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Can NIKO get the number 1 this year
GuardiaN | 
United Kingdom zionrion 
Is it possible for Niko to get number 1 this year if G2 does not choke
2023-01-25 23:30
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siuhy | 
Poland ad3m93
No washed up b0t
2023-01-25 23:30
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2023-01-26 01:30
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Bulgaria Skillet_
2023-01-26 09:26
no cuz there's g0desy #1 g0desy #2 zywoo #3 niko #4 apex #5 s1mple
2023-01-25 23:31
13 replies
apex #4 hahahaha
2023-01-25 23:37
i dont know he has been doing great lately
2023-01-25 23:37
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2023-01-26 11:09
2023-01-26 11:24
deko | 
Pakistan 7ssk7
#3 niko I laugh #4 apeX i shit myself laughing
2023-01-25 23:44
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it was a joke 7ssk7((
2023-01-25 23:48
New Zealand Melting
bro tried to slip in apex
2023-01-25 23:46
1 reply
apex 1 major 💪💪
2023-01-25 23:47
even if monesy is flashier, zywoo will be more consistent over the whole year
2023-01-25 23:58
Apex???? Omegalullllllll
2023-01-26 01:31
I'd change Madesclaire for KennyS
2023-01-26 09:21
Germany Jaffar64
Apex legends got a Major ?
2023-01-26 09:23
apex 4th? cope and seethe
2023-01-26 12:26
Yes, but they will choke
2023-01-25 23:31
I doubt he can even get number 1 in his steam this year.
2023-01-25 23:31
Not with broky unfortunately
2023-01-25 23:31
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New Zealand Melting
Latvian Goat
2023-01-26 00:11
Yeah broky will stay top 20 but realistic 10-15
2023-01-26 09:09
1 reply
Depends on faze / broky himself, I believe he will improve somewhat this year, and if faze has granted a bit worse of a year, 3rd best team perhaps, worst case scenario most likely, then broky will be top 10-15 most likely yes, but I could also see him on the good scale of things getting towards top 7-8 aswell. I think broky is a bit of a question mark where he'll land this year. He's shown he's capable
2023-01-26 12:18
I mean obviously there's a chance, for the second half of 2021 I'd argue he was the #1 player in the world
2023-01-25 23:32
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That's the thing tho, that was 2021, was insane but still. I think zywoo claims it this year, or if not him, sh1ro, unlikely but still. I just don't see NiKo beating Zywoo this year or any to come, especially with NiKo getting older but who knows
2023-01-25 23:36
8 replies
The only threat to zywoo is monesy
2023-01-26 01:44
3 replies
that must be a joke
2023-01-26 09:05
2023-01-26 09:37
m0nesy aint getting top 1 big man
2023-01-26 12:17
I get that it's the least likely period ever but never count s1mple out
2023-01-26 14:35
3 replies
I agree, he's often overlooked entirely but he still has a chance, miniscule compared to earlier years but yes.
2023-01-26 14:35
2 replies
has to be at least like 15% right?
2023-01-26 14:37
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Well you never know in cs, you know for all we know Ax1le gets it :) without mathematical add ups and individual chances I'd count it Zywoo 55% Sh1ro 20% S1mple 15% m0nesy 3.33% NiKo 3.33% Ax1le 3.33%
2023-01-26 14:40
That was one of the highest peaks of any player in the history of CS (honestly the highest), even if it was only for a few months. Sad that it likely won't ever be replicated again by anyone.
2023-01-26 00:47
s1mple had better stats and more evertything else
2023-01-26 01:38
2 replies
Because they won every game
2023-01-26 03:06
1 reply
that's i am saying above comment was asying that was highest peek of any player ever
2023-01-26 04:17
it's likely he will have better year at least, last year was trash for him and he still did #5, with that many problems in G2.
