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M0e speaking straight facts
Japan IamSad 
Prime KennyS, Guardian, & Fallen > S1mple, Zywoo, & Dev1ce Prime Nip mops current day Nip Old VP would demolish Outsiders M0e awped in a much more competitive era Olof Fnatic was the greatest team of all time 2018 NA CS would beat any European team
2023-02-09 04:57
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reported for bait, terrible bait
2023-02-09 04:58
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2023-02-09 04:59
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India Ojask
2023-02-09 06:36
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Europe idan)
2023-02-09 14:58
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United States Zenith321
2023-02-10 06:25
Romania garcea89
2023-02-10 07:15
2023-02-09 05:13 tldr - new best are better than old best because competition becomes harder over time
2023-02-09 05:14
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2023-02-09 05:28
But you also have to consider in the older days they had crappier equipment. It's not just about the competition. cs 1.6 everyone was probrably playing on 30 tick servers and 30 hertz monitors which significantly nerfs their true skills. They also had crappier mouse pads, mouses etc.
2023-02-09 06:34
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Austria HomoTopf
true, but thats just an added bonus, players today are so much more skilled individually and team tactics are so much more refined
2023-02-09 06:37
If you only knew how wrong you are hahahaha
2023-02-09 09:11
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30 hz monitors... wtf?
2023-02-09 09:21
How is it wrong they tested this a person playing on 60 hertz became better when they played on 144 hertz what's wrong about it. It's literally proven better pc, better mouse, better monitor makes a difference.
2023-02-09 09:22
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Poland Astoner55
Dude... Ehh nevermind. You're clueless about old monitors' technology xD
2023-02-09 09:24
What you're falling in is called whig history, which is this idea of constant linear progress in which contemporaries believe themselves to be superior to the men of yesteryears, which is not exclusive to our times, but its a bit more embarassing in our times because we are so vastly inferior to the men of yesteryears. This is your mindframe and you have been so thoroughly brainwashed that you have completly naturalized to your being, therefore, you apply to to everything. No, in reality, the tier 1 cs players between 2001 and 2004 were actually better equiped than the tier 1 cs players of 2009-2012. CRT Monitors had 0ms input lag and reached refresh rates of 200hz , when LCD screens were first introduced into cs elite lans, there was a serious backlash because they were such a massive downgrade, they had worse colors, contrast, motion clarity, input lag and refresh rate, the only thing they had going for them was the resolution and sharpness, which was hardly relevant on cs 1.6 . Moreover, mice peaked with the Intelli 3.0 , which is why when Zowie brought that shape back with the EC2-A, it nearly instantly dominated the tier 1 pro marketshare in less than 9 months, so if anything, pros put up with inferior shape with the disgusting duopoly of SteelSeries and Razer throughout the mid-late 2000's and only thanks to Zowie the were able to get perfect ergonomics again, in early 2010's , but that same ergo design was first active between 2000 and 2003 thanks to Microsoft. Do you even have the slightest clue about a single word you've outed?
2023-02-09 09:30
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Italy MulaManca
wtf based Dybala
2023-02-09 09:52
nice read thanks. where did u get that info from? wanna know more, really curious :D
2023-02-09 10:07
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Well just because you seem to be asking in good faith, i will give you links, but because my account has less than 200 comments it may get filtered, i can already tell you that the input lag of crt vs flat panel shouldn't need to be proven by some study because you should just put 2 and 2 together by how the technologies work, but i will still provide link in the next comment, the way CRT works is 1 single horizontal line being drawn in something like a nanosecond (less than 1000th of a second) whereas the flat panel draws 1 full picture, HOLDS IT "paused" so to say, and then slaps the full next picture on top of it, this is what is known as "sample and hold" , this, causes a tremendous amount of motion blur and input lag. But in the next comment, if it doesnt get deleted, i'll explain better with links.
