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G2 k0nfig
broky | 
Poland SokolToZiomal 
-jks +k0nfig k0nfig to entry hunter to lurk :)
2022-12-14 18:12
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Poland moistu
good fix
2022-12-14 18:13
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Denmark 12inchNRG
fix for what? they're completely different players..
2022-12-14 19:33
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no shit,,. that's why he put the third line. hunter used to lurk before jks joined so it's just reversing that role swap.
2022-12-14 21:38
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Denmark 12inchNRG
yes but on CT there is no anchor player now if they bring in k0nfig, sure they can just throw HooXi there and hope he can hold a site on his own. Everyone here shits on jks but they lack any real understanding of the game beyond click heads. G2 had terrible CT sides with jackz as the anchor, now they're significantly improved. But now they miss jackz aggression on T side. So you take away the CT anchor without a replacement and you're back to the same place as they were in for 2021 with an improved T entry, and a worse IGL. k0nfig makes sense, as a replacement for what Hooxi is trying to do on T side, but then they need hunter to try his hand at IGL if they remove hooxi, that's really the only move that makes sense right now, every other IGL was a failure since nexa left. role wise, k0nfig, niko, hunter (igl), m0nesy and jks makes far more sense than hunter, hooxi, k0nfig, niko, m0nesy.
2022-12-14 21:45
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Netherlands arTvamp
niko for igl then.
2022-12-14 22:04
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2022-12-17 12:32
Antigua and Barbuda qezar
first time I see someone on this site analyze player playstyles, consider different role options etc. 98% people here are like: he has better rating 2.0 = he is better than the player who has a lower rating 2.0, replace them!
2022-12-14 22:06
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wtf, when has hunter ever been an igl?
2022-12-15 06:23
Twistzz | 
Argentina utu
people can play other roles. it's not like when you go from lurker to entry fragger you have to use new weapons and learn new spray patterns. it's dumb to expect someone to be amazing immediately at a new role or a new map but acting like a lurker has to stay a lurker or a support player has to stay a support is pretty dumb. I will say you want to limit the decision making responsibilities of low IQ players and not have too many of them if any on your team. as for players being too aggressive or too passive and their "playstyle" not working, that's on the coach.. what the hell is he doing if he can't tell a player on the team to play in a manner that will benefit the team more. that is literally how coaching in every other sport works.. why can't esport athletes change their playstyle? too hard to not bait teammates? the only roles that aren't that interchangeable are IGLs and awpers. IGL because that actually requires a brain and awper because that is actually a different weapon.
2022-12-15 06:25
yawn didn't ask for this essay, just called out what you said.
2022-12-14 22:09
India BAXI
Jks overated trash
2022-12-15 05:21
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nah, good anchor, mediocre lurk hunter is kind meh (idk what his role is)
2022-12-16 13:59
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India BAXI
Hunter as lurk>>>>>
2022-12-17 01:31
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but hunter said he hates being a lurker
2022-12-17 11:49
Australia flynnly
this guy knows, kassad enjoyer
2022-12-15 05:57
Respect for the analysis +1
2022-12-16 09:30
Bullshit, G2 was very CT sided with aleksib Check all the maps and realize that.
2022-12-17 01:53
as a g2 fan, they sux
2022-12-14 18:13
should have been Yekindar but G2 are dumb
2022-12-14 18:13
2 replies
he didnt want g2
2022-12-14 19:32
Tbf yekindar and niko will clash roles and honestly ppl like to hate liquid, but naf and elige is a strong core.
2022-12-15 05:51
actually a good fix, even though k0nfig is inconsistent i doubt it would be an issue in G2
2022-12-14 18:14
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let's replace support player with star that needs resources xDDD role clashes on ct with niko/hunter and you let go your stable big site anchor oh and you still have hooxi on the team .. GREAT FIX MEN ))
2022-12-14 19:34
7 replies
as if hooxi/k0nfig cant take jks' anchor roles on CT
2022-12-14 19:37
4 replies
k0nfig plays rotator (same as niko/hunter) and hooxi is a liability small sites you really want him to play big sites? lmao jks ain't the problem anyway, u want to replace support player because star players aren't performing xDDD if anything ... -hooxi +k0nfig makes more sense since hunter/niko can igl
2022-12-14 20:12
3 replies
Didnt BlameF play rotator on ct?
