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Maybe furia fix
ANa | 
Brazil Criminalcord 
So let's understand one thing here furia literally can't play with a awper, hen1 only worked because he is really good with a AWP and as good with a AK so everything workout perfectly. So in my head could be a good idea to come back with Art as a awper and hire another rifle because it's just easier than keep hiring a awper to be a"supportive awp". Imagine like -saffe and +chelo. Chelo easily could do a good job as a entry and sometimes could pick AWP to pick somewhere. And with the AWP roles art could easily do way better and die less for no reason. +Decenty could do that too but furia is fucking dumb, even +dumau could work out.
2023-02-03 01:32
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idfk whats wrong with furia honestly one round they play like a tier 1 team the other they fumble utility and trow Win the maps they shouldnt then look like they never practiced their pick, delayed executes early rotates etc
2023-02-03 01:35
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Idk either, it's weird how things are going on and if fúria doesn't make any good accomplish maybe we could have a big roster changes next semester.
2023-02-03 01:37
Bosnia and Herzegovina Nera1106
I thought a few times about how Chelo would fit Furia well, I would like to see him there
2023-02-03 01:45
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He could really work there but probably it's impossible now he is with imperial that bought him from MIBR
2023-02-03 01:54
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Bosnia and Herzegovina Nera1106
Yea and now is even more unlikely after Jota joined Imperial...
2023-02-03 02:08
togs | 
Brazil hfdjk
The thing is that saffee is really good at rifling, he may be better rifling than awping.
2023-02-03 02:06
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Brazil ac_Z
I remember seeing him carrying the team at Vertigo playing rifle a few times
2023-02-03 02:14
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Well vertigo it's better to play with a rifle than a AWP so it's quite fair.
2023-02-03 08:46
Brazil 0mega_
no, he's not
2023-02-03 02:15
Germany AikoNesH
i dont watch so many furia games, but when I do saffee totally impresses me. he is calm, he holds his angles, he makes his shots. but yeah i guess you guys have a bigger pool of games of which you can make up your opinion/mind. :) but he is not that bad ;)
2023-02-03 09:28
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Germany AikoNesH
and he was the highest ratest player vs big (on furia side)
2023-02-03 09:32
Israel rvt1
Who is Chelo?
2023-02-03 02:17
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Norway Snaids
The guy who carried imperial to major
2023-02-03 09:43
Brazil Gravelord
+dumau would be goated move tbh he's being wasted in 00
2023-02-03 02:18
Brazil ac_Z
Drop can evolve further and Saffe after Hen1 is the one who fit the most in the team, Kscerato and Yuurih if they maintain the level can start to earn titles. Art although it's love or odeie, for me it's the best IGL furia could have. Consistency in the top 15 shows that the team is not far from peaking, but need to figure out what's missing to get there
2023-02-03 02:23
sure, lets just ignore how furia play 4v5 every other round because arT decides to throw the round
2023-02-03 02:23
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but at the same time, who will IGL ? br lacks of IGL. It is like nafany in C9. At least, CIS have jerry or nickelback or boombl4.
2023-02-03 02:52
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Brazil can't make good IGL for some reason, art is crazy is play style, woody it's a weak ass version of fallen. Hardzao can't make pain have good results (only when they got saffe). MIBR doesn't have a IGL it was jota and he left now is exit but nobody it's a real IGL there.
2023-02-03 08:54
togs | 
Brazil hfdjk
karrigan, hooxi, hampus, nafany, apex, k0nfig, glaive, tabsen. ALL these players have a lower success rate in oppening duels than arT (while attempting way less). And everyone in this list had lower rating 2.0 than arT except k0nfig and tabsen in 2022. On entry (because apparently he's a free kill). YEKINDAR had 50.0% success rate in 33.5% attempts. while arT had 47.5% success rate in 34.2% attempts.
2023-02-03 03:05
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yeah the hate towards Art is crazy. Kscerato and Yurrih are great players, but they also developed bad habits of been way too passive. The team feel disconnected very often. Art should push with teammates and leave just one anchor instead of those solo pushes. It is easy to blame the one who take duels and don't look the one who take no initiative at all.
2023-02-03 03:11
His style works against weaker teams. What is his success rate against top 5 and top 10 teams ? Is it the same ? It feels that arT is all or nothing : great game or really awful one. There is no in between. He destroyed permitta, and then got hammered the next game against big. He needs to adapt his playstyle. He can still be ultra agressive, but in cleverer way ?
2023-02-03 03:14
yes, arT's playstyle works great against bad teams, watch any match of furia playing against a top5 team and youll see him throw every T-side round all by himself furia will never win an S-tier event with arT, they need more consistency
2023-02-03 03:26
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togs | 
Brazil hfdjk
2023-02-03 03:39
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not wrong, but you also have to realise that arT often puts himself into situations where he cant be traded
2023-02-03 03:41
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togs | 
Brazil hfdjk
Yeah, this had more to do with team structure too, arT would be comparable to YEKINDAR in that sense (low trading and low traded). I dont know how to check how much a player is traded. There's an article about that.
2023-02-03 03:51
-saffee +fallen
2023-02-03 02:46
If they find somebody to replace art, yes, but Br team don't have good igl rn. Drop is average IMO. He is not a perfecto/naf/sjuush/jks level of support player. It's hard to be at that level, but honestly, Furia compete for titles. So, it is fair to point that. Safee is average, but like any SA awpers, they smurf against shitty opponents and struggle against 'real' teams. Hen1 is really washed. He is becoming the kennys of SA. I don't see him as an improvment at all.
2023-02-03 02:51
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They got their Perfecto and it was Vini, he was the brain of the that team and helped a lot being a support player and a anchor. And yeah we don't a have any good IGL lmao
2023-02-03 08:56
I like your take but brother do you think art will play like supportive awp ? I mean he is always pushing one or other part of the map.
2023-02-03 03:45
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He already did that before bringing saffe but, it was like putting a "chain in a dog" for art, he was still agressive but not as much. The stupid mistake was to play with drop and Vini, if they had another good rifle maybe furia could accomplished something.
2023-02-03 08:44
Yugoslavia kingcys
arT’s stats while awping will be better but will he be utilizing the weapon to its full potential? Taking aggressive peeks with a awp isn’t exactly safe. Big waste of money
2023-02-03 04:24
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It's like butting him in a chain lmao. He knows he can't keep doing his stuff with a awp, it already happen that and it kinda worked for him
2023-02-03 08:45
Brazil sl0tzz
if they did a team without awp, -saffee -drop +chelo +dumau would be fire ngl
2023-02-03 20:49
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