he’s not the reason Liquid is trash. oSee - 55 adr nitr0 - 54 adr EliGE - 67 adr ( the man you claim is carrying liquid lmao) mr “best spray in the world” can’t get 70 adr in star positions lmao
2022-09-25 01:24
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Umm? Do you not realize that this is the honeymoon event for Liquid and hence means absolutely nothing! Also this match was 2 events ago
2022-09-25 01:27
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"honeymoon" lol
2022-09-25 01:43
Not even worth debating with the other guy. It's obvious that Yekindar is doing Liquid a favor by even entertaining the idea of playing for their team, has one bad series, and now he's getting slandered by their fans. Even after having a sub-par series for his standards, these are still his stats for group stage at EPL thus far: Yekindar's performance at ESL Pro League Season 16 Group D: *Through their first 4 matches* 1.19 rating / 1.51 impact 0.75 DPR / 0.77 KPR with 90.0 ADR *12th highest player rating at the event* EliGE's performance at ESL Pro League Season 16 Group D: *Through their first 4 matches* 1.15 rating / 1.12 impact 0.67 DPR / 0.76 KPR with 84.0 ADR NAF's performance at ESL Pro League Season 16 Group D: *Through their first 4 matches* 1.12 rating / 0.99 impact 0.62 DPR / 0.71 KPR with 79.2 ADR oSee's performance at ESL Pro League Season 16 Group D: *Through their first 4 matches* 0.90 rating / 0.84 impact 0.64 DPR / 0.56 KPR with 56.9 ADR nitr0's performance at ESL Pro League Season 16 Group D: *Through their first 4 matches* 0.85 rating / 0.69 impact 0.65 DPR / 0.53 KPR with 56.5 ADR The statistics paint a pretty clear image of what Yekindar is dealing with right now. -- North America's Number's Guy
2022-09-25 01:50
Hard entry roles yekindar in liquid ? Hard playing like niko. Hard like he has his smoke, flash, setups for all rounds. You should revised your notion of Hard entrying. Yekindar is a beadt, but he is not Hard entrying. The guy has a lot of space, a lot of spaces. Osee is smoking for him every rounds.
2022-09-25 05:20
na irtrhhine dione go play valo
2022-09-25 02:07
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Oh yeah I forgot. USA: created CSGO, created Steam, Dota, Valorant, League of Legends Fucking hell lol
2022-09-25 02:08
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damn after having created all these games one would think usa wouldnt be such dogshit at all of them
2022-09-25 04:04
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USA is more ambition and creativity and inventing EU/Canada is more fit for playing 10 year old games 12 hours a day in frozen basements
2022-09-25 04:06
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Says a guy lurking on a subreddit dedicated to watching other people play a 10yo game 12 hours a day… ??
2022-09-25 06:34
Had a bad series and now NA fans think they have a moral highground lol, just wait he only carried the other 3 series maybe 1 more in the making
2022-09-25 01:17
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These delusional EliGE fanboys think YEKINDAR is always playing the best positions and I think they were asleep the past 3 days. I still can’t fathom how instead of being happy that he chose liquid they attack him after every loss. I guess they would prefer to stay with Richard “.84 rating” Papillion
2022-09-25 01:26
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+1 Yekindar is the best thing to happen to Liquid in last 2 years
2022-09-25 01:53
I feel bad for him. He's stuck between a rock and a hard place right now and can't catch a break. He either sits on the bench for VP for god knows how long, or he sells his soul to NA and has to sign a multi-year contract to play for Liquid where he is already being taken for granted by the fans. Seems clear that the fans will side with EliGE no matter what is really happening in the server, similar to how Kevin Durant felt when he won back to back Finals MVP's for the Warriors, but the fans still treated Steph Curry as their golden boy because he had been there since the get go. Yekindar and NaVi are a match made in heaven, but unfortunately there is a major roadblock that is keeping it from happening :( -- NAVi Fan
2022-09-25 01:55
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France ignorefAN
What's the road block out of cursisonity unless I'm just dumb and can't figure it out. He is a 10x upgrade to some die young
2022-09-25 02:10
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NaVi refuse to pay / negotiate with any organizations that have ties to the Russian oligarchs (which Virtus Pro has). Therefore they would only be able to sign him if he was a free agent, but as of right now he is still under a "long-term" contract with VP.
