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have you ever got scammed?
cyx | 
Brazil b0unz 
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2022-09-28 20:19
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when i started to play cs go, a guy from one of my first games added me and then he told me to trade my new chroma case for 3 of his weapon skins, and i actually thought he was being super nice 🙄
2022-09-28 20:21
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Russia igotbanned
That's not getting scammed it's just you being a dumbass
2022-09-28 20:25
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idk i consider it getting scammed, where is the difference, he did the same thing as other scammers just with better opportunity because i heard his voice in mm edit: also if not getting hacked its always being a dumbass, dumbass
2022-09-28 20:28
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Russia igotbanned
Scammed : to deceive and defraud (someone) You were not deceived . You gave him your case expecting weapon skins in return and he gave you that. He did not deceive you. It's your fault for not Knowing the value of the case
2022-09-28 20:34
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who cares he took advantage of my ignorance, but yes semantically youre probably right
2022-09-28 20:37
he deceived the guy in thinking that the weapons were more worth than the case
2022-09-28 21:30
what skins u have now? im rly nice guy, lets do some trades. i have many p250 sand dunes rdy for trade
2022-09-28 20:37
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ok you seem trustworthy, i still have some chroma cases, you want them?
2022-09-28 20:39
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yes of course im not sus. i will give as many knives back as many chroma cases u give to me, i just open the cases and u will get knives after that.
2022-09-28 20:43
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ty so much
2022-09-28 20:46
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btw how much u lost when u traded those cases?
2022-09-28 20:48
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the chroma case was new so i lost something like 3-5€, it was straight after the match where it got dropped so i only lost one
2022-09-28 20:53
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ah lol i thought u lost more of them, mbe u survive bro
2022-09-28 20:59
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slowly recovering
2022-09-28 21:07
Once when I had slightly too much ethanol in my circulatory system.
2022-09-28 20:22
Not that I can remember. Of course they tried though.
2022-09-28 20:23
me and my friend was scammed by some chinese women while tranfering in Beijing lol, my friend payed 80$ for 4 cups of tea
2022-09-28 20:24
someone told me he will show me how to copy items in metin2 i was like 11 years old it scarred me for life
2022-09-28 20:24
No I am faze fan. I scam people
2022-09-28 20:24
Every time a caster said in 2019 that "FaZe has so much firepower, there's always a chance FaZe could walk out with a win" as the team gets wiped by a t2 org
2022-09-28 20:27
I lost 10€ skin to a "gambling site owner" who could rig it for me so I'd win. Well I depoed and won but never got the winnings :D This was some years back when I was underage and addicted to skin gambling (see the problem)
2022-09-28 20:31
Poland paputekk
i was once, when i was ill as fuck so i wasnt 100% aware what was going on. Big lesson for life
2022-09-28 20:35
Yes a Nigerian guy messaged me once about a business proposition. I sent him 2000€ and still haven't received my 5 kilos of gold.
2022-09-28 20:39
yes, they said there were milfs 1.5km near me
2022-09-28 20:40
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How far they actually were?
2022-09-28 21:45
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right next to me
2022-09-28 21:54
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Yo momma so fat she's right next to you and 1.5km away.
2022-09-28 22:11
Scotland tr@c
Never in csgo but a few times as a 10 year old in RuneScape I fell for the classic scams
2022-09-28 20:40
Everyday when I walk past my local beggar
2022-09-28 20:40
also i lend 1k$ to this bald guy because he told me his paypal account was locked
2022-09-28 20:41
Russia byybaa
I rented an apartment one guy for 3 months. He was engaged in the resale of lamps for growing plants. When he left, I found 2 boxes of brand new lamps at home. I wanted to send them to him by mail, but he said = take this gift for yourself =3 I grew weed =3
2022-09-28 20:45
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Hungary szia
how were you scammed by this exactly?
