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Largest Armies in history
kennyS | 
Turkey DelusionalFurry how tf is it even possible to mobilize 11 million people
2022-12-19 03:50
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Just tell them you're gonna kill them if they don't go to the army
2022-12-19 03:53
britishers had a bigger army than mentioned i believe, they had people from their colonies fighting for them
2022-12-19 04:03
the ultimate rush b
2022-12-19 04:06
yeahh lets goo india 🔥🔥
2022-12-19 04:11
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rajahstan belongs to pakistan
2022-12-19 04:21
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for sure, a place called rajahstan probably belongs to pakistan
2022-12-19 04:23
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jk nice fight back against powerful sunni. Suni only converted 400 million indians and pagan Hindu 1 billion still 💪💪
2022-12-19 04:26
haha nice
2022-12-19 04:18
usa had 12 million at some point wonder if everyone even had guns or just something like sabers
2022-12-19 04:37
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usa had terrific logistics during ww2, was able to move and deploy forces efficiently than their allies and axis counterparts
2022-12-21 01:29
A lot of them weren't infantry. But all the infantry had guns in ww2. For sure.
2022-12-21 01:33
Brazil should cut that size at half... no bad neighbor, no enemies I dont even know what our armed forces are for, they don't do anything
2022-12-19 04:52
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fake | 
Finland EffP
They should tear up favelas
2022-12-19 04:59
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I think the UN and politicians would go crazy if it was their job Many people here believe that violence is not the way to solve the problem within the favelas, and it's kinda true, entering favelas and killing everyone who's armed is not going to solve the problems
2022-12-19 05:13
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fake | 
Finland EffP
Its easier than actually trying to get them to do something useful for society
2022-12-19 05:08
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I agree. What they need is a government to come in for 1 term, and take all the blame as they rid the favelas of the excrement. They won't get voted back in as everyone will feel sorry for the "poor" buggers that perished; but in the long term everyone wins and everyone can stay self-righteous.
2022-12-21 01:46
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fake | 
Finland EffP
Needs to happen, right thing for the country but not for themselves
2022-12-21 11:31
Europe kuu1
You might need them to defend from Portugal as they might reclaim their colonies in the future.
2022-12-19 05:02
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2022-12-21 00:16
average paradox games player thoughts
2022-12-21 01:32
Argentina cheapdeed
one piece
2022-12-21 00:18
Turkey always in the top10
2022-12-21 00:26
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Neo ottoman empire by 2043
2022-12-21 00:26
turkey strong 💪💪💪
2022-12-21 01:32
USA goes brrrr in WW2
2022-12-21 01:17
You can kind of forgive the US for being paranoid the second half of the twentieth century. Look how big those red lines were compared to the west.
2022-12-21 01:33
USA and USSR had 11-12 million at the end of WW2 while USA was focused on two theatres USSR Had only one focus
2022-12-21 01:36
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Not entirely true, they had at the start of the war the winter war in Finland and the last few months against the Japanese. Also you must take into consideration that the Eastern front was over 20 times larger than the Western Front.
2022-12-21 01:57
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They had the same amount at the end of WW2 (11-12mln) for a fact that both were rivals and yes everybody knows that Eastern front was larger than west.
2022-12-21 01:59
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You'd be surprised at how few in the West know the size of the battles fought on the Eastern front. Due to films and education many get the impression that the main brunt of WW2 was fought on the shores of France.
2022-12-21 02:05
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yeah but at the same time the ww2 could ve been played out differently. But now we know the mistakes we did and see past them.
2022-12-21 02:08
Americans were a lot easier to transport back then, 11 million Americans back then is about 2 million Americans in todays mass.
2022-12-21 01:36
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nah in WW2 USA endebted themselves like no one else xD and then they profited of recovering countries
2022-12-21 01:38
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Well no they made most of their money during the war by extorting gold from countries involved in the war, and then also benefitted from not having been destroyed by the war and by nuking japan that was undermining the US's economy by doing basically what China does today. Capitalism at it's truest really but still better than the alternative which is just, I take stuff, you face wall as Dimitri puts seven rounds from his ppsh into your skull.
2022-12-21 01:40
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Nah there wasn't so much gold and Nazi's literally have hidden their gold in some weird ways either in personal secret places or switzer banks. Japanese didn't have so much gold even in the Asian theatre
2022-12-21 01:42
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There was in the UK... lol but that was further decimated again when we foolishly let labour control our government in the most recent times when we got into yet another war, this time started by the US against an innocent country.
2022-12-21 01:42
Said countries didn't have to take the money and material. Should we have given it for free? Not sure what people expect when they say things like this.
2022-12-21 01:43
5 replies
I'm not blaming US here bruh. I just have stated a quite known fact that US had used their power to expand it and build it further.
2022-12-21 01:45
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It's not exactly using their power to expand. They lent out bullets and trucks and airplanes. The brits just got done paying in 2020. No one would have done it for free though. The US could have just left the allies to their fates and traded with whomever was left.
2022-12-21 01:49
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I do know about that lend lease and everyone knows that was needed i was mostly talking about post-war recovery though.
2022-12-21 01:52
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True. They were also the only large power left where everything wasn't destroyed. I would say though in hindsight that the rebuilding of Germany and Japan was extremely beneficial to both countries. Really they got off better then a lot of the winners.
2022-12-21 01:58
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Yes and the Dollar as a currency soured to the skies. After the Second World War it was absolutely honor to literally work in USA at that time.
2022-12-21 02:02
surely after a certain point bigger number becomes a disadvantage
2022-12-21 01:50
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if you do get 30-50mln sure
2022-12-21 01:53
I'm still wondering why Soviet Union didn't decrease its army to get money & people for "Perestroika" Maybe it was the reason why Perestroika failed
2022-12-21 02:00
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The reason perestroika failed wasn't because of the army but because it was started too late. However the reason why army was still standing is because rebelious SSRS
2022-12-21 02:06
chinese history be like "Emperor Wu Liang Xo seized the throne 30 million people died"
2022-12-21 02:00
1 reply
Emperor of the people Mao took the throne 70-80mln people died
2022-12-21 02:07
Scotland Ludax
Russia been fighting people nonstop for like 500 years they gotta relax man
2022-12-21 02:12
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