2022-12-14 21:29
2 replies
yeah? mirage for example, k0nfig played short, blamef con
2022-12-14 21:33
1 reply
Hm true i guess I misremembered
2022-12-16 09:26
Dont even try, look at the flag
2022-12-14 22:11
2022-12-15 00:25
road to worst locker room atmosphere in esports history
2022-12-14 18:14
6 replies
he would smash niko 1v1 tho
2022-12-14 18:15
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-ankle again :(
2022-12-15 06:19
Germany tilted_up
i doubt it
2022-12-17 03:06
Europe dg6
2022-12-14 18:15
-hooxi +stewie2k -m0nesy +smooya forfeit every game due to fist fights breaking out on stage
2022-12-14 18:26
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United States neckdagod
that would require them to even reach a stage
2022-12-15 06:16
Freya | 
Denmark rolade
too much inconsistency hunter is insanely inconsistent NiKo is inconsistent Hooxi is terrible k0nfig is also inconsistent overall they are inconsistent
2022-12-14 18:16
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Brazil noytt
m0nesy is inconsistent too
2022-12-14 18:40
1 reply
not as much, but sure
2022-12-14 21:04
shit talk, only jks was inconsistent and players can have bad games, but Hunter is underrated and most consistent in G2 this year.
2022-12-17 02:21
5 replies
Sounds like someone is offended by the truth
2022-12-17 12:23
4 replies
nah, he proved it again
2022-12-17 20:45
3 replies
Hunter very good and consistent. Glad to see he and jks sorting out roles and both playing well!
2022-12-17 20:58
2022-12-17 22:13
1 reply
no way you just showed me that and asked that question. If you baiting its understandable, if not, I'm sorry to say but, you are stupid - HLTV CONFIRMED! btw -
2022-12-18 02:18
lowkey great fix... jks has been trash
2022-12-14 18:16
2 replies
best player today or maybe 2nd to niko
2022-12-14 19:29
Denmark 12inchNRG
Great fix for what exactly, k0nfig is not a support/site anchor so what exactly is being fixed? Americans really have no clue.
2022-12-14 21:48
should just -hooxi +k0nfig and go just full faceit 5 stack without igl
2022-12-14 18:17
Turkey bizonSX
-mistr +k0nfig
2022-12-14 18:18
Xizt | 
United Kingdom Gh9st
g2 need a better igl
2022-12-14 18:20
1 reply
thats also the point
2022-12-14 18:33
-hooxi hunter igl
2022-12-14 18:31
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2022-12-14 18:43
K0nfig cant entry, you could see in Astralis, he is too weak mentally for it. Great trader tho, so if hooxi starts playing full bitch mode as he should it can work well
2022-12-14 18:38
come on don t do my boy k0nfig like this
2022-12-14 18:39
disband or sell ur players then disband
2022-12-14 18:44
Poland bigmilk01
no way brother
2022-12-14 18:45
at this point either they win a trophy or they disband
2022-12-14 18:48
imagine thinking jks is the issue l0l fucking dweeb ... if anything -hooxi +k0nfig let hunter/niko igl
2022-12-14 19:29
Denmark 12inchNRG
k0nfig isn't an anchor.. replacement makes no sense. k0nfig is a good replacement for HooXi if hunter is going to IGL, but k0nfig for jks makes zero sense.
2022-12-14 19:31
honestly k0nfig replacing HooXi and having NiKo call might actually work. k0nfig previously bought into a system with the leader (blameF) getting the preferable calls, and NiKo can definitely pull off the same thing, except this team has more dynamic players to kick off rounds. and it's not even a shot at HooXi who is a fully capable IGL, it's just this combination of players might be able to make it work with more even kills across the board
2022-12-14 19:35
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Iceland Voidsphere
stopped reading after "having NiKo call". Hilariously dumb take.
