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Skins fir money
Romania Pala26 
Have any if u sell skins for money on any site? If yes, what site? I only sold some irl f2f but i would really like making this process easier, thanks
2022-11-27 22:55
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Skinport Skinbid
2022-11-27 22:56
4 replies
I forgot to mention real money, i hope u got that from my post, not just money in the account to use there
2022-11-27 23:14
3 replies
what other money would you sell for? monopoly money?
2022-11-27 23:16
1 reply
I meant that, dont sell for $ in account and use the money there, thanks anyway
2022-11-27 23:36
skinport and like all the other 3rd party sites offer payouts via bank transfer wdym
2022-11-27 23:19
I use skinport, easiest and not bad of a % cut they take
2022-11-27 22:56
3 replies
I forgot to mention real money, i hope u got that from my post, not just money in the account to use there
2022-11-27 23:15
2 replies
Yes you get your money in your bank card with skinport. there is so many people saying you this XD
2022-11-27 23:38
Yeah I guessed that, that's why I said it's not a bad % they take from the purchase
2022-11-28 00:37
s1mple | 
South America n!kk0
I use Buff Market (I'm from South America), to make an international transfer (to my bank account), the minimum amount to transfer is 50 dollars. You have the other method that is to create a digital account in Payoneer where the minimum amount is 10 dollars and then transfer it to your bank account.
2022-11-27 23:20
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crow | 
Indonesia ycrows
you have alipay / chinese bank account?
2022-11-28 10:38
1 reply
No friend, I use visa and payoneer where sales are made by the international version of Buff Market
2022-11-30 16:53
Finland Lindeni
Skinport and Skinbaron are the most reliable ones, Skinbid is also most likely good but I don't know what cut mr. zipeL takes on that site, but it's for sure trustworthy.
2022-11-27 23:20
skinbaron is nice if you're european.
2022-11-27 23:21
4 replies
kinda shit rates tbh
2022-11-27 23:39
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tuzov | 
Switzerland P_G
u know sites with better rates?
2022-11-27 23:57
1 reply
DMarket I think
2022-11-28 00:07
brother no dont be like that there are worse sites like csgoshop and bitskins hehe
2022-11-28 04:45
Ask ppl on the streets if they wanna buy ur skins and they might give u cash to hand
2022-11-27 23:21
csgofloat always and forever
2022-11-27 23:21
3 replies
is it easy to sell average skins on it? To me it always seemed like a specialist market that was good for interesting crafts and special floats (not only but mainly)
2022-11-27 23:41
2 replies
really just depends, there's no downside to putting them for sale on the site as u never know what kind of trade ups people might be doing or if they are color-coding their inventory. a lot of my cheaper skins ($5-$25) sell faster than things that are $300+
2022-11-28 05:01
1 reply
okok I see, nice
2022-11-28 10:53
Hungary szia
bitskins is the only site I have actually sold stuff on, so i can vouch that it is safe skinport is quite popular these days. csgofloat is nice because you get to keep your skins while theyre listed (you trade it directly to the buyer when it is bought instead of trading it to a marketplace bot)
2022-11-27 23:59
1 reply
dmarket is also good in terms of rates apparently
2022-11-28 00:16
why is no one talking about fast money w/o kyc or you know others sites?
2022-11-28 05:16
i sold it to some random sketchy site years ago i cant remember the name of it but i got the money
2022-11-28 05:16
Sweden pawn73
use 🤡
2022-11-28 05:45
United States Boarding
floatdb, but watch out for sharks they're like bacteria on that site
2022-11-28 05:50
The best option for someone without knowledge would be csgoempire and put those items on auction, you will get accurate cash price for your items for 0% fee with instant crypto withdraw
2022-11-28 10:44
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