2023-01-25 23:34
I think it's always gonna be hard as a rifler. Also, the way his team is set up, he's not the sole carry player. He's a strong contender for top 3-4, but I have a hard time seeing him top s1mple or zywoo
2023-01-25 23:36
4 replies
zywoo been popping good
2023-01-25 23:41
if g2 had insanly good year and both vitality and navi a bad year then well, it is possible
2023-01-26 01:20
1 reply
It's definitely possible! And I'd love to see G2 have a good year. I just feel like its a pretty low likelihood
2023-01-26 04:26
Yeah the HLTV rating is fucked up. Its so biased towards awpers, its gonna be almost impossible for a rifler to get #1
2023-01-26 14:37
Poland Astoner55
With ZywOo and S1mple around, I don't think so. Best rifler, sure, but the AWPers are always gonna have better stats and impact because the meta revolves around them
2023-01-25 23:40
2 replies
The K/D ratio always boosts the awper's rating. They save more compared to riflers. Unless HLTV improves the exit frags and K/D ratio in their rating calculation, its very hard for riflers to compete for rating.
2023-01-26 04:34
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Poland Astoner55
Yeah, that as well.
2023-01-26 11:35
not really. 1. stavn 2. sh1ro 3. device
2023-01-25 23:40
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World NukestrikE
Gl with stavn :DD
2023-01-26 08:53
2 replies
Best player on the VERY best team, nuff said.
2023-01-26 10:08
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World NukestrikE
Yea please tell me more:)
2023-01-26 11:07
Denmark Mursten
Unlikely since he doesn't use the awp
2023-01-25 23:40
Thailand new!
why not if he can replicate his 2nd half 2021 form its not impossible
2023-01-25 23:41
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Congo, Democratic Republic of zne_
he is out of his form, its impossible
2023-01-25 23:43
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Thailand new!
his last match against navi says otherwise
2023-01-25 23:44
1 reply
yea it was sick
2023-01-25 23:47
Serbia Cheerio23
Not impossible but it would take greatness from entire G2, big titles and for him not to go in and out of form but keep it up throughout the year. If both G2 and NAVI have mediocre years s1mple will take it again
2023-01-25 23:43
Hungary Mitomen20
In theory yes, if G2 wins a ton, and Niko is rated higher than m0nesy throughout the year. Tough task...
2023-01-25 23:43
it's really hard to be as consistent with the ak as you can be with the awp, but it's not impossible i guess
2023-01-25 23:50
Finland RPGWiZaRD
I'd say slight chance of nr 2 or 3 if G2 gets a good year but nr 1 as a rifler is probably too tough.
2023-01-25 23:56
2023-01-25 23:57
s1mple looks much worse recently so I think 1st will be played between zywoo, shiro, axile and niko I know simple smurfed against NIP but really didnt looked that good in a series against a team imploding
2023-01-26 00:00
1 reply
well i think you can never count out s1mple and navi, im sure they/he will bouncce back
2023-01-26 00:57
Only if they nerf the awp or change the rating 2.0 formula
2023-01-26 00:04
no doubt. Him s1mple and Zywoo are always the top 3 anyway... different level
2023-01-26 00:04
If G2 wins a major (very doable based on current form) with Niko main carry 2-3 mvps and a couple of evps then yes very possible. If Niko goes back to 2021 form and sustains it for even half this year with team success then it will be sure thing.
2023-01-26 00:05
2 replies
NiKo can't outperform zywoo or s1mple on a consistant basis. His late 2021 is not sustainable for a rifler. Sadly there is very little chance NiKo gets top 1. G2 has to complitely dominate the whole year, NiKo needs to win majority of MVPs and a major, and somehow I doubt that can happen. But we can only hope.
2023-01-26 00:11
2023-01-26 00:06
2023-01-26 00:09
Of course he can. and its about damn time.
2023-01-26 00:14
Yes ofc
2023-01-26 00:42
Europe mTys
Not a chance. Hooxi is the clear #1 this year.