2022-09-25 02:20
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France ignorefAN
I think his contract is expiring soon but it looks like he's gonna sign with liquid
2022-09-25 03:38
2022-09-25 09:47
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2022-09-25 22:13
+1 exactly mens((
2022-09-25 02:32
i hope he figures out a way to get out of his contract before hes forced to sign a 3 year with Liquid
2022-09-25 02:46
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My thoughts exactly. If his contract expires in the first half of 2023, he might even be better off just waiting it out. If he really wants to play longterm for Liquid, then I wish him nothing but the best. I just hope that he doesn't get pressured into a situation that he isn't 100% sure about, and that goes for him signing with NaVi as well. He's a top tier talent, and I really do hope that he gets to play for an organization and fanbase that will truly treat him well. -- Random American
2022-09-25 03:15
You talked yekindar doesn't olay the best position.
2022-09-25 05:21
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Yes, that’s exactly what I said
2022-09-25 05:39
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He is playing the best position. He is not Hard entrying at all. He is active lurking like niko. On ct sides they give all his favorite spots. Does niko is immune to criticism? Why yekindar is ? If he dies without a kill, you know 4 v 5 is not favor any t or ct sides. Good team will play for trades so it won't work at the end. The elige or osee narrative is ridiculous. The trio is not performing rn. Yekindar is not doing his job either. The whole liquid is struggling.
2022-09-25 05:45
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YEKINDAR not doing his job > a .25+ entry kills per round, hard carried the only series Liquid won. Liquid are nothing without YEKI carrying. EliGE plays the real star positions and should be having way more impact
2022-09-25 05:48
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Yekindar is playing star positions on ct thought. Liquid won two series btw. Both are doing their job wtf is fuck is that . Elige had 1.25 rating do you want ? 1.50 as a rifler ? The series they lost yekindar was overpeeking or losing opening duels. The same thing happened in vp. Yekindar died the round is done. The guy is huge factor but if he is off, the whole plan is shaky.
2022-09-25 05:53
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EliGE was horrible against Furia and so was oSee. If those two simply did their job like you say, they would’ve qualified by now. Jons positions are ones that Jon himself wanted and has proved that it’s possible for him to perform in during cologne. So why isn’t he replicating this performance. The real answer is laziness, the only player who was actually practicing before the group was YEKINDAR while the rest of them were chilling on the beach getting a tan. He even said in a interview that this group will be tough for them because the other 4 didn’t practice at all and went back to NA instead of scrimming EU teams and working on the team chem.
2022-09-25 05:55
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So what yekindar was horrible against eternal fire. Chilling on a tan. 1 week off mean bascally 5 days with traveling. Lazy as fuck. I heard vitality took 4 days. Ultra lazy too. Man t1 cs is so lazy.
2022-09-25 05:56
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So? It’s normal for a entry fragger to have some bad games. YEKINDAR is by far the best entry fragger. What’s not normal is for a AWPer to be averaging a .8 rating against hyperagro teams that he should easily farm just like woxic farmed Liquid today. It’s also hilarious how u consider a .87 rating from YEKI a horrible game but don’t even bother to mention that oSee couldn’t hit a single shot and made it blatantly obvious that he doesn’t care enough to DM a bit more before the games (insane .71 rating today btw)
2022-09-25 05:57
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Osee was off. He is off the whole event but don't pretend yeki is the difference he is not really. He is equally playing bad. The synergy is not there. They need a huge revamp. Everyone is playing odd spots. Naf moving to a on inferno. Nitro anchoring b on vertigo. I dont know what happened they complicated things.
2022-09-25 06:01
18 replies
“Equally playing bad” 😂 you must be not watched any of the games before this one. Stop being delusional and admit the only problem in this lineup is NoSee
2022-09-25 06:00
17 replies
I was elige one minute ago btw. Osee need to step up who said the opposite. Osee is inconsistent and this event he is struggling hard. Osee work ethics has never been questioned. Yekindar, shox all said the guy is grinding hard. So laziness doesn't not apply. He is uncomfortable more than anything else or not ready for t1.
2022-09-25 06:05
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Event ratings: YEKINDAR: 1.19 EliGE: 1.15 NAF: 1.12 oSee: .90 (Awper having worse rating than Junior lmaoaooa) nitr0: .85 (goat captain valorant xD) How can you sit there with a grin on your face and tell me this is yekindars fault
2022-09-25 06:04
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The two important game. 0.87 against eternal fire and 1.07 rating against furia. Nitro is anchoring and hard entrying, you can add .10 and this is the best he can do considering his roles.