2023-02-09 10:28 CRT way of drawing resolution explained @ 3:50 , Motion Clarity explained @ 9:00 Motion clarity comparison of CRT vs OLED: Remember, OLED is the only liquid display capable of matching CRT Input Lag, but it still can't match CRT Motion clarity 100% , All OLEDS are sub 1ms input lag (the reason they're above 1ms there is because of Black Frame Insertion which can doble input lag). Old non-pro iiyama crt monitor running at 200hz Supposedly, the last few IEMs in 1.6 that used CRT's used the iiyama vision master pro 514. This is the Intellimouse Explorer, launched in 2001, later relaunched as Intelli 3.0 in 2006 but quickly discontinued: Here is the Zowie EC2-A for you to check that its basically the same shape: As for just how utterly terrible early LCD's were, i can provide you links if you want but it would come off as condescending because all i'd be doing is just linking you to the specifications of the models that were used at the latest 1.6 lans (disgrace, absolute disgrace) and you'd just see that...well...they were fucking dogshit.
2023-02-09 10:43
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I use to play CRT and I remember when the first flat monitors and laptops came out it was unplayable on games like GTA (the top down) as it became a blurry mess. Interesting read, I forgot how they use to be to be honest.
2023-02-10 04:31
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yeah growing up (im from 1997) i had a mix of both, the lan coffees at which i played had crt's , our first home computer in 2007 had a more or less decent LCD, but being a kid i liked both equally because ofc in the lan coffee i had fun with my friends and in my house the lg flat panel felt like the future. I stopped using crt's around 2012, and only got back into crt's in 2017, i was mad about it because my lcd monitor broke and i thought crt was shitty and a thing of the past, i was playing cs A LOT back then, and when i first booted the game into the CRT i was like "WTF!". I will not ever use a liquid display that isnt OLED again, im saving money for whenever the monitor i want comes out, but im never spending a cent on a shitty ips-tn-va 1440p 165hz panel.
2023-02-10 05:10
i made a comment providing more sources #78 , dunno if you can see it.
2023-02-09 10:45
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damn thanks! i'll check it out
2023-02-09 10:46
Common knowledge to ppl who played back in 2000s.
2023-02-10 03:48
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I was only born 1 year before the 2000s :D
2023-02-10 09:50
United States codgun
why don't we use crt today then?
2023-02-10 04:04
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The number 1 reason is because liquid displays, specially of TN panels particularly, are EXTREMELY profitable, always have been since day one, the earliest 2004 hp 4:3 lcd monitors were sold for 500$ , they costed 64$ to make and after the first 12 months they lowered the prices to 249$ and were still having massive margins. Then there's also the convenience of liquids, but this is secondary, liquid displays are easier to move around and less power hungry, but really this doesnt matter much because the masses will coonsoom anything their corporate overlords sell them, convenience is a collateral effect. CRT had 30% margins at its peak, this was unacceptable for most manufacturers, the tech that was supposed to replace it was SED and FED, which are also flat panels but still costed a lot to manufacture, allegedly it would've been 50% margins, but TFT LCD.....200% to 800% profit margins , we never stood a fucking chance.
2023-02-10 04:40
everyone played on 100hz back then
2023-02-09 09:43
It's true, I was 800 elo playing on a 50 hz monitor $300 PC that stutters. I'm 2200 elo in 4 1/2 months of playing on a 3K PC with 244 hz. Computer equipment matters a lot, but new best still better than old I think
2023-02-10 06:35
are you mentally retarded?
2023-02-10 07:22
30hz xd
2023-02-09 11:00
Brazil 0mega_
0/10 completely wrong
2023-02-09 10:16
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so I guess a well-researched and documented psychological pattern is wrong because you feel like it. Ok :]
2023-02-09 10:17
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did u read the article. this is about iq spesifically and they have no idea why it happens. and it says nowhere it goes for all competetive activities. i wouldnt even say iq tests are competetive.
2023-02-09 10:59
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but why does iq rise? because environments become more competitive. It underscores that competition drives improvement
2023-02-09 11:21
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Unexpectedly good takes on IQ from both norwegian and anime guy
2023-02-10 07:38
there is no evidence to suggest that. very few people are doing iq tests as a competetive activity, or activly trying to improve their iq test scores. it could be anything from more school availability, better nutrition, better knowlege about good condition for kids, there could be evolutionary pressure since being smart has been more important in recent years compared to other forms of evolutionary fittness.