2023-01-26 00:44
Finland dvlx
only if zywoo pulls out a konfig and decides to mess with the bouncer and get a fractured arm or something
2023-01-26 00:46
3 replies
The way its going for vitality right now there is a decent chance Zywoo won't even be in the discussion for number 1, can't be the best if you can't win an event
2023-01-26 01:42
2 replies
World NukestrikE
Look at last year...he still got top2. Look as s1mple in 2019 when Navi was barely top top10 team yet he was 2nd above both device and elige. You don't need to win xyz events to be top2 or even top1 (zywoo in 2019 and 2020)
2023-01-26 08:57
1 reply
True. And this year zywoo is in the server already. Last year he was average in the first half (average for zywoo ofc), and still got top 2.
2023-01-26 11:52
Toxic Botko will never win #1
2023-01-26 01:11
United States zovint
2023-01-26 01:11
Canada Virauve
With how HLTV rating works, it favors AWPers. Until rating 3.0, there will always be AWPers as the top players.
2023-01-26 01:13
Canada Zenrod
2023-01-26 01:15
United Kingdom Jawsome159
Realistically it won’t happen, AWPers are still massively advantaged in the ratings so it is very unlikely that none of S1mple, Shiro or Zywoo will abuse that. I’d love to see a rifler take the number one spot though, that would mean we’ll have seen a monster of a year from that player.
2023-01-26 01:19
2 replies
Brazil flytw4tp
kinda true but coldzera wasn't an awper even though SK/LG used double awp in some maps
2023-01-26 12:32
1 reply
Yeah but it was a different meta back then, it wasn't so AWP heavy. And even then Cold was having an absolute monster of a performance over that 2 years, something we haven't really seen from a rifler since except for stints in 2021 from NiKo. In today's cs, teams pretty much live or die by their AWPers so NiKo would probably need to get back on his 2021 level and stay there consistently for the whole year, because I don't see a world where all of S1mple, Zywoo and Sh1ro drop off and allow NiKo to take the top spot. If S1mple falls then you bet Zywoo and Sh1ro will be doing everything in their power to get that number 1 spot. I'd absolutely love to see NiKo top the year but as of now, it doesn't seem very realistic with Zywoo in the form he looks to be in. I'll start to believe when G2 starts winning more events with NiKo at the helm.
2023-01-26 17:31
Never... niko = overrated
2023-01-26 01:31
2 replies
NAF | 
India shrey29
2023-01-26 01:53
1 reply
2023-01-26 03:39
Lets be real with hooxi g2 will not be consistent
2023-01-26 01:39
2023-01-26 01:40
Be honesty could be, its not likely but its certainly possible
2023-01-26 01:41
Nope, at best he will he top 5, but with monesy taking over I doubt he will unless G2 wins a lot
2023-01-26 02:28
s1mple will bounce back and be #1 again.
2023-01-26 02:48
United States spectre493
G2 did alright throughout 2022, few playoff appearances but bombed out early for the rest and NiKo got #5. Seems like G2 with this roster will do way better in 2023 so he could get #1 but it will be hard with the Rest of top 5 being Awpers since they have a huge impact. G2 improved a lot as a team but that means Niko will have to sacrifice some of his own play for the sake of teamplay. It will be hard getting #1 since you aren’t hard carrying anymore and playing for the team, s1mple, zywoo, sh1ro are top 3 because they’re awpers and carry their team half the time which means boosted stats
2023-01-26 03:04
Unlikely because even if g2 play really good m0nesy will propably have better stats than him
2023-01-26 03:07
2 replies
BzOo | 
France JBzOo
That’s why hltv ranking need a update … sniper are more safe and saving their weapon most of time boosting their k/d. It’s will be more interesting to make top 10 sniper and top 10 rifle and maybe top 10 igl.
2023-01-26 10:20
1 reply
Yeah agreed They should lower the impact of exit and eco frags also imo
2023-01-26 14:11
United States Artsywyo
well as of right now the top 3 T1 is Zywoo NiKo Twistzz
2023-01-26 03:10
can yes will no
2023-01-26 03:14
Depends on stats
2023-01-26 04:27
If the list was made tomorrow sure but he has to keep up this form
2023-01-26 04:28
I honestly think 2022 was the last year NiKo will place above m0nesy in the hltv top 20.
