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...definitely wasn't the problem. He was solid af for his roles. Brain dead move C9, my guess is that org demanded some changes due to poor results, but team itself didn't want it COPIUM
2022-12-03 21:00
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Good support but legit can't get frags .57 career kpr lol
2022-12-03 21:02
6 replies 0.56kpr when they were winning
2022-12-03 21:05
5 replies
That is called getting carried
2022-12-03 21:13
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Nepal askyee
not really, look at his dpr, basically for most of the time he didnt see anyone and if he saw one it was probably in like 1v3/4 or so
2022-12-03 22:00
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I said this in the past but its because his playsyle is similar to taco, tries to stay alive for backup so his teammates come to clean up. He doesnt take any initiative like aggro an area for info or opening kills, plays the same passive shit on ct, opponents know this and can find weaknesses. I was of course a fan win they were winning online but as they started losing I realize how interz was a fraud which i started noticing past few months. He's a slightly better version than taco. Except on t side he's more passive and rarely ever cleans up if his teammates aren't getting the kills. This is why his dpr is low and why his rating is better than he should be, he has had 3 insane players who carried many games despite losing. Anybody can throw nades not everyone can aim. I use to think he had insane aim but since he doesnt get kills its hard to argue even that now. There's absolutely no way in hell should he be in t1 with those stats. Which is why u may never see him in a good t1 t2 team again unless he gets very lucky like when liquid got taco.
2022-12-04 04:49
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Canada max26
+1 great analysis tbh
2022-12-04 06:23
Nepal askyee
No i mean I agree with the way he Plays he should be the first one to get kicked I only meant that you shouldnt only Look at some stats that most of the time wont tell you everything
2022-12-04 12:06
Romania Nickname90
who can replace him then?
2022-12-03 21:04
2 replies
i can
2022-12-03 21:05
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-interz +sh1ro_clutch_minister c9 wins next major
2022-12-04 06:00
Russia Senor_Savy
a bit disappointed but not the worst of decisions, it was either him or nafany since hobbit started to get his numbers up again and to replace an igl is always a more drastic change. i just hope they get patsi
2022-12-03 21:05
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Netherlands Datsun510
But with the Navi + Hobbit rumours, it would be a big hit for gambit
2022-12-03 21:07
1 reply
Dont think a nice guy like hobbit wants to play with s0mple ricky
2022-12-03 21:28
C9 is done for me looks like +- 1 year of paychecks stealing
2022-12-03 21:08
7 replies
bro their team cost 1mil, thats super cheap, and they played for gambit who pays less than the tier 1 orgs in cs they are the opposite of paycheck stealers
2022-12-04 05:20
6 replies
haha I remember nafany almost crying because of 50k rubles donation on his stream. (700$ at that point), AFTER WINNING 1M$ KATOWICE AND ALL OTHER T1 TOURNAMENTS OF THE YEAR.
2022-12-04 07:12
5 replies
He maybe cries cuz of the action not the money
2022-12-04 07:17
4 replies
well, it looked like he was too excited (even informing all of his teammates, manager and friends in lobby) after winning like all t1 tournaments of the half year)
2022-12-04 07:34
3 replies
They just won 3 tier 1 events in online era
2022-12-04 07:37
2 replies
2022-12-04 07:41
1 reply
Yeh jist 3 Katlwice Blast Summer The others are tier 2 3 4
2022-12-04 08:00
Aim-wise him and nafany were the worst on the team, and sometimes that guy seems like he just doesn't belong in tier 1. He also played like crap at the major so that's one of the reasons why he's getting benched. He is very overrated imo, there are better aimers who can play lurk and B anchors than interz and C9 realized that
2022-12-03 21:15
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nafany aint that bad lol guy's a monster entry he just doesn't frag much
2022-12-03 21:17
2 replies
He's not as bad as hooxi, karrigan and pre-major dexter but he's deffinitely one of the worst fragging igl's.
2022-12-03 21:21
1 reply
do you watch only half his games
2022-12-06 18:46
interz played good if u consider his role, they should kick nafany and brin bombla
2022-12-03 21:21
Poland ARTEScs
What happened to him?
2022-12-03 21:15
5 replies
Finland aleksiii
Benched from c9
2022-12-03 21:18
4 replies
Poland ARTEScs
2022-12-03 21:32
3 replies
Finland aleksiii
2022-12-03 21:39
2 replies
Poland ARTEScs
Noo rip one of the best cheap players for fantasy...
2022-12-03 22:10
1 reply
used him every single time :(((
2022-12-04 04:44
Russia pix3w
2022-12-03 21:20
i completely disagree with this move but then +buster
2022-12-03 21:20
make sense, i feel bad for him, that was my fear since c9 signed them
2022-12-03 21:35
I feel like C9 needed a stylistic change in gameplay. When they were coming up in the ranks quickly as Gambit Youngsters I feel the utility and execs were much cleaner than now where they just have Ax1le or Sh1ro get an opening if not they're screwed. It could have been changed with 1nterz but I don't hate the move.
2022-12-03 21:39
interz isnt the problem, its nafany or hobbit nafany's calls are questionable and he is only saved by that if he frags which he does more than the average igl but he is an igl and that is not sustaiable hobbit has been up and down this year, no where near as consnstent as last year, wihtout his impact cloud9 is not as consistent ax1le and sh1ro are fine, theyt are the best duo in the world rn
2022-12-04 05:21
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ZywOo | 
France Alyta
Goat duo*
2022-12-04 06:26
Nafany is saved by severe lack of T1 IGLs. I guess they will move him or Hobbit to support role and get another star rifler like -sanji +fl1t move
2022-12-04 11:36
Nepal Ekadeshcs
I have to defend my boy interz. He was so consistent in my fantasy.
2022-12-04 05:39
India Tanmay11
wait what? when was he benched?
2022-12-04 05:49
I messaged him on VK a few hours ago, he just responded and said "blyat comerade"
2022-12-04 05:56
Russia AliasNamer
dumb move to be honest
2022-12-04 06:01
Other norb4ki
Sad for him. I hope he find his place somewhere else. On of the best fantasy picks :(
2022-12-04 06:38
BzOo | 
France JBzOo
Fuck c9 interz best support ever
2022-12-04 06:39
They have shiro hobbit and Axile and they still cant consistently win tournaments and even be close... Definitely someone has to go... After so long together someone had to be replaced...
2022-12-04 06:54
Kazakhstan shakeszka
so sad for interz but if they get buster everything is gonna be nice
2022-12-04 06:54
Albania tanzania89
just fucking go get magixx
2022-12-04 08:18
United States r0l4nd_
better move would have been -nafany +boom
2022-12-04 08:26
India Tanmay11
-sdy +interz
2022-12-04 08:27
Wait what happened
2022-12-04 08:32
Sweden Goddock
2022-12-04 12:18
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