2023-02-10 12:26
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bro of course people are not doing iq tests as a competitive activity but thats not what im arguing...
2023-02-10 12:28
If you were genuinely into iq studies you would've known that we've been getting dumber for a while, not smarter, in fact UK's level of intelligence and innovation right now just felt below Victorian Age levels, they're about to enter Elizabethan era levels of Intelligence, and before this century ends they are very likely going to fall to AngloSaxon levels of intelligence. You can't use reactionary science to make progressive arguments dude.
2023-02-09 11:15
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the point of the flynn effect is to show that competition drives improvement over time whether that be in iq or anything else. Competition in Europe is a lot lower than other countries because people would rather get drunk and do nothing than focus on studies. Applying this to CS:GO, it could certainly be argued that Asia and US cs scenes are a lot less developed because they have stronger education systems that people have to focus more attention to, whereas because Europe's education system is less intense and less competitive there is more time to focus on CS:GO. Overtime the amount of time invested into CS:GO has increased, so an argument with the flynn effect would assert that players are getting stronger over time
2023-02-09 11:24
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Competition can drive improvement to the degree that a combination of genetics and environment allows, if tomorrow a plague killed all men who are above 160cm height, you are still gonna have basketball, and the scene may be more competent as the teams competing could be more even, yet, you can't possibly say that it was a higher quality scene than the one pre-plague. To assert that the 2023 scene is the absolute peak of counter-strike depth in quality is just contemporary narcissitic delusion from players/viewers who have not been around for very long or are simply not very cerebral, and im not saying this is your case at all, this is what i can observe from most people making those types of comments. In terms of quantity and competitiveness, i would say that CSGO is at its peak today, since the scene is more even and there are many more teams with some resemblance of basic infrastructure covered (well organized travel, vacations, high or at least decent salaries by their countries standards, etc) , however, in terms of QUALITY, we are absolutely inferior to the peak of sheer quality from 2018-2020, unarguably, and also inferior to the quality of 2014-2016, arguably. One has to wonder, where would csgo be if it was not getting artificially inflated by venture capital and social media zoomer pandering? because if you start taking the some of the money away and you were left with the same players, teams and playstyles, you'd start to clearly see that the game is a fucking shithole, this is an aesthetically uglier scene (gameplay wise in every regard), with "superstars" that play aesthetically uglier cs all being done on seriously questionable foundations.
2023-02-09 11:33
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your first paragraph doesnt change anything that i'm saying lol, could definitely be argued that genetically better players with more convenient environments for playing (not as much social life) are the ones at the top of csgo rn I'm asserting that the overall best in recent years are better than the best from past years. I'm not saying that the 2023 best are the best of all time, but I will definitely say that the 87 win streak NIP would lose to a random t3 team modernly like complexity or evil geniuses. If you watch their gameplay it looks way different than it did back then I don't really understand your argument about quality because team and player skill should be synonymous with quality. If you're arguing that teams were closer together in skill in those time frames its important to note that that doesn't necessarily mean they were better
2023-02-10 06:18
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No, i would say that the greater social acceptance of video games has made it so that genetically lesser quality people got into games and some fluked their way up to the pro level, whereas in earlier ages of esports it really was just the very very tip of the top that would get in. "but I will definitely say that the 87 win streak NIP" I didn't say anything about 2013 NiP , i said that peak Astralis from 2018-2020 would wipe the floor with this scene and that peak 2014 kennyS would wipe the floor with s1mple and zywOo , i feel comfortable making these arguments and i can prove it easily. "quality because team and player skill should be synonymous with quality" What do you not understand? you think that the scene is of higher quality now because its more even, teams are more equal amongst eachother so the baseline has been greatly increased, my argument is that the ceilling has been massively reduced, the very best of today, both teams and players, are CLEARLY inferior to the very best of previous ages. "If you're arguing that teams were closer together in skill in those time frames its important to note that that doesn't necessarily mean they were better" I am literally arguing the opposite.