2022-09-25 06:11
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Oh you wanna talk about the important games? Vs Eternal Fire (oBot cannot hit a single shot) oSee: 0.71 Vs Furia (where yekindar topped map 1 and second map 2 btw) EliGE: 0.75 nitr0: 0.65 oSee: 0.64 Stop it, just admit YEKINDAR is the goat entry and it’s not his fault that oSee is either too bad for t1 or nitr0 is not good enough to utilize his Awper. Either way one of them need to go ASAP. Btw Nitr0 is not hard entrying at all
2022-09-25 06:13
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He is a goat active LURKER not entry And osee need to step up on the next event or he should be remplaced. But dont mention random name like deko. Look sense on entropiq. Smurfing on fpl, struggling against t2. Osee is bad against t1/t1.5.
2022-09-25 06:15
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I’m sure you know better than the actual T1 pros who know YEKI is a entry fragger lmao. Also, everyone knows and it’s pretty common sense that a CIS talent is better than a NA talent any day. deko > oSee and I’m willing to bet my life savings on that End of discussion LUL
2022-09-25 06:18
11 replies
One online match against ef. Great sample.
2022-09-25 06:20
10 replies
Doesn’t matter. On LAN he still would’ve had Atleast a 1.0 rating against EF compared to oSees whopping .71 world record Another if 1 match wasn’t enough for you :D
2022-09-25 06:21
9 replies
And deko is not ultra toxic ? Doesn't matter too if he gets 1.00 rating. Every teams dodged him and play for 1win. Entropiq preferred sensei.
2022-09-25 06:22
8 replies
Being a little toxic on lost rounds > being so bad that you only hit 1/10 awp shots sorry. Also I remember a certain CIS Awper that was very toxic, got picked up by liquid, and ended up as the GOAT
2022-09-25 06:22
7 replies
Yeah. But simple is 10 x the level of deko the suicidal player. Anyway osee suck but deko is overated and toxic. I agree osee should be kick but I dont agree with deko
2022-09-25 06:24
6 replies
And deko is 5x the player oSee will ever be
2022-09-25 06:23
5 replies
But like wor02k or d0oc they will surf on fpl the whole career.
2022-09-25 06:26
4 replies
Yes because they were not lucky enough to be bought into NA to steal paychecks 😂 oSee junior nitr0 CeRq The best “NA Awper” is from ukraine that’s just sad bro. I recommend Liquid pull a Cloud9 and start importing more CIS talents and maybe they will win tournaments
2022-09-25 06:31
3 replies
Degster would be the best one. But he is too busy carrying og rn.
2022-09-25 06:40
2 replies
I honestly think they need to sell oSee to EG and use the money to help buy device/mantuu if they really think deko’s ego will be a problem for EliGE who has a hard time dealing with egos
2022-09-25 06:42
1 reply
Mantuu is a upgrade but he is not a t1 apwer either. Deko is like Woro2k. More ego than raw talent imo. Yekindar and simple have egos but talents to back it up. Device is a huge risk for his condition. I think he can still playing good cs but it is a gamble.
2022-09-25 06:48
He said they had ruff times on practice because they were rusty and practices didn't go smoothly. They practice 1 week.
2022-09-25 05:58
4 replies
Yeah it's pure brainrot. They're top 5 cologne with new coach and phenomenal core, then top 1 Blast groups and qualified for arena. They come in EPL and they say they had shit practice so they will be shit, and it happens. "DISBAND -OSEE -NITR0 -YEKINDAR" HLTV is so dumb, as always.
2022-09-25 06:10
3 replies
No this is everyone fault specially the na who took 1 week off before 1 month and half of 24/7 cs. They should not sleep and play only cs for the rest of this month.
2022-09-25 06:13
1 reply
+1 but I understand they miss their homeland as would I (America)
2022-09-25 06:26
Slovakia GloryMole
you agreed with this hateful thread and then take the moral high ground..
2022-09-25 06:29
Even he understood that this team is trash and wants to lose this faster LOL
2022-09-25 01:20
2 replies
More Euro cope, yawn
2022-09-25 01:58
1 reply
2022-09-25 10:30
why does he even play in na?
