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s1mple and sdy
Perfecto | 
United States Burnak 
There’s gotta be something bigger happening outside the server. S1mple in the past with bot teammates never overreacts as much as he does now with sdy who isn’t even playing at an awful level. S1mple must be agitated with sdy for some reason outside cs
2022-11-26 01:38
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He flamed Perfecto vs FURIA too on Mirage, he doesn't respect any of his teammates except electronic lol he just doesn't care
2022-11-26 01:39
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well his trash team needs to wake up, that 1vs4 lost to nitro on short Mirage was the worst play from Navi I've ever seen
2022-11-26 01:45
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Yes, s1mple being toxic all the time will for sure help them wake up
2022-11-26 01:46
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sdy needs to be kicked regardless of toxicity in the team
2022-11-26 01:47
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2022-11-26 01:51
2022-11-27 16:49
2022-11-27 19:27
Then review the demos, do praccs, play with him giving ideas in how he needs to react... Getting mad inside the server will only help to keep doing more mistakes
2022-11-27 14:24
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he has been in the team for 6 months or so, u think they've never reviewed demos or practiced together? 🤡🤡🤡 he is just bot who can't learn it, he doesn't have much talent, he just grinded all of his ''skill'', it would take him so much time to get on simular level as the other navi members, just don't waste time of s1mple, electronic, b1t and goatfecto, they deserve someone better than sdybot
2022-11-27 19:33
This is still all just accusation, please dont say it like its facts when we dont know since there's no cameras showing such.
2022-11-26 03:27
HooXi | 
Sweden souI
sdy is the scapegoat i guess lole, he saved navis ass in mirage he isnt a bad player
2022-11-26 01:40
He's depressed and taking out his feelings on others.
2022-11-26 01:41
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Sweden Simpan410
+1 THIS and im not defending his behaviour at all
2022-11-26 03:00
damn, sweden + navi flair looks good af
2022-11-26 03:09
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The Swedish flag enhances everything really.
2022-11-27 12:24
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2022-11-27 15:07
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best name, but bad opinion, probably Danish.
2022-11-27 17:35
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I’m not danish and I’m happy with that.
2022-11-27 19:26
+1 I really like your flag design, clean and simple but at the same time stylish
2022-11-27 16:48
They had a verbal fight back in the days, he never enjoyed playing with sdy in FPL even before he joined
2022-11-26 01:43
kick sdy
2022-11-26 01:44
Chile esanchez47
being totally neutral, maybe s1mple is dealing with some stuff outside the game and isn't capable of handling it. Just maybe.
2022-11-26 01:46
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probably, pressure of the war and he did have to miss out first week of Blast groups due to "personal issues". Still no excuse to be toxic but it seems like everything is going wrong for him rn and every game he looks visably shook, ever since Brazil s1mple is shaking and agitated every game
2022-11-26 01:52
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Chile esanchez47
I mean i agree that that's no excuse, but at the end of the day, we are human beings after all and sometimes people just can't control those external matters, which leads into those reactions. Maybe there's work to do with the team's psychologist.
2022-11-26 02:23
Other Yabadabado
Pressure of war is not an excuse when sdy is going through the exact same thing
2022-11-26 22:06
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Yeah cus everyone reacts exactly the same way! Wake up.
2022-11-27 14:19
What is sdy family is already out of Ukraine, what if sdy family is safe underground, what if ......? Everybody has their own problems, right?
2022-11-27 14:32
i always felt Na'vi wasn't playing up to standard when the Ukraine/Russia war started. Totally understandable that Na'vi as a whole isn't performing well because of issues outside of the game.
2022-11-26 03:41
i agree. he is not necessarily mad at this teammates, maybe just life is tought for him at this moment and he's more emotional than before
2022-11-27 20:11
not surprised. s1mple has issues with many players. Even Jame mentioned s1mple saying norbert is trash, won't be surprised if s1mple thinks sdy is trash too.
2022-11-26 01:50
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Norbert is trash, yes. Idk how they won the major 🤣
2022-11-27 14:33
he is using him as a punching bag but worst part is sdy is ukranian too. they both suffering so you cant really use the war as an excuse for s1mple here. pretty much confirmed that sdy is out but s1mple needs to get his shit together no matter what happens next. even though sometimes he makes stupid mistakes he looks like a great person who is trying to do his best. i wish him the best for the rest of his career
2022-11-26 01:58
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>s1mple >Great person Choose one
2022-11-26 03:12
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i was talking about sdy there but its my bad
2022-11-26 19:50
P1mple great person 🤡🤡🤡
2022-11-26 03:16
What do you mean? They're both Ukrainian so it cancel out the issues the war is causing to their well-being? They're suffering in different ways. He's having his insides on the outside and he's probably rude to most people right now because he's mentally unstable. He looks depressed.