2023-02-10 07:50
I see you might have read the Bell Curve
2023-02-10 07:38
Brazil 0mega_
Yes, you're wrong. You don't know what you read and how it applies to real life. Popularity trumps everything. Kids in Brazil were playing soccer in 2002 24/7, now they play Free Fire 24/7. The NA scene in CSGO was much better 5 years ago than it is nowadays because of its popularity decline. Please stop typing like you know what you're talking about after reading 5 lines of a Wikipedia article, MIDWIT!
2023-02-10 03:31
Rare anime fan W
2023-02-10 06:06
Thank you, I don't understand how people don't see this as common sense. All you need to do is look at the highlights/matches from 2019-before and compare it to 2023. It's an insane difference. You especially see this in individual mechanics. I guess the delusional people that are against this arguement are the people that don't play/follow CS actively anymore/blinded by nostalgia, also some are just individuals that are not great at the game to begin with. m0e in this case is clearly blinded by nostalgia.
2023-02-10 07:29
wtf has the flynn effect got to do with this?
2023-02-10 07:34
Yeah that's true ofc but I think comparing teams from different eras need to be considered in the context of when they played cause obviously someone like fnatic dominating in 2015 was better than the current fnatic lineup even if the style of 2015 wouldn't work in 2023.
2023-02-10 13:00
m0e i like him as a stream but fuck he was very lucky that he had connections with pro players he wouldn't have any sort of career without them, but hey that's how it goes it's about who you know.
2023-02-09 05:15
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LOL you don't know anything. Moe has always been grinding cs since 1.6 and source. He has a history, so why speak when you don't know anything. Empty brain
2023-02-09 06:15
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Austria HomoTopf
getting mad at facts is not a good look bro
2023-02-09 06:35
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Ya sure
2023-02-09 06:38
I've been watching CS since 2004, he's shit in my opinion always has been he's lucky to be around people who could carry him and teach him how to play, great streamer though I enjoy him. In my opinion.
2023-02-09 06:37
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agree, mediocre pro at his best, but really entertaining and charismatic guy otherwise, wish he's do desk work in recent times tho..
2023-02-09 06:41
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I've seen him at LAN he reminds me a lot of SPUNJ in the LAN settings (seen them both) very vocal keeping the vibe of the team up, he was good at that.
2023-02-09 06:45
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yeah but for spunj at least you could argue he was primary calling (although, strats back then feel like mm ideas nowadays😂) ive tried calling a little bit at 2k elo, i was shit mind you, but it really affected my individual performance having to think of all the possible scenarios etc, so i always cut igl's some extra slack, knowing kinda how they sacrifice mechanics over the team's best interest
2023-02-09 06:48
How was he always shit? he was a top5 awper in 2005-2007 Source. And also, even if you wouldnt rate him that high, you should be able to admit that he was good enough to compete with the best in source, tho AWPing was super easy in Source. That alone + having an entertaining personality would make him someone other pros can enjoy being with, i can't see how luck had anything to do with it.
2023-02-09 09:35
3 replies
Top 5 awper in source, I'll stop there, that's like saying shazam is a top 5 awper in valorant, means nothing. I feel like your are taking my post out of context. "That alone + having an entertaining personality would make him someone other pros can enjoy being with, i can't see how luck had anything to do with it." Yes I agree his personality is great I really enjoy watching his stream I've seen him live at LAN he's a great guy, when I say "luck" I mean the teams he managed to join he was lucky that those players could teach him to get to a decent level, but when you watch him he fails the eye test hard, but that's the great thing about team eSports you don't be the best to be successful.
