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s1mple new zywoo
Sweden multib 
Having to hardcarry in order for the team to win rn. +24 vs G2, second best at -2.
2022-09-30 23:17
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2022-09-30 23:18
the worst rated player on navi has 0.96 over the entire tournament, zywoo played most of his career with an entire team at <1 before spinx, both misutaa and apex were pulling sub 0.9 tournaments on a regular basis
2022-09-30 23:21
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nah, misutaa was good some times. He became 0.9 after danish bots invited to Vitality
2022-09-30 23:22
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misutaa in 2021 = 1.01 versus top 20 (which is still mediocre) and he was the 2nd best player in vita LMAO imagine having to deal with that + whiffpex + shox (look at how exposed he got in liquid/apeks) + god kyojin (kicked from falcons!!!) nobody has even come close to the level of bot-carrying and career-saving as zywoo these guys literally owe him hundreds of thousands of dollars in salary money
2022-09-30 23:31
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+1 Lol Dude is only reason french boomers had careers after 2019
2022-09-30 23:32
+100 so true
2022-09-30 23:42
+1 naturalbornkiller just spouts non sense like an idiot
2022-10-01 04:55
But look on the good side vitality we’re number 2 why? Because shox apex misuuta everyone played around zywoo and let him shine and that’s what he did
2022-10-01 04:57
United Kingdom Jonty04l32
They definitely still contributed, Rpk also deserves a mention here as well. Shox had moments of excellence and misutaaa/Kyojin had some nutty rounds, even if they were carried for the majority.
2022-10-01 05:12
Forgot about nivera? Kicked by -iq vita management xaxaxa
2022-10-01 05:47
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the least bad of them but still overrated because he played in the 6 man roster where he could practice only half the maps still looks weird to kick him but i guess they had good reasons that we can't know from outside
2022-10-01 12:18
Zywoo became the new s1mple who is now the new zywoo.
2022-09-30 23:23
zywoo has way more hard mission than s1mple rn not even comperable
2022-09-30 23:24
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no?? Zywoo has a much better team around him now than he ever has while s1mple's teammates have been struggling
2022-09-30 23:30
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s1mple and zywoo's teammates now finally have equivalent level (maybe zywoo's mates are even still slightly worse on average) although nobody in navi is close to how bad apex is in 1v1 fair duels and electronic, b1t are better than magisk and dupreeh
2022-09-30 23:42
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yes but b1t, electronic have been very poor ever since the roster change and not to mention sdy hasn't done much either while magisk and dupreeh have had a lot more impact lately
2022-09-30 23:34
3 replies
vs top 20 in 2022 electronic and b1t = both at 1.10 magisk and dupreeh = both at 1.04
2022-09-30 23:36
2 replies
bro I already said ever since the roster change, not the whole of 2022
2022-09-30 23:38
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ok let's look at stats since June versus top 20 electronic 1.13 b1t 1.09 magisk 1.06 dupreeh 1.01
2022-09-30 23:40
read that correctly dont waste my time
2022-09-30 23:35
United Kingdom Jonty04l32
s1mple had Electronic for years to help alongside him, ZywOo didn't have any other Top 20 player on the team for three straight years except for ZywOo... In 2019, 2020 and 2021, ZywOo was the only Top 20 ranked Vitality player; Electronic was ranked alongside s1mple in those same years 6th, 5th and 7th, respectively... Not to mention 2021 had B1T, ranked 9th in his first year for Na'Vi, meanwhile ZywOo was still soloing on Vitality. Sure now Na'Vi seem to be struggling but Electronic took up full IGL duties and B1T seemed to have settled down a bit; whereas Vitality finally have a player arguably a contender for the Top 20 this year, the first time ever on Vitality...
2022-10-01 05:18
You make a thread like this yet, there is no link to prove your case as Zywoo has been far more consistent than S1mple.... The HLTV ratings are pretty accurate since Zywoo has been sitting at the top for a reason. Zywoo has been with the same team too which has seen a ton of new players over the years.
2022-09-30 23:28
2018 s1mple was an even worse example than zywoo
2022-09-30 23:32
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Not even remotely close, he had a literal top 5 player with him
2022-09-30 23:34
World NukestrikE
yea bcs electronic was so freaking bad lmao...
2022-09-30 23:39
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if you have 1.35 average rating and you didnt win major something is wrong with your team
2022-09-30 23:40
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World NukestrikE
wasnt s1mple and his performance one of the reason for it? look at his performances in those finals... being the best player 2 years str8 with so few trophies like zywoo waS? again, he had literally another top5 player around him
2022-09-30 23:42
Yea lets forget electronic who is consistently a top 5 player itw and 2nd best rifler after Niko Meanwhile zywoo playing with nbk shox and misuta xD come on dude
2022-10-01 04:56
Are you telling me that b1t, perfecto & electronic is bad? Pretty insecure Fan huh
2022-09-30 23:34
New Zealand kdeadly
zywoo is a one man army
2022-09-30 23:37
Bosnia and Herzegovina Foxxyownz
nah, they just had off-day. especially electronic zywoo was always 1v5 and succesful, s1mple could never
2022-09-30 23:43
zeus vs kyojin well at least one was the IGL
2022-10-01 04:57
No, Misuuta, Kyojin, shox, and Apex were definitely better than b1t, electronic, boombl4, and perfecto. Says no one ever
2022-10-01 05:45
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