2022-12-14 19:35
Finland KieZuZ
I dont know about that but have not seen DELUSIONAL_JKS_FAN for a while have we?
2022-12-14 19:36
1 reply
he blew his brains out
2022-12-15 06:39
Israel akimjolyan
-jks + any player who had 1 good tour
2022-12-14 19:37
we actually need hooxi gone asap i was a hooxi supporter for memes but i cannot see niko sad anymore but konfig for jks sounds good
2022-12-14 22:24
not bad, u can also remove hooxi and put hunter to igl and try that, but k0nfig would have to play full selfless and make space imagine k0nfig and niko duo if both played insane, unstoppable
2022-12-15 00:22
Hooxi is not great individually but I think it's crazy to change IGL and coach then expect trophies in 3 months, yes their T sides are hot garbage but the pressure on them to fix it on every map instantly is unrealistic, that shit takes time to iron out.
2022-12-15 01:34
-hooxi +konfig better and play without igl
2022-12-15 02:34
India Faze0089
-hooxi +Konfig Hunter IGL Jks get better or get kicked Kassad Coach.
2022-12-15 05:23
Pakistan yuhflowyuh
+k0nfig -hooxi niko to igl
2022-12-15 05:46
Let's kick jks. He makes hunter and niko overpeeking all the time. Hooxi is making niko play badly like aleksib did. Kovacs are safe in this pug team.
2022-12-15 05:55
6 replies
Hooxi sacrifice hinself for niko jks is bad support
2022-12-15 06:05
Niko is willingly playing an entry role and for a good reason - no other entry ever got anywhere remotely close to the level of impact and consistency that Niko has while making that space. Anyone saying that Niko should bait more does not understand impact and just sees raw stats without any context.
2022-12-16 09:37
4 replies
Im not saying that he is selfish. He is taking bad decision. He is not always playing the number advantage and textbook cs. This team is a big pug. The teamwork is not there at all.
2022-12-16 13:25
3 replies
May look like it sometimes, but when you listen to his calls when he does those things - he sees an opening for a win. He does not do shit for shits and giggles - he does it when he sees an opening. And I give my upmost respect to players who are not afraid of doing seemingly stupid stuff when opportunity calls for it. Niko certainly has a skillset to get away with doing stupid. So in my eyes that's different, but what I say is only applicable to players who are the best in the field. Does not matter if it's CSGO, football, snooker or whatever - best players think outside the box. Which to those mere mortals seems like a stupid thing. In his eyes, standing A palace mirage with a deagle and holding jungle knowing damn well there's an awp there who is about to peek him is something Niko will do. Because to him - that's a 50-50 duel. While for mere mortals that's not something you win much or at all - for him I have 0 complaints about it. For almost anyone else I'd call it a bad move. So scales are different, Niko understand what opponents do and tries to break their timings. It's a big part that makes him so impactful - he does not let you do your own thing. As for team play, in my eyes G2 is growing to become a Furia kind of team, European Furia if you like. Which is fun to watch, but there's method to the madness and if we give them a year to gel together there will be way more team play.
2022-12-16 13:36
2 replies
It was a bad move man. You're 4 v 3 you're playing in a site and you don't waif for smokes/flashes etc. Sorry but the narrative is silly. The guy is trying to outsmart his opponents while he is getting smash most of the time. And furia is way way more organized than g2. Cmon, furia is playing with timing while g2 try to play the trade game but their spacing is horrible most of the time. Hooxi too far in front.
2022-12-16 13:54
1 reply
G2 did not have as much time as furia did, people seem to ignore the recency and the weight of changes. As for a narrative you disagree on, well, I disagree with you.
2022-12-16 14:36
jks can stay, -huNter and get a good support player this team will be top 5 ez
2022-12-15 06:27
1 reply
Wtf, hunter is arguably their best player.