2023-02-09 10:35
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You can only beat whos in front of you, m0E went down the Source route, source existed whether we like it or not, i didnt like source, i didnt hate source. m0E was a good pro player in source I guess i agree with you that m0E is lucky that the zoomers he played with in GO were okay with playing with him, whereas the zoomers of today would probably not want to play with a 30 year old "washed old dog" or something But up until that point, he had earned the relations he had with other people in NA because most of the 1.6 NA scene decided esports was lame and cringe and peaced out, isn't it logical that the very few that decided to stick with the game even through the roughest times will have the deepest connection? even if they dont like eachother much. And yes i definitely agree with you that you dont need to be the best to make a living in Esports, but thats way more true today than it was in 2014.
2023-02-09 11:43
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2023-02-09 12:08
2018 NA CS would not beat any European team, Liquid couldn't beat Astralis. Liquid 2018/2019 could beat any other team, but not Astralis. (except mouz at NY 2018, fuck chrisJ for that)
2023-02-09 05:17
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2018 NA CS would beat any euro team today in a weak era
2023-02-09 05:18
Australia walmartlol
Mouz were able to beat anybody in 2018 and 2019. They were such a solid lineup.
2023-02-09 05:55
2 replies
Mouz back in 2018 is kinda like Liquid rn. They should be competent, and sometimes they are. They are also terrible at times though (London 2018)
2023-02-09 06:23
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Australia walmartlol
Yeah tbh they sucked at majors. I mean, they had more firepower then liquid currently but you're not wrong about inconsistency. It really depended if Chrisj, Ropz and Oskar were popping off.
2023-02-09 06:24
YuV | 
Canada yuv1_
2023-02-09 05:17
moe is a moron
2023-02-09 05:17
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Sweden O7D
yep, moeron
2023-02-09 07:50
2023-02-09 05:18
2023-02-09 05:54
Finland KieZuZ
He is following the path of Thorin. Making edgy comments and making sure everyone hears them. Firing off randomly in all directions just to get attention and stay relevant.
2023-02-09 06:14
2023-02-09 06:32
Austria HomoTopf
2023-02-09 06:33
KennyS is overrated af the awp used to have 10 bullets and it was basically a 1 shot scout.
2023-02-09 06:35
1 reply
When will you ever post a true comment?
2023-02-10 19:58
hes joking lmao he does this a lot
2023-02-09 06:55
jasonr back to CS because no one will play with him in val
2023-02-09 06:57
1 reply
Did he performed in valo ? I liked him in cs but didn't watch him after
2023-02-09 10:53
any current top 20 team would demolish 2014 nip
2023-02-09 06:59
damn people still watch and listen to moe? didnt homie scam a bunch of people off gambling sites.
2023-02-09 07:00
3 replies
You could say that moe doesn't shine bright, like a diamond xd
2023-02-09 07:41
2 replies
lol... i remember moe from the 1.6 and source days
2023-02-09 07:48
1 reply
You are right tho. There was this cs go diamonds scandal where he scammed his viewers, faked reactions and blackmailed the diamonds guys.
2023-02-09 07:51
prime kennys guardian and fallen would get rekt in roocups and elisa by teams like bluejays, forze, monte, <insert random dream3r bulgarian team here>
2023-02-09 07:11
4 replies
it baffles me that if theres any random tier 2 event ure sure to see bubble or dreamer playing
2023-02-09 08:17
There is not a single team in the world rn who 100% wouldn't get rekt by them Like do u trust in NaVi, heroic, faze rn? All are inconsistent af If each one of them plays 5 games vs these teams they will lose a couple for sure
2023-02-09 10:22
Tell me that you started watching cs in 2020 without actually telling me ur just in denial as OP nt with the b8 tho
2023-02-10 03:56
1 reply
probably beta 5.2 when it was just a mod for half life at the end of 2000 had to wait about 6 months for each CPL which was the equivalent of a major back then, if not then it was a eswc or wcg CPL was the one you wanted to win, waited 6 months each time just to see ahl and potti holding down their mouse2 (they had their +speed bound to mouse2) and theyd walk around the map for over 4 minutes before doing anything because this was standard round time back then with mr12 hence the term "CPL" was created for all the nerds who would hold shift for most of the round ive been watching every year since then in depth, still love cs just as much
2023-02-10 05:45
Fnatic flusha cheater that was never banned to save csgo scene face
2023-02-09 07:34
5 replies
Because there is no actual proof. Plus he played at a very high level years after the shady clips happened.