2022-11-26 20:03
Simple is a good player but one of the shitiest human being in the cs scene Always blaming his team
2022-11-26 02:58
he never changed, still toxic asf. so sad csgo has a goat with shitty personality.
2022-11-26 03:21
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the GOAT is humble and respectful ZYWOO the real GOAT he even playing with bots like apex and dupreh and never mald he just respect everyone s1mple just an overego B0T
2022-11-26 03:26
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in the future, zywoo will surely get the goat title, but rn it belongs to s1mple, sadly.
2022-11-26 03:28
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Sweden Madrigals1
Yes, currently s1mple has just way more achievements than Zywoo. This can change in future, because Zywoo is younger than s1mple and can make a way into great international teams like FaZe clan.
2022-11-26 22:04
He changed. He was always vocal and shit, but not like this.
2022-11-26 20:04
he is just a poor man
2022-11-26 03:32
Coach Blade is part of the problem with his statements/interviews where he kinda talks down on people aswell as coming across very arrogant. He creates and/or allows at least this toxic environment and possibly even contributes to it. I had great respect for him as an IGL back in the day who lacked individual level but could command a team of parts into something decent (top20-ish) and suprise with tactical ideas, but his showing as a coach/person lately are very disappointing. It will be hard for ANY player coming into this s1mple/Blade combo, because they are untouchable in their own minds, which they surely arent. Time is running up and there is no new NaVi era coming in these competitive times. Better learn to manage your expectations. The fall will be hard.
2022-11-26 03:35
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Latvia zegiz
Kind of worked in 2021. So, let the team fix lineup and it will be ok.
2022-11-26 19:58
15 replies
Way less competition back then plus hungry team/players in NaVi in search of that #1 spot and major win. Now they had that, completely different approach needed now to get back there.
2022-11-26 21:45
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Latvia zegiz
No, the same teams, same competition. Just NaVi WAY BETTER than anyone in terms of anything.
2022-11-27 12:16
Latvia zegiz
Gambit > C9 now G2 > now - actually a very good team Heroic = Heroic Vitality, actually, better, altough both 21/22 suck. Astralis 21 > 22 Two teams that are actually better are FaZe and Liquid. Rest is either the same or worse. Of course, in 2021 there wasnt FAZE FULL OF SUPERSTARS that they are now, but you cant compare 2022 FaZe with 2021 NaVi and STILL, NaVi with worse roster did more in 2021 than FaZe with SUPERSTAR ROSTER in 2022.
2022-11-27 12:21
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Both won Pro League (14/15), both won Cologne, both won a Major (Stockholm/Antwerp). FaZe won Katowice, NaVi won BLAST. In terms of competition Katowice > BLAST any day of the week. So I wouldnt say FaZe did more, but surely NaVi didnt do more aswell. Heroic with jabbi is better than with refrezh, but took some time to develop in 22. Astralis 21 was a joke, same in 22, both didnt win ANYTHING. Vitality & Gambit/C9 are kinda the same with dips in there. G2 is hardest to compare since all the changes, but surely 21 was better for them with 2nd in Major. Its quite comparable even tho I like the level of competition in 2022 way more than 2021 since its not like only couple of teams winning as you could see in major, level of competition as risen for sure.
2022-11-27 14:16
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Latvia zegiz
NaVi had only 3 finishes outside TOP2, and only 2 2nd places. Pure dominance. FaZe has 7 finishes outside TOP2, so make ur conclusions again. 2022 is just more random and the fact is that FaZe cant reach the level of dominance like NaVi did in 2021.
2022-11-27 16:46
7 replies
FaZe cant reach the dominance of NaVi in 2021, but neither can NaVi or any other team for that matter. Thats the whole point u seem not to get. The level of competition has risen. There wont be any dominance of FaZe or NaVi in 2023, it will probably be spread out way more.
2022-11-27 18:44
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Latvia zegiz
If Chokeigan is going to keep choking, then yes, then wont be.
2022-11-27 19:37
5 replies
Winning Major, Cologne & Katowice is far from choking. Its an achievement nobody else has done, NaVi included.
2022-11-27 19:57
4 replies
Latvia zegiz
What NaVi did in 2021 is an achievment nobody else has done. FaZe2022 included. Remember, they were so good, they did not lose a single map in major.
2022-11-27 20:02
3 replies
You shouldnt be blind for facts even as a NaVi fan. Otherwise there comes a point where people cant take it seriously anymore. Saying NaVi did sth. nobody else has done is kinda laughable or you really believe that NaVi "era" (hard to call it that since it was kinda short) was anywhere close to the dominance of astralis.
