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What happend to inters why is everyone talking about him
2022-12-03 21:18
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he got benched
2022-12-03 21:18
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Who is his guy wouldn’t cloud9 announce it themselves
2022-12-03 21:25
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he's the main russian insider I haven't seen him be wrong since he said that gambit are selling their roster back in april
2022-12-03 21:26
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Goodbye cloud9 then I hope they are fake though and hope if get replace him they don’t get magixx
2022-12-03 21:27
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forester extremely likely
2022-12-03 21:28
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It’s not like c9 were bad this year multiple playoffs and a event won so maybe he’s wrong I hope
2022-12-03 21:29
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but they're expected to be era-makers with arguably the 1st and (in his peak) 2nd best player in the world, or at least the best rifler in the world
2022-12-03 21:31
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Not really they just want to make playoffs is the orgs and groove expectations not era makers
2022-12-03 21:35
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they were 100% expected to win events with this roster that's even what groove said coming into the major
2022-12-03 21:39
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Well they did
2022-12-03 21:43
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2022-12-03 21:59
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Am I wrong
2022-12-03 22:00
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2022-12-03 22:30
You are delusional as fuck or just fulfilling your profiles name. He is talking about tier 1 events S- Tier events in which they disappointed
2022-12-04 00:32
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Bro lmaoo why are you so mad yes they bombed out cologne and the major
2022-12-04 08:53
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I know they are way worse this year but not era makers yes they did not win as many events this because they were choking happy now it’s not like they didn’t win an event they won 2 (when they were gambit) so yeah they should have won epl imo happy now
2022-12-04 09:04
lol nah overdrive half the time is wrong. i wouldn't trust this until dexerto or another actual reputable journalist site reports it
2022-12-03 21:27
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he is definitely NOT wrong most of the time
2022-12-03 21:28
Yugoslavia kingcys
Overdrive is nearly ALWAYS right, it just takes a while for the orgs to actually announce the move
2022-12-03 21:30
2022-12-03 22:08
0/8 he is virtually 100% correct when its official posts in vk/twitter, he only has wrong "leaks" when he posts rumours in his telegram
2022-12-04 02:36
Overdrive more believeable than Dexerto bro
2022-12-04 09:12
2022-12-03 21:38
sh1ro | 
Other Paami
I just start to hate Jack again.
2022-12-03 21:20
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i bet Jack has nothing to do with it. groove and f1n are making roster decisions
2022-12-03 21:44
is that means hobbit to c9?
2022-12-03 21:20
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Russia 1_vs_9
wake up, he is in the C9's lineup
2022-12-03 21:33
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2022-12-03 22:01
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Russia 1_vs_9
2022-12-03 22:05
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2022-12-03 22:07
So that’s the real roster change I see
2022-12-03 22:13
omg how do I not see this coming? this would fix the main problem of the team imo
2022-12-04 09:22
Hope they don’t change because they might become new virtus pro when they changed lineups multiple times this roster has been here for around 3 years it would ruin it
2022-12-03 21:40
i mean if it was grove decision it probably gonna be good , hes a really good coach tought
2022-12-03 21:57
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Hope it’s not real honestly I love gambit would hate to see changes
2022-12-03 21:58
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me2 , theyve been together since a long time & worked hard to become this good
2022-12-03 21:59
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2022-12-03 21:59
The biggest c9s issue was lack of opening kills and thats why i think they will move nafany, who just isnt good enough as ana entry, to support and sign some aggressive player. Magixx, patsi, mir come to my mind but theres more obviously.
2022-12-04 00:53
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Mir is kinda old Patsi better decision imo
2022-12-04 09:33
Nafany is good when he wants to be, you can see his mimics and posture change as well as reactions. It very much looks like a mental block for him but he's a kid and they have a mental coach so I wouldn't be so hasty to get rid of him. At times it looks like he worries too much, maybe overthinks or it's just pressure, but when that's off his shoulders he's very good.
2022-12-04 09:37
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Doesnt change anything. If c9 keep nafany as an entry and just sign another support they will be dumb. Interz is basically a nade thrower, its not his fault the rest of the team struggles with openings. Hes supposed to have low impact
2022-12-04 10:29
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yea I agree that would be rough, tho Nafany is an IGL and that makes that change rough.
2022-12-04 10:38
You are correct regarding lack of proper entry. Interz is good as support, sad to see him go. But if they do a move similar to -sanji +fl1t and move roles, it can work. They need some young insane aimer like Patsi or fame, please no mir or sdy.
2022-12-04 11:20
why would they kick the best support? Unless Hobbit takes passive roles, it doesn't makes sense... imagine NAVi kicking Perfecto The only roster change with sense would be -Hobbit +Patsi/Forester/magixx
2022-12-04 02:29
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Patsi is good replacement for hobbit as he is a good entry after Nafany but hope not magixx idk something about him looks off
2022-12-04 09:14
Hobbit was top 6 player last year? With everyone praising him that he rarely makes mistakes. Hobbit is a mid round caller alongside sh1ro so I doubt he's up for debate, would be a very bad move to kick the wise guy out of the squad. Only reason for -hobbit could be that his family won't move with him and he misses them, then I can see him throwing away a C9 dream and going for something closer to home.
2022-12-04 09:39
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Isn’t he in Serbia now also in breaks I think he always goes back to kazakh
2022-12-04 09:51
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yeah, but being away from the kids is hard on people and some can't do it. Wouldn't blame him,
2022-12-04 10:25
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Yeah he prob see his daughter more because gambit being invited to way less events
2022-12-04 10:26
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gambit house was also way closer to his home
2022-12-04 11:00
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He usually wasn’t there unless boot camp most of gambit vlogs he wasn’t there I think sh1ro and interz lived in the same place and Nafany and ax1le were there most of the time so it was closer to all of them
2022-12-04 11:07
outsiders did kick sanji though :/
2022-12-04 10:00
2 replies
Cuz sanji was playing very abad and fl1t was a very good support in forze when they were good
2022-12-04 10:13
I feel bad for SANJI, but time has proven VP/Outsiders made the right choice. I'm afraid if he is not signing for the likes of forze/k23, he is not going to play in this Major cicle, unfortunately :S At least he is a memelord
2022-12-04 11:11
If things outside the roster don't force the change, I think changing ANYTHING within C9 would be super dumb. They are so good together.
2022-12-04 09:42
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2022-12-04 09:50
2022-12-04 09:58
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