2023-02-09 09:06
3 replies
Never seen that much italian flag in a thread
2023-02-09 10:57
He played because they didn't ban him lol, but not at the high level. Not even close
2023-02-09 11:36
1 reply
? Flusha was not playing at high level?
2023-02-10 04:10
Flusha never cheated. By your logic, s1mple also cheated. But he doesn't cheat, and neither did/does flusha.
2023-02-10 20:01
North America K1nGoldY
NA cs is slowly but surely getting there, we just need EG to get their shit together this line up can work just need to take some losses like complexity before they rise
2023-02-09 07:39
bro i legit can't watch that for more than 10 secs, noise pollution is insane, everyone's fucking screaming like idiots.. how do you guys even watch that?
2023-02-09 07:44
Finland FlNLAND
Its like saying old sports records were harder to achieve than new sports records. Thats objectively not true. This is 100% bait and u deserve at least 3 days.
2023-02-09 07:48
i agree prime fallen would destroy everyone rn but kennys and guardian would still be bots
2023-02-09 08:04
> Prime KennyS, Guardian, & Fallen > S1mple, Zywoo, & Dev1ce blinded by nostalgia lmao >Prime Nip mops current day Nip >Old VP would demolish Outsiders Any top team today would destroy the top teams from 2013-2017. You could argue that Prime Nip and VP achieved more (which is very true) but if they faced today they have no chance > M0e awped in a much more competitive era Maybe in NA because the whole NA scene switched to Valorant > Olof Fnatic was the greatest team of all time I disagree but it isnt a braindead take like the others > 2018 NA CS would beat any European team Except for 2018 Astralis that year
2023-02-09 08:28
If he is talking about the relative level of the 2018 Liquid team I might have to agree with him. Which makes what Astralis did that year all the more incredible. That said current Liquid and about 10 or 15 other teams would be that team in a head to head.
2023-02-09 08:32
there's a reason the awpers he said all playing for t2 teams now if moe himself is that good why isn't him in a team lol all he does now is bait stream titles with No rage and goes on raging xd
2023-02-09 08:59
Prime kennyS is indeed the greatest player of all time, s1mple and zywOo got extremely lucky not to play against him at his peak. GuardiaN and FalleN? that's laughable, none of them at their peaks could even scratch NiKo's boots today. late zoomers will never know what kennyS was, they cant understand it because its just a different culture, not the slightest resemblance of delayed gratification on these kids.
2023-02-09 09:13
there were literally no strats back in m0e prime days, it was all aim duels and rushes. a tier 2 team from these days would take down a top team from the CGS days.
2023-02-09 09:23
M0e is a genius and everything he says is accurate so I believe him
2023-02-09 09:35
Bad bait, idiot.
2023-02-09 09:45
Italy MulaManca
I kinda agree with everything. They literally nerfed the awp because of KennyS, dupreeh has also said that playing against zywoo and s1mple doesn't compare to playing against Fallen on his prime as well. Old NiP is one of the greatest squads ever assembled in any E-sport. Old VP is 100% better than Outsiders Can't really say anything about moe awping bc I don't remember tbh but I think nowadays cs is more competitive. I don't agree on that fnatic being the best team of all time but it's a really valid opinion. Nah this last one I don't agree with tbh.
2023-02-09 09:49
"Prime KennyS, Guardian, & Fallen > S1mple, Zywoo, & Dev1ce" None of the prime guys won a major w/o dropping a single map. Guardian lost to C9. Prime Nip mops current day Nip Current day NIP are dogshit, so much so that even teams like NaVi are beating them. Old VP would demolish Outsiders Can't say because not sure what M0e awped in a much more competitive era When was he a pro? Olof Fnatic was the greatest team of all time Nope. 2018 NA CS would beat any European team If it wasn't for that Stewie clutch on B Inferno, this would not even be considered. Also, in response to that... G2. C9 dropped maps in big tournaments, G2 haven't in Kato so far.