2022-11-27 20:08
2 replies
Latvia zegiz
You must be deluded FaZe clan fanboi to say anyone has done what NaVi did in 2021. No, there hasnt been such a year and yes, NaVi had an era. Major, Cologne, Pro League + Two BLAST FINALS, DreamHack, FALL FINALS, spring/Fall groups AND A GRANDSLAM. Find a me team who has done that. Yes, FaZe added Katowice, but NaVi didnt had a chance to add Katowice in 2021, as there was no tournament in Katowice in 2021.
2022-11-27 20:19
1 reply
astralis obviously did way more for longer period of time And no, Im no FaZe "fanboi", just debating some obvious facts. I think they only FaZe/NaVi fanboi between us is u bro. :D
2022-11-27 22:20
In what world isn't a NAVI with prime B1t, S1mple, elec and perfecto a SUPERSTAR team bro? Three players in the top10 of 2021 lol
2022-11-27 14:33
2 replies
Latvia zegiz
ropz, twizzt, broky > b1t, perfecto ropz, twizzt, broky, rain > perfecto ropz, twizzt, broky = electronic karrigan > boombi4 s1mple > all, of course kind of onesided
2022-11-27 16:47
1 reply
now yes, not neceserally in 2021
2022-11-27 17:06
because s1mple's past teammates at least had some merit going into the team. sdy was a known lurking bot and was solely put into navi as a UA quota hire.
2022-11-26 19:55
He's externalizing his general unhappiness. Sdy is just a convenient punching bag
2022-11-26 20:08
why u try to make moves in ur head, sdy even makes me mad when i watch him clutching.. he looks like someone who doesnt know what to do in certain moments and makes a lot of mistakes + add his inestable aiming, make s1 mad when he spectates him and s1 realized how bad sdy is. Maybe he was good teammate and stuff but he isnt a player for t1 team.
2022-11-26 20:14
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2022-11-26 21:47
Team synergy is none their gameplay looks so disoriented...navi was one of the best at trading kills which is gone now only multi kills gives them round win
2022-11-26 22:00
lack of real leader & organization, electronic sucks at it
2022-11-26 22:03
Sdy should just mute simple ingame and on ts
2022-11-27 12:27
Russia B0B0B
s1mple is just an a**hole, thats it
2022-11-27 12:29
in all his teams he was toxic af, only zeus put him back at his place.
2022-11-27 14:32
1 reply
Zeus would one slap him back to the future.
2022-11-27 14:38
North America NoReply
S1mple has to accept that hes old and starting to look washed, then he blames it on his teammates LOL
2022-11-27 14:34
S1mple in team = auto lose.
2022-11-27 14:36
Just remove the cancer and the patient can heal. In this case, get rid of Simple and get a new one, Simple past his prime anyway, its down hill from now except for maybe a few good runs.
2022-11-27 15:15
2 replies
Ukraine lancee
Unpopular opinion, but this is an actual solution
2022-11-27 20:04
In dont think you would cut out the heart cuz then the patient is dead and can't heal
2022-11-27 20:10
expected from toxic
2022-11-27 15:16
sdy can't play under s1mple pressure
2022-11-27 15:24
1. Yes, s1mple is toxic af and with the recent results of Navi he's reached his limit of being able to suppress that toxicity. 2. That's understandable, because with him on the team, every single tournament finish that is not a victory is a massive loss and underperformance. 3. He's still the best player, but he's coming near the moment when people gonna be able to question that because he ain't gonna post 1.3 avg rating all year long. That's why he wants players around him that can take off the load and help him win more big trophies soon, and sdy is currently sitting in one vacant spot that has the potential to make navi as dominant as they were in 2021 and bring s1mple more trophies.
2022-11-27 19:52
device | 
Turkey c0ir
people changes
2022-11-27 19:53
sdy plays like shit. I am okay in MM when people don't hit but I am not okay if they make dumb plays. Nothing can trigger me more. And now imagine how you feel as a guy that has probably the highest-rated game sense IQ in the world... It is just a gift that he doesn't rage all the time all those years.
2022-11-27 20:13
Why aren't you guys spending time on someone who you actually know or just yourself lmao?
2022-11-27 20:13
he has a beef with sdy and norbert when he played in fpl because they play with 000 iq he said it in stream
2022-11-27 20:15
No doubt that s1mple needs to control his toxicity, cause that will only ruin mood of other players. However, that still doesn't prevent the fact that sdy plays like a clueless bot 70% of the time and ever since high-contact positions were given to him, navi's performance only worsened. The team needs to replace sdy asap unfortuntely
2022-11-27 20:15
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