2022-12-17 21:00
Italy ksyingo
panos jks
2022-12-15 06:27
- Hooxi + FalleN - jks + konfig
2022-12-15 06:31
Bermuda Nalax
-hooxi +siuuuuuuuhy
2022-12-15 06:41
anything but G2.. I hope Astralis reconsiders and gets him back
2022-12-16 09:28
Might work, but a dedicated support would also be good. I'd like to see them buy Frozen out of MOUZ. K0nfig is honestly a decent idea, and he would probably get along well with NiKo. But we have to see how they do now, maybe XTQZZZ was the problem, hahah.
2022-12-16 09:31
Czech Republic czRamtin03
+sexa+godmanek+jackz Ez fix
2022-12-16 09:36
I'm a fan of konfig but he and jks don't have same roles. You'd have to hendicap niko and Hunter to make it work. Only way it would make sence is to kick your IGL and give the title to Niko Konfig or Hunter since they would be the most vocal on the team and both Hunter and Konfig have been secondary callers and NiKo played IGL but them you would remove firepower (by kicking Hooxi Ironically) since you have one of those guys focusing on the IGL role. Bottom line is that I don't think kicking your anchor for a lurk/agro player is a good idea when you have Hunter Who can lurk and niko Who can switch from entry to the lurk on T side depending on the situation. G2 is really stacked their real issue is the mental game and situational calling and awernes. They get into their head too much. I'd say that kicking 2 players Last time was a mistake and they should have went down the road of kicking Jackz and leaving Aleksi(since he's a natural entry) and getting a better mental coach
2022-12-16 09:44
1 reply
They should have kept aleksi for sure
2022-12-17 03:11
People need to understand that players won't have good rating because theres niko and m0nesy, you have to dominate the scene and win 90% of teh matches in order to make every player look good
2022-12-16 09:54
Germany esstrex
-hooxie -jks +siuhy +staehr
2022-12-16 10:05
-trash +trash
2022-12-17 01:35
why would they fix when currently winning blast major... how about fix your brain before posting
2022-12-17 01:39
shit call. jks playing well and G2's issue is not with's with hooxi going 1-15 every 2nd game. Nevertheless, they are in the semi finals, so calling for a change when they are winning is braindead
2022-12-17 02:14
G2 just beat Vitality to make the semi final of a million dollar tournament, with Jks being the 2nd best player in the server. But yeah swap him out for Konfig who's an incredibly inconsistent "star" rifler and has not won a thing, team wise or individually. Not even going to go into roles and other things that matter.. Fuck me lol There's a reason you're on forums suggesting brain dead swaps instead of managing an org roster.
2022-12-17 02:29
1 reply
2022-12-17 11:54
Love how all the aussies came out of the woodworks as soon as jks had a good game lol
2022-12-17 03:00
Norway BijeaN
awful ideaa cuz konfig is TRASH. jks 10x better
2022-12-17 03:22
If you think just in-game, that's a good fix. I think it would look better if you entered k0nfig and added m0nesy and niko to the entry pack behind it, and styled it like g2 did in 2021. Hunter could go back to his comfortable position and be more consistent and have support be hooxi, who doesn't earn flags, and it would be perfect!
2022-12-17 03:41
Hunter specifically said he wanted to be out of the lurker position
2022-12-17 12:36
XXXTQZZZ said hunter didn't want to lurk anymore & it's not an optimal role for him. Just let G2 play more man
2022-12-17 13:09
2 replies
The funny thing is that hunter has the exact same t side rating before and after the roster change. Adding K0nfig just to move hunters roles would fix nothing for him individually on T side and create a massive role clash on CT as they overlap at almost every role
2022-12-17 21:01
1 reply
Somebody with some braincells for once, I agree +1 Crazy how every HLTV armchair analyst want a revolving door of changes when all this team needs is just more tournament experience together. Their results today showed that.
2022-12-17 21:47
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