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REZ awping
broky | 
Brazil Eternal_Goldnova 
I don't see how this is going to work. Lifelong rifler suddenly picking up the awp and needs to be at least a top 10 awper (when he was never a top 10 rifler in the first place) in order for his team to lift any trophy. Extremely unlikely it will happen but would be a great narrative.
2022-10-05 04:16
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Canada Zenrod
REZ never even made Top 20 players in his entire career.
2022-10-05 04:17
16 replies
I would say he was a top 20 rifler at one point but not a top 20 player
2022-10-05 04:19
11 replies
He wasnt even top 20 rifler
2022-10-05 08:41
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India Noobd1an
2022-10-05 10:39
6 replies
I can type even more than 20 better riflers than him so ez
2022-10-05 12:23
Poland moistu
frozen, Twistzz , NiKo , b1t , electroNic , Ax1Le , huNter- , rain , ropz , stavn , blameF , YEKINDAR , KSCERATO , Spinx , roeJ , FL1T , HObbit
2022-10-06 01:15
4 replies
naf elige qikert tabsen
2022-10-06 01:19
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Poland moistu
no, qikert is washed, he was good 2 years ago
2022-10-06 11:29
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so is rain and roej clown
2022-10-06 12:51
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Poland moistu
rain major MVP and roeJ and still performing versus top team in CPH and in Fnatic
2022-10-06 13:29
Australia Aquaaa
nah he definitely was, just very inconsistent
2022-10-06 01:10
2 replies
top 20 riffler for 1 game in 10?
2022-10-06 01:46
He is shit just recon with that
2022-10-06 08:55
Should've the year they won Oakland tbh
2022-10-05 04:21
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Canada Zenrod
Only started playing in NIP in July of that year.
2022-10-05 05:09
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Sweden Cveta
Yeah he would have gotten top 20 if he started earlier for sure
2022-10-05 08:35
Europe Zinn0
Should have been 2017
2022-10-05 10:37
He'll do better than es3tag, which is a low bar but eh. hampus, Brollan solid firepower. If REZ can deliver top 10 AWPer quality they could make playoffs. Maybe at some point they kick es3tag and get a real AWPer like nawwk back
2022-10-05 04:24
12 replies
they should put the goat on awp, he will be better than rez or es3tag
2022-10-05 05:01
nawwk Lmao
2022-10-05 08:17
4 replies
+1 facts, nawwk Last masterful AWPer on-deck
2022-10-05 08:18
3 replies
guess you forgot someone called device played for them
2022-10-05 08:33
2 replies
who is that?
2022-10-05 08:35
More like Device played them
2022-10-05 09:10
WolfY | 
Sweden hoey
yeah like nawwk would ever rejoin nip after they scammed him the last time lol
2022-10-05 08:36
3 replies
+1. NIP junior?
2022-10-05 08:37
2 replies
WolfY | 
Sweden hoey
2022-10-05 08:48
1 reply
junior >>>>>>> wolfy bot
2022-10-05 09:19
Sweden axelious
Just get Joel, Es3tag bench
2022-10-05 08:41
Sweden KennyKEX
They can make playoffs with out an good awper just check last major dude
2022-10-05 09:10
based | 
Sweden O7D
tbh it looked like he was improving but then switched to awp which es3tag looked better on. if es3tag doesn't do better next match and rez doesn't start improving in the next few matches, i feel like this might have been a bad decision and es3tag should've stayed on awp
2022-10-05 04:22
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based | 
Sweden O7D
although as it looks rn, rez better on awp than es3tag
2022-10-05 04:23
Anyone who has ever touched an Awp looks better than es3tag
2022-10-05 04:40
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based | 
Sweden O7D
my grandmother is unfortunately worse, she only knows how to lurk kitchen. she also doesn't buy and doesn't get usp/glock for some reason. only knife.
2022-10-05 04:41
3 replies
Well then it’s just cuz she’s never touched an Awp, I’m sure her > es3tag if she ever bought one.
2022-10-05 08:16
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based | 
Sweden O7D
i will call her and let her know that the next time i see her i will teach her how to buy awp and peek mid on inferno and mirage, ez top 1 player.
2022-10-05 08:18
1 reply
2022-10-05 08:34
Not saying REZ will be an elite awper but the guy has great first bullet accuracy and is fast which is helpful using the awp. Time will tell.
2022-10-05 04:27
2 replies
based | 
Sweden O7D
fast, good flicks. he is defo miles ahead of es3tag on these
2022-10-05 08:18
I was impressed with the close range awping he did on the ramp pushes. That is key to modern awping, it gives so much more versatility
2022-10-05 09:11
France Ansi
im pretty sure NiP already have a backup plan for the AWP situation. TBH you can only have respect for investing even MORE into their lineup after the dev1ce debacle, by signing AleksiB (and ofc prior to that, Brollan). And by taking in ALeksi, the signing of a non Swedish AWPer is also more realistic, so im expecting more amazing news from this org in the near future.