2022-09-28 21:01
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Russia byybaa
The lamps are fake =(((
2022-09-28 21:37
yes but also no. this year in turkey a guy in a shop put an extra 0 behind the 2000 lira i was suppossed to pay (110 euros) so he typed 20000 (1100 euros) I saw it happening but my card cant pay more than 150 euro per day, so i put in my card number and he says thank you but the payment was canceled and I still got my stuff for free :) scammed the scammer.
2022-09-28 20:50
Other KittyVN
Got scammed once years ago on cslounge from a guy trading a knife in a better condition on the website but then sent me a trade offer with that same knife, but on worse condition, in the offer since I didn't check extra I lost about 15€ so not much but I was pissed xD
2022-09-28 20:58
Latvia emzijs
i got scammed in growtopia for angel wings in a 1v1 dropgame, by a black wallpaper which i thought was a black block, and i was like 10yrs old at the time, after that haven't been scammed
2022-09-28 21:00
i almost got scammed around 6 years ago. Some scammer wrote me on steam telling me there is a site that gives you 50$ due to a promocode but in order to buy something, you need to donate 10$ in skins to that site, which btw looked absolutely legit, they even had bots with very expensive inventory. However, when i wanted to donate, their servers were down and i had time to look for some more info about the site and i found a guy with so few views that exposed the site
2022-09-28 21:01
Hungary szia
tried to cash trash with some guy on csgolounge back in the day. luckily it was only like 5€ of stickers, but never again
2022-09-28 21:02
I was scammed out of my angel wings in growtopia like 10 years ago. Still pains me to this day
2022-09-28 21:18
By Russians on funpay
2022-09-28 21:20
Got scammed around 5 years ago, lost 50 euro. Roulette gambling was booming at the time and this guy that I played with a bit told me that he is really good at it. He had a sick inventory - AWP Lighting Strike ST, M9 Slaughter, etc... His inventory was worth around 800 euro back then I think. He told me that he can gamble with my skins and when he makes profit, he will give better skins back to me and keep something for himself. I was kinda new to cs at the time plus I was 13 years old, so after a bit of hesitation I decided to trust him and traded him my skins. He actually did deposit the skins to the website, won like 50 euro and when he was withdrawing he closed the call and got himself a FN USP-S Orion, instead of the knife I thought I would be getting. I remember just sitting there in disbelief, messaging him on steam. He acted as if we never spoke before and then blocked me. So not only I got scammed, I also got completely clowned on :d. It was a valuable lesson for me though and I never got scammed again.
2022-09-28 21:23
idk whether it's a scam or a treason, in 2011-2013 I played with 1 guy a lot then he sent me some link,I clicked it without a doubt, nothing happened. Then I gave up on cs. And in around 2015 I decided to play again, but discovered that account was stolen, I recovered it and a new owner told me he bought it from the guy I played with.
2022-09-28 21:29
back in school, I had a super rare Duel Masters-trading card and got tricked by a older kid to trade it against a regular card.
2022-09-28 21:38
Guatemala ChurchGuy
Twice. First one when I was 10 years old. I was playing Webkinz and a guy told me that he would pay me e-points (the games premium currency) if I sent some of my items. He did not pay wtflip ((( Second one when I was 13. Guy told me if I gave him my $5 item he would trade it up to a $50 item for me. He did not wtflip ((( Altho I did manage to get this item back because I spammed everywhere that he was a scammer and he cared about his reputation too much.
2022-09-28 22:51
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Guatemala ChurchGuy
I guess I was sorta scammed IRL when I was 8 because I was playing a game with some friends using collectible bottle cap things and they didn't tell me it was "for keeps" so I lost my whole collection
2022-09-28 22:52
I got scammed trying to trade CD keys for games when I was like, 15 maybe? Long time ago anyway. My local shop only sold 2/3 expansions for a game but I srsly needed a third, so I bought most recent expansion to trade for the middle one which I was missing. Never worked out. Expected it to happen, wasn't really sad, just like, "Well, of course, why wouldn't that happen?" and went back to playing my gimped character some more.
2022-09-28 23:16
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