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morning bladee
Sweden wednesday_is_gei 
2023-02-07 08:10
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i sleep
2023-02-07 08:12
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2023-02-07 08:14
2023-02-07 11:39
2023-02-07 08:41
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drain gang yeah they worship
2023-02-07 08:46
Germany Kevnn
Cant listen im in class :(
2023-02-07 08:48
I'll never listen even if I get paid with Italian models, 2 girls per 4 seconds of the video, NEVER
2023-02-07 08:53
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It's okay bro💪
2023-02-07 08:54
6 replies
I SAID never, man, I never will listen to THIS, you do hear me well
2023-02-07 08:56
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Bro i literally said it's okay , u don't have to listen
2023-02-07 09:01
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OKAY OKAY stop beggin, I WILL listen, just because you have asked me VERY Nicely in a private message so NO ONE could see because you really really want to LISTEN to it although I really do not want to but OKAY okay You win, I'LL listen but only because you were nice N' gentle, OKAY, you can have this win maybe?
2023-02-07 09:04
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2023-02-07 09:51
JW | 
Sweden gNeJS
2023-02-07 12:26
2023-02-07 14:27
Germany Kevnn
Its okay to be gay its 2023 👍
2023-02-07 14:32
if only he had a decent voice...
2023-02-07 09:20
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What u mean his voice is special
2023-02-07 09:25
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Ye it is special, kinda autistic
2023-02-07 14:28
2023-02-07 09:39
my ears....
2023-02-07 09:40
14 replies
Your ears... started working again? U say u were deaf before listening? That's heartwarming
2023-02-07 09:45
13 replies
this song is so shit. How can anyone listen... Im actually really confused how this got more than 1 stream....
2023-02-07 09:46
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2023-02-07 09:50
11 replies
not clicking any other link you post sorry man
2023-02-07 09:51
10 replies
It's cool
2023-02-07 09:53
9 replies
I mean I clicked on this link and my ears started hurting after 30 seconds. But if you post any other link im never clicking it Ill remember your username just for that
2023-02-07 09:54
8 replies
You made it 30 seconds bro you might become a drainer someday
2023-02-07 09:56
7 replies
"drainer" in 2023 lol "estrogen" "t r e n d s e t t e r" "cum" "tide pods" "fuit gummy!!!" "mango" nice subculture ths banger song sums it up
2023-02-07 11:03
6 replies
True i still enjoy the music tho it's so chill
2023-02-07 11:36
5 replies
same, hes been my top artist on spotify for 7 years in row now its shameful lol yung lean 2015 then bladee 2016-2022 send help i cant stop
2023-02-07 11:38
4 replies
Can't tell if bait or no
2023-02-07 11:51
3 replies
no its true help me i dont associate with drain subculture tho its cringe yemi is sick too
2023-02-07 12:10
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somebody teach this guy how to put on a jacket
2023-02-07 12:48
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its guds lil bro
2023-02-07 14:27
good song 333 great album
2023-02-07 09:50
my morning has been ruined
2023-02-07 09:55
i dont like 333
2023-02-07 09:58
I Call bullshieet! Dafuq is this awful pitched voice?
2023-02-07 10:04
4 replies these german people also pitched noise >:( also banger tho
2023-02-07 10:58
3 replies
this is ironically better than all of bladees discography
2023-02-07 12:57
2 replies
unironically better haha:D
2023-02-07 14:26
1 reply
Atleast it has some culture in it
2023-02-07 14:32
You call that music Back in my time music was Hannah Montana, Mickey mouse children's songs, Harry Potter soundtrack, beatbox for the kids, Jay z, Freddy Mercury, Michael Johnson, Lionel Richie, John Cena
2023-02-07 10:48
3 replies
as a teenager u listened to harry potter soundtrack with friends ?
2023-02-07 12:50
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Of course that's what we do man that's life we used to smoke blunts and listen to that great soundtrack my God I still remember such such good nights
2023-02-07 13:08
1 reply
i wish i was there too. hp goated
2023-02-07 13:09
Noblest Strive also goated for waking up and motivation
2023-02-07 11:44
Bladee after 2018 is worse than trash
2023-02-07 11:46
4 replies
"noooo bladee doesn't rap about getting high and being depressed anymore literally unlistenable!!!!!!"
2023-02-07 14:36
3 replies
So I cant dislike the new stuff because "he is happy now"? I just think it sounds worse and the new fans are obnoxious americans
2023-02-07 15:51
2 replies
Of course you can dislike it, but calling everything bladee made after 2018 "worse than trash" is not the same as what you just said now is it? Salty old bladee listeners are just as bad as a new drain fan living through memes and "ironically" listening to him. He has such diverse sounds over the years that you can enjoy a part of his discography without bringing down the rest.
2023-02-07 16:02
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So ur saying songs produced by the bald kurd called "mechatok" are actually listenable works of art and not crackhead pop beats that bladee was drugged and forced to sing over? Bladee was the most based human in existance and now he is just dogshit and making horrible songs with the formerly second most based human in existence ecco2k. Crest is the worst GTBSG album of all time
2023-02-07 19:31
här har du riktig musik
2023-02-07 11:47
could you list your favourite bladee songs? i just started following him and my favoutite are chaos follows, faust, the flag is raised and reality surf but those are the mainstream ones
2023-02-07 11:55
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peroxide is super cool!!! also the feats with yung lean are fire
2023-02-07 12:31
1 reply
for sure!
2023-02-07 14:27
what albums from him have you listened to?
2023-02-07 14:37
2 replies
not albums more ike separate songs from different albums
2023-02-07 17:32
1 reply
oh alright maybe you'll like some stuff off of his 333 project if you liked the song OP posted also the fool might be his easiest projects to get into I recommend listening to those albums in order at least once, it can be a cool experience too :)
2023-02-07 19:56
2023-02-07 12:10
2023-02-07 12:25
1 reply
gtbsg era so much better
2023-02-07 15:52
nice +1
2023-02-07 12:29
i been up since one AM (big checks) [thaiboooooyy]
2023-02-07 12:58
i used to hate bladee but now i dont mind his music. thaiboy is cool too still dont like ecco2k however
2023-02-07 14:37
United States WumboCumbo
2023-02-07 14:45
Europe Vallon5(1)
This is what I imagine every zoomer listens to. Holy fucking steaming pile of garbage.......
2023-02-07 15:54
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