2022-10-05 04:33
Scotland Ludax
once they get the devve paycheck they can use the money to buy GOAT cerq when EG release him
2022-10-05 04:42
i put esetag as main awper in fantasy :(
2022-10-05 04:44
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Brazil Kly(u)
bruh 💀
2022-10-05 05:05
get an actual awper like mantuu and give star rifle roles to hampus if rez cant deliver as the star then switch him to lurk or support hampus star rifle brollan entry fragger rez support rifler mantuu awper alexsib igl
2022-10-05 05:00
4 replies
I don't see mantuu playing with Aleksib ever again
2022-10-05 08:21
1 reply
I also don't see mantuu playing in tier 1 ever again to be fair. He choked way too many big games and even if OG didn't say it out loud (to try sell him at a decent price) that is definetely a big reason he got benched even if it meant having to spend big bucks for degster.
2022-10-05 08:56
Or hades, he is not the best awp out there but way better than rez or es3tag
2022-10-05 09:06
1 reply
yea def is a option
2022-10-06 01:08
nip should have kept nawwk, he was easily warming up to be a good awper
2022-10-05 05:03
1 reply
well that's how much device fucked the players in the team. Next time hampus faces Astralis with device in the roster he's going to spit in his face (and not in the enjoyable way ;) ) nawwk wasn't great but he was okay. I mean this team spent this year playing with stand ins like phzy and desperation moves like es3tag AWPer, you could do worse than nawwk
2022-10-05 08:22
-rez +headtr1ck rez since 2017 and just getting worst
2022-10-05 05:07
-pric3tag +allu
2022-10-05 08:20
yeah true, even after the fact they did win against astralis im still not convinced. altho even if they could get an awp , who would it be
2022-10-05 08:27
Sweden muinimula
there are too many factors atm, new igl, new positiions, new weapon, new language i think we need to chill for a bit, it's going to get better
2022-10-05 08:38
NIP need to take a chill pill and let a lineup get comfortable and play loads of games together. This constant switching and tweaking/searching is just bad for them. I honestly have a good feeling about REZ awping but we'll see what happens!
2022-10-05 08:56
1 reply
2022-10-05 09:04
I think they will kick pric3tag after major and buy real awp player. Rez is better awp than es3tag and they really need at least ok sniper if they want to get major spot.
2022-10-05 08:58
Germany exdxit_
With him awping aleksi calling hampus not I literally could see this team loosing to tier2 teams
2022-10-05 09:00
If they speak eng anyways what is the point to not get some solid awper like mantuu or tryout some t2 star
2022-10-05 09:03
Sweden KennyKEX
Remember first match with this roster and they are talking english and he didnt get so many chances with the awp on ct side if we are going to be real
2022-10-05 09:11
Dude its been ONE map where they won anyways. Check their game against navi where he out awped s1mple. He def had potential
2022-10-05 09:37
Honestly Rez did okay, he obviously has the mechanics for it. It looked like they are starting pretty simple, at least on the CT-side. Rez didin´t do much. He basically played the vanilla awp positions, with the lobby push thrown in to the mix, but that was more Aleksib pushing and Rez holding the cleared corners. I was impressed with the close quarter awping of his. Time will tell how easy he is to counter strat, and does he/aleksib/coach have the creativity to use him efficiently.
2022-10-05 10:36
L.K.S | 
Saint Kitts and Nevis Xeeh
tbh a lot of the best awpers were just some of the best players in the game at the time who just happened to pick up the awp because their team needed it and nobody else was any better
2022-10-05 10:38
broky and device did that but ok
2022-10-05 10:42
France Guilsz_
This team is a clown fiesta and I’m pretty sure dev1ce is having a laugh while having a fat paycheck
2022-10-05 10:44
i think time to kick rez, reqruit joel . rez is so ambition man and huge ego
2022-10-05 10:48
Turkey Ch0p$1sh
2022-10-05 12:24
it's much easier to be an impactful AWPer than a proper rifler He will handle that with ease broky is fresh example
2022-10-06 01:10
jamppi to nip confirmed
2022-10-06 01:27
Quite frankly, i don't mind. REZ had 5 years to be a solid star rifler and never found footing, transitioning to awp and giving the star role to a more consistent rifler, hampus, is better and is another chance for him to try and shine. If it doesn't work, he either gets benched or goes for shitty positions.
2022-10-06 01:32
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