2023-01-26 04:29
Sweden MasterHimi
2023-01-26 09:32
Russia Soawii
s1mple sh1ro and zywoo will be higher anyway i feel like
2023-01-26 09:35
Sadly it's almost impossible for a rifler to get number 1 status.. that's always AWPer's one
2023-01-26 10:23
Of course he CAN, but to start debating about it when 0 events were played is a bit premature don't you think? IMO it will be between awpers again, Niko probably top5. Hard to beat awpers who are also stars of the team, cause it's just a perfect storm for stat padding.
2023-01-26 10:32
If G2 keep their form and win 2-3 tournaments this year, then it definitely could happen, although my guess would be m0NESY getting a higher placing than NiKo. Ever since Hooxi joined the team m0NESY has been the second highest rated player in the scene (1.25 rating with 1.30 vs top5), only behind ZywOo (1.35 rating with 1.32 vs top5), whereas NiKo would actually be the third highest rated (1.22 rating with 1.19 vs top5) sh1ro would have a higher rating of 1.26, but much lower vs top5 of only 1.12 and s1mple would be at 1.19 with 1.17 vs top5. The time period being 22-08-2022 to 26-01-2023 🤓
2023-01-26 10:35
No. It will be S1mple/Zywoo/Sh1ro
2023-01-26 10:41
Turkey shadjeh
Xantares is going to be top 5, Niko has very well-recognised moves and positions in every map. It's not so hard to get kills over him by trades. Considering this, I don't think he can be top 5.
2023-01-26 10:46
Theoretically? Yes. Realistically? Not a chance. Not the first time we have seen him being a beast for short periods of time and then coming up short in crucial matches again and again.
2023-01-26 10:47
2023-01-26 10:47
since s1mple already secured his goat status and 3 times hltv #1 this year i support niko all the way. niko or s1mple both works fine for me but after all these years he deserves #1 atleast once. i want him to win just to prove people that he is the greatest rifler of all time and better than coldzera. its like messi maradona comparison. some people did not accept the fact that messi is better than maradona till he won the wc and for csgo some people doesnt accept that he is better than coldzera until he win the major and #1 spot, even though niko had better peak, consistency, better longevity. i am not saying niko is messi or anything but its similar case. so yeah i want to see niko #1 this year
2023-01-26 11:19
2 replies
Anyone who actually watches cs knows that Niko is way better than Coldzera. Coldzera was good for only 2.5 years or so but Niko's been great for 7 years running. Not to mention Niko's peak in 2021 is higher than anyone ever. And just from the eye test you can see he's better. He doesn't need #1 to prove he's better than coldzera, but it'd be sweet if he gets it after narrowly missing out in 2017 and 2021
2023-01-26 11:31
1 reply
i agree with everything you said but some people just doesnt shut up about 2 times #1 and 2 major mvps. when u think about it coldzera was lucky enough to be a part of the best team in the world and he didnt have to deal with peak s1mple and zywoo so nowadays its way harder to win the #1 but even though i 100 percent believe that niko is better than coldzera i might agree with people who thinks he needs to win couple of S-tier events. him winning the katowice, cologne or major is enough for me. he is the best rifler ever but when it comes to greatness he needs some trophies to prove how big he is like in any other sports. you can argue that winning trophy is a team achievement but its been 7-8 years and one way or another he should win some s tier event mvps to make it clear he is the biggest ffs
2023-01-26 12:36
Sweden R4tse
monesy is better than niko though
2023-01-26 11:26
Bosnia and Herzegovina faseehk
1. m0nesy 2. Niko 3. Zyw0oo 4. dev1ce 5. jame
2023-01-26 12:25
No zywoo and spinx 1 & 2
2023-01-26 14:14
Italy alastt27
1.s1mple/zywoo 2.zywoo/s1mple 3.sh1ro 4.niko 5.m0nesy
2023-01-26 14:19
No way in this AWP meta any rifler is getting to top1...again Zywoo or S1mple this year
2023-01-26 14:53
if he keeps this form OFC yes!
2023-01-26 23:13
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