2023-02-09 09:50
2 replies
What does winning a major have to do with being a good awper? It takes a team to win a tournament not 1 person. mOE was a cs:s pro between like 2005/6 and 2008/9 or thereabouts, had his moments and a fairly decent player but not nearly as good as he thinks he is (or thinks he was).
2023-02-09 10:16
Also "Envy weren't so good because NA always beat them" I just knew it wasn't true and had to check it and what do you know the good ldlc/envyus teams before devil and sixer etc they won NA almost always. They played Cloud9 11 times, clg 5 times, liquid twice and once ibuypower. For real the only ones NA won were cloud9 winning them three times within two weeks in 2015 and apart from that only times the French lost during 2 whole years were the one ibuypower win and one clg bo1 :D
2023-02-10 13:14
Scotland fl0ws
this is the guy who said he was the best awper in the world lol
2023-02-09 09:52
Denmark 45ETY
prime kenny whipes
2023-02-09 10:16
2023-02-09 10:21
Actual facts.
2023-02-09 10:24
I think the players have only gotten better
2023-02-09 10:35
Not true that current awpers are worse than back then. However, mOE was actually probably the best awper back in the days of CS:Source, when he was playing on EFGaming. And back then, CS was much less strategic and more about aim. You should have seen back then, some of the best shots I've ever seen, because being fast and flashy was the way to be at the top of competitive CS back then
2023-02-09 10:42
That's trolling, right?
2023-02-09 10:44
before s1mple and zywoo there was no full time awper to make top1 in the world and carry a team of 4 riflers, he is just talking nonsense and he old af, probably trying to take some attention since nobody heard of him for a very long time
2023-02-09 10:53
M0e speaking .
2023-02-09 11:21
2023-02-09 11:32
Bruh what a load of crap Old VP would get DEMOLISHED by Outsiders 0:16 on both maps, at best they'd get to 5:16 if they're lucky to win pistols (OS are bad at pistol rounds so old VP have a chance). The meta changed SO fucking much, this NA idiot has no clue how much. Things that worked in 2021 (for instance when yekindar was taking banana with an mp9 running through mollies - more on that in the next jame's video) no longer work nowadays. Also the skill ceiling has risen SO much, it's often not that old players get worse with time, it's them getting worse with time + new players raising the skill ceiling by a lot
2023-02-09 11:53
i dont think anyone is better than kenny's in his peak. the rest i dont know. if i remember correctly awp was nerfed because of kennys.
2023-02-09 14:58
S1mple I think is = with first three
2023-02-10 04:03
Moe goat
2023-02-10 04:26
He might actually be right. At least about KennyS. No shot Fallen is even in the same league as Simple or Zywoo. Guardian I'd also lean towards no. Also current NiP would absolutely dust prime NIP. That said if you got in a time machine and let the prime NiP guys play in todays game for six months before the match I could see forest, gtr and friberg beating current nip.
2023-02-10 07:03
This video reflects the average American citizen
2023-02-10 07:10
Murrica brain
2023-02-10 07:24
what is the opposite of recency bias?
2023-02-10 07:27
2 replies
I am a realist, prime s1mple is unique, but prime kennyS and guardiaN top Zywoo any day.
2023-02-10 08:08
1 reply
before s1mple, awp was not as dominating and game changing as it is now, but im not going to stick to any of these statements, because im a realist and i know we never gonna check that out
2023-02-10 09:06
Turkey wsmby
2018 NA CS would beat any European team ahahahahhahahaha
2023-02-10 07:36
2018 NA cs got DEMOLISHED by 2018 NiKo only, apart from THE BOSTON INCIDENT. Casters even called Liquid to GET OFF THE SERVER at 1 point. But yea, NA cs was something back then.
2023-02-10 08:05
Sure m0e seems like a smart guy compared to freakazoid
2023-02-10 12:37
Not a single true fact xdddd
2023-02-10 13:05
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