2022-09-25 01:23
you don't deserve yekindar, plastic fan boy
2022-09-25 01:36
european carrying NA plebs
2022-09-25 01:45
1 reply
He kind of hard threw vs Turkish guys who got 2-0'd by EG
2022-09-25 01:58
YEKINDAR threw his career you mean? carrying bot oSee and washed EliGe
2022-09-25 02:11
2 replies
common EU flag hypercope
2022-09-25 02:39
2022-09-25 04:52
Use your brain kiddo please
2022-09-25 03:30
There's rumors about his friends big bets for that match
2022-09-25 03:38
Yeki finished top 1 in every game besides last one, while oSee is underperforming.
2022-09-25 03:45
osee is a fucking bot and the main reason they lost. His awping on B inferno reminded me of myself with 60hz monitor and 70 fps a few years ago. On one hand, I am quite good with awp, but on the other I just can't hit shit LMAO But, I kinda agree about yekindar. You can't rely on him that much. His playstyle is one huge question mark, whether it will work this time or not.
2022-09-25 03:57
Prime woxic is back baby. That's all.
2022-09-25 03:59
1 reply
And woxic was the only AWPer on the server :c Would’ve been great to watch him vs another great AWPer, but this was just kinda sad
2022-09-25 06:37
U mad?
2022-09-25 05:09
WTF? He is literally carrying Liquid. You should be glad to have the best entry in the world. To be honest, Liquid improved a lot with him but still doesn't deserve to be a top5 team. What happened was: bad tatics from lulquid and woxic and xantares performing ¯\_( ''/ )_/¯
2022-09-25 05:12
Well without yek you were trash anyway so don’t complain about him
2022-09-25 05:32
2 replies
liquid were trash with shox, but other than that theyve always been top10 and currently are as well yekindar is very similar to stewie, and the results dont differ by much either rn
2022-09-25 05:43
1 reply
Yekindar >>>> Stewie tho Sadly agree that the results have not changed, hopefully they will
2022-09-25 06:37
what the fuck are these replies YEKINDAR is insane, EliGE is insane, NAF is insane
2022-09-25 05:40
4 replies
They all play badly but yekindar is not immune to criticism. When nitro is having better stats than him, that's is a problem.
2022-09-25 05:47
3 replies
worse problem is oSee having worse stats than nitr0, not yekindar lmao (and hes still their top rated player this event?) they have 3 insane riflers, it shouldnt be an issue for one of them to have an off day. the awper is a different issue, and oSee is not delivering currently
2022-09-25 05:50
Yekindar has one bad map and u say he has worse stats than nitro? How about the AWPer having worse stats than nitro on half the maps, and did you forget Yekindar was the best player most of the rest of the maps? He’s not immune to criticism, but its braindead to start by criticizing yekindar when he’s the biggest reason for their success at this tournament
2022-09-25 06:39
No they do not all “play badly” every single one of them have a rating higher than 1.12 with just 2 horrible players “Captain America” with .85 “I Can’t See Where My Crosshair is” with .90
2022-09-25 06:40
Ya dude. I love Liquid. Yekindar is the only thing saving the team right now. Stop and give the guy a break. There is no better player that will play for Liquid.
2022-09-25 05:49
Wow, are you north americans really this delusional about liquid? YEKINDAR has played 30 maps with liquid and in 8 of those games he has a sub 1.00 rating. 4 of these happened in his first 5 games with liquid. Liquid wouldn't be ranked as #3 in the world without his contribution. You might not realize it but oSee is the true underachiever and costs games because of his retarded choices and whiffing the easiest shots.
2022-09-25 06:00
because yekindar is trash af
2022-09-25 10:02
Yekindar just needs a better team around him, right now he is surrounded by tier 2 players
2022-09-25 10:20
Not even remotely YEKINDAR's fault. oSee, the fucking AWPer bottom fragged.
2022-09-25 10:26
Reminder that NA unironically thinks this way
2022-09-25 20:45
no one mentions that liquid would probably not even qualify for playoffs without yekindar
2022-09-25 22:16
Europe tete4761
what a clown thread. Yekindar solo carries NA
2022-09-25 22:17
aged well
2022-09-25 22:42
aged well kekw
2022-09-25 22:44
REZ | 
Belgium w4lt3r
delusional yekindar doubter
2022-09-25 22:49
YEKINDAR is the reason liquid are in playoffs right now enjoy getting clowned in this thread retard.
2022-09-25 22:52
L thread
2022-09-25 22:55
oSee exists
2022-09-25 22:56
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