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HOTD vs Rings of Powaa
United States IamSad 
Need to cure my anime addiction so I have chosen to replace it with either of these 2 series and I can only choose one as I don't have much time. If you could only watch 1 show which one would you choose?
2022-10-01 18:39
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2022-10-01 18:41
first for ban anime
2022-10-01 18:41
HOTD is trash started ok but boring now rings of power starting to get good and so much better
2022-10-01 18:43
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Czech Republic Samness
nice troll
2022-10-01 18:45
2022-10-01 18:46
India RycerZ
At this point I lost all interest to watch ROP. You seems an Indian who watch Shahrukh or Salman bhoi movies. That's why you like something bad as ROP.
2022-10-01 19:40
HOTD a lot better tbh
2022-10-01 18:44
HOTD is on another level, RoP is pure corporate trash
2022-10-01 18:45
RpK | 
France Snabe_
HOTD anyone saying LODR is on copium
2022-10-01 18:45
Canada MiLkBaGzz
I have loved tolkien and lotr since i was a kid. Its the best fantasy, best fiction and arguably the best written universe of all time... Watch house of dragons its better. I still think rings of power is okay and gets too much hate but house of dragons is genuinely really really good and I have 0 complaints
2022-10-01 18:47
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how can you love tolkien and like rop at the same time that makes no sense my friend
2022-10-01 18:49
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Canada MiLkBaGzz
I mean its still set in my favourite universe, its like really really well produced fan fiction. Its enjoyable. Is it lore friendly? No. Does everything ever made need to follow source material perfectly? Also no. I rate the lotr movies 10/10 the hobbit movies 7/10 and rings of power a solid 5.5/10 Im by no means saying its great but its fun to watch, even if it makes no sense lore wise. I honestly hope the wizard is gandalf because fuck it you already broke so much lore who cares Halbrand shouldnt be born for like 3k years lol
2022-10-01 18:54
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if you are truly tolkien fan you should be hating that pure thrash amazon made
2022-10-01 18:58
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Canada MiLkBaGzz
1st: Of all hating on things is cringe asf 2nd: Stop trying to gatekeep what being a tolkien fan is 3rd: There is nothing wrong with enjoying a show and agreeing its non-canon.
2022-10-01 19:05
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Galadriel in the books and in the tv series is 2 different characters. TV series made Galadriel elf with an anger management issues, which elfs are NOT. Its just so dumb bro. Dont cope, although I respect your love for the series
2022-10-01 19:06
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Canada MiLkBaGzz
I mean I said its a 5.5/10 And I already said its non-canon. Im not watching this like I watched the lotr movies. Im watching this like its some generic fantasy show with tolkien character names. If you watch it like its just a random fantasy show its actually pretty enjoyable.
2022-10-01 19:08
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But I cant since I read books and cant stand that stupid stuff they show in the TV series so yeah
2022-10-01 19:09
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Canada MiLkBaGzz
I mean I also read the books. Ig i just have an easier time seperating the books from the show. Oh well. For the record, i love the books and consider the books the best universe and piece of fiction ever created. I will die on that hill arguing for tolkien against every other universe. I dont rate the show anywhere near that level, so I can understand not liking it. But Im use to TV/Cinema adaptations of books being shit & branching off source material anyways
2022-10-01 19:11
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tbh GOT universe is the best
2022-10-01 19:12
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Canada MiLkBaGzz
not even top 5 imo EDIT: actually after thinking about it I rate it 5th so ig it is top 5
2022-10-01 19:15
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c9 lost ggs
2022-10-01 19:17
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Canada MiLkBaGzz
I got very mixed feelings about it. favourite team, versus my entire region.
2022-10-01 19:22
I hated 4 first episode of HOTD, liked the 5th and I think the show will be good LOTR is way better than what people say imo but not at HOTD level, there is just something different with the Game of Thrones aura, but I like watching LOTR
2022-10-01 18:48
Finland HYLYJE
I have only watched HOTD but what I hear that dialogue is much much better in HOTD than RoP
2022-10-01 18:51
Guatemala ChurchGuy
Just look at the ratings It's not even close, and for good reason
2022-10-01 18:52
neither watch something better.
2022-10-01 18:53
Only watched first 2 episodes of Rings of Power and it was shocking, hoping it gets better. HOTD is alright, they do try and add a lot of 'shocking' events but overall seemed better than RoP
2022-10-01 18:53
None of them, they're both adaptations of largely irrelevant secondary stories from franchises that are done. Watch Severance. Slow-burn mindfuck, far more cerebral and entertaining than "Oh god, what do we have that we can put on screen from LotR and GoT!?"
2022-10-01 18:55
HotD is decent, not good enough as S1-S4 of GoT and there are a lot of writing and casting mishaps, but the dialogues, costumes, acting and score are phenomenal. CGI is also meh
2022-10-01 19:00
ROP is actually like badly put together and written and it’s shocking how mid it looks for the money they put in. Hotd is a good show but they only have like one location so far. I seriously need this show to massively expand it takes place in Westeros. Why have I not seen any of the north? Casterly rock? Anything but another 40 minutes of kings landing.
2022-10-01 19:00
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honestly it's gonna have less places than GoT, though there's room to improve on the source material
2022-10-01 19:12
India RycerZ
You won't see many location as this story evolves around targaryens and the civil war which would follow. Maybe we will see more locations once the war start. Else you are pretty much stuck in Kings Landing and Dragonstone, where majority of this story happens. There isn't much politics from other region going on, because if you mess with Targaryens, you will get destroyed by dragons. And considered they have 4x the dragons since they came to westeros. No one wants to mess with them.
2022-10-01 19:37
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Yes but the show runners could still write stuff in. The whole point of the show is how they lose the dragons. Creative writers can find ways to remain faithful but make it more visually interesting. I will say this tho the kings landing sets are way better then the ones from GoT.
2022-10-01 20:30
both fucking suck dont watch any of them
2022-10-01 19:01
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HOT D is alright
2022-10-01 19:10
idk i havent watched ROP but it seems pretty shallow from what i've seen
2022-10-01 19:11
Germany Chrisers
People hating on Rings of Power just because it isnt Lore is so fkin stupid the show is actually good just a little to slow paced.. But people dont know they actually dont have the rights to use tolkiens books.. but people dont know cause they dont have info but hating on things. while amazon is doing the best they can with what they can use.. Just enjoy we can actually see shows and have streaming services to watch things instead of hating on them for trying to put something together they dont even have the full rights to
2022-10-01 19:12
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couldn't say better 100% truth . the show is getting better as expected .
2022-10-01 19:14
HOTD, it's good and it's going to be better since all the exposition is done and characters set up. Rings of Power has great visuals, this is the only aspect where you feel they put 1 billion into, but Galadriel is probably the weakest point of the series, and you know things are bad when your protagonist sucks.
2022-10-01 19:31
hotd is back to the good early season got quality
2022-10-01 19:30
India RycerZ
Rings of power is nowhere close to HOTD.
2022-10-01 19:33
Episode four is where the Rings of power really improves imo and makes it interesting. House of the dragon is just the same plotting and scheming so far. I like both but Rings of power is my favorite atm.
2022-10-01 19:52
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