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This cs era is worse than the previous one
Germany iLikedFazeForOlle 
TL;DR G2 are good because everyone else is bad and we are about to witness the worst season of csgo history Last year, many people here claimed that Faze's victories were flukes and that their success was due solely to the poor performances of the other teams. This pov was understandable, for instance, when comparing it to the 2021 era, which had a godlike Navi, a well-structured G2 and ofc the other teams like Gambit, Vita, VP, Heroic, and others with a small gap between them. Returning to 2021, Faze's rise to glory began with a Kato win over a highly in-form G2 team that had defeated the then-best team in the world, Navi, in the semifinals and were favored to win the final. Later in EPL15, Faze continued their success by defeating Gambit, who were a very hard team to play, as well as Navi (top 1 team in the world). And so on, they won the Major and Cologne, defeating Navi. Sure, one could argue that the scene was essentially a Faze vs. Navi fiesta back then. However, we at least had an entertaining era with two teams in good form. However, this year, G2 are currently the best worst team in the world with no competition whatsoever. They won Kato because every other team was too weak to be a contender. Even Heroic, who made it to the final, were weaker compared to the Heroic team of last year. Navi and Faze are very underperforming TL making it to the semi is a big fluke. I think that if no team gets their shit together among the top dogs, we are about to witness one of the most boring seasons in the history of csgo(even worse than the 2019 at least we had TL back then) .
2023-02-22 02:39
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Funny to see this coming from a FaZe fan lol You talk about no competition but FaZe literally took advantage of the war and dead team rosters. Everyone were not compatible and shaky and they won events solely cos of that. See what happened once most teams recovered lol knocked out and didn't even make it to major. Also 0 grandslam and cry is free.
2023-02-22 02:42
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2023-02-22 02:41
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Fake flair and flag. Read the updated version of my comment
2023-02-22 02:43
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NaVi and ENCE in first half of the year were better than any team now
2023-02-22 02:45
2023-02-22 02:47
most team recovered Navi losing to heroic C9 eliminated by ihc Faze losing to shit TL TL getting smacked by G2 Vita shitting the bed against TL Heroic failing to keep up with G2 sure the scene looks very strong to me. btw grandslam hope is still alive
2023-02-22 02:56
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If G2s Kato means nothing then fazes grand slam will mean nothing if won in the same era
2023-02-22 04:49
this just means liquid is getting better
2023-02-22 05:07
2023-02-22 06:41
United States [LEGEND]
I'd say that current Heroic roster seems stronger than 2022 FaZe
2023-02-22 09:47
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yes, more fluent overall then FaZe was
2023-02-22 10:23
heroic is only good when jabbi plays at his top level , otherwise theyre pretty middle of thr pack
2023-03-24 19:18
you just explained why FaZe are fluke, and others are still building up
2023-02-22 10:21
Argentina Joedash
G2 didn't make it to the major. But FaZe did make it.
2023-02-22 03:00
Hungary kushh_
"FaZe literally took advantage of the war" I wonder why only FaZe did so. A lot of top teams had 0 relations with Russia or Ukraine, but they didn't seem to get any better. Also idk why u talk about the war's effects on it, from late february(war start) navi only lost to FaZe, noone else. They started getting full goofy in late august/september.
2023-02-22 10:07
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+1 finally someone with a brain here
2023-02-22 11:06
+1 don't listen to anyone else my bro everyone should learn from G2 roster, the combo of skills is too strong
2023-02-22 10:20
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2023-02-22 11:34
+1 faze should give the wins to navi because of war and navi era should continue
2023-02-22 11:03
2023-02-22 02:41
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Sometimes the truth may be hard to swallow
2023-02-22 03:20
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i dont swallow
2023-02-22 03:27
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India Lunat1c777
Booooooo Boooooooooo Booooooooooooo
2023-02-22 10:22
yes vitality and g2 never win against navi now navi without IGL look so shit with new rookie player more make navi so bad losing 3 time to G2
2023-02-22 05:51
Heroic got tho finals only because jabbi and cadian are overperforming also scene is so weak that cadian is a good awper lmao
2023-02-22 02:41
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EXACTLY. Look at Niko drop off and all the fluke performances by Hunter and JKS disappear. The real G2 and Heroic will be exposed lmao. Like fucking Heroic won against Na'Vi only TWICE in like 16 games LOL. CSGO esports will die if we have shit 0 hype teams like Heroic and G2 winning. We need Liquid, Faze, Navi, Vitality, and Astralis back ASAP.
2023-02-22 10:11
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Germany RIP_MY_NIP
couldnt agree more, everyone knows that Vitality and Liquid rake in huge amounts of viewers and that G2 simply cannot compare
2023-02-22 13:25
If you actually saw the games you’d see that it’s the best in terms of the CS that’s being played
2023-02-22 02:48
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flair no way you think that
2023-02-22 02:53
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India RycerZ
Ya no way IHC playing this good. Fluke team for sure.
2023-02-22 05:28
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2023-02-22 11:01
I agree
2023-02-22 13:18
Brazil flytw4tp
looks like FaZe fans gonna cry whole year…. you guys can’t accept that FaZe fell off and couldn’t play consistently for more than 6 months. give it a break, G2 literally had 4 players with over 1.15 rating. it’s not G2’s fault that your team sucks right now.
2023-02-22 02:54
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Their ratings have nothing to do with the shit he wrote. But like I said, what the fucking shit is this thread. When navi won the major many teams didnt make changes due to rmr points being tied to the 5 players they had. You could make an argument on navi playing against weak opposition because of that.
2023-02-22 10:19
Nationalism has been ruined therefore, no hype, no pride, no culture. Just names put together and broken english being spoken lol
2023-02-22 02:55
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You speak English because it's the only language you know, and I speak English because it's the only language you know. Come back when you can speak more than 0.6 languages
2023-02-22 03:02
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I'm completely inferior in that sense no denying, I really should learn another language. I wasn't trashing their broken english, its not there first language so sometimes calls can get lost, the tone of voice/vibration doesn't register the same as a native language, and therefore we get lackluster cs
2023-02-22 03:56
Hungary Mitomen20
"0.6 languages" lmao
2023-02-22 05:56
Daily everyone sucks post 0/8
2023-02-22 02:57
Navi 2021 Gambit never played lan French vitality enough said G2 without awper and jackz Heroic never played lan and refrezh Nip with academy players and then lost device Astralis Furia without awper Liquid with stewie Faze 2022 2nd best team navi is also the one most affected by war CIS teams in general because of war New vita somehow being worse than french vita Ence with only 1 star player and no firepower Heroic choking in playoffs and same with cloud9 G2 with jackz and choking problems Liquid with shox, igl returning from valorant, and inexperienced osee Nip without awper I am missing a few big names so sorry about that. Navi at leaat were dominant in their wins unlike faze. Truth is that if one team is the best then other teams inherently have flaws. Also, can you chill? Only 1 tournament has been played in this season.
2023-02-22 03:28
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United Arab Emirates p1peb0mb
Fnatic era best era
2023-02-22 06:21
"TL making it to the semi is a big fluke." This BIG fluke has been happening consistently for the past 8 months.
2023-02-22 03:50
Europe loveall
Lmaoooo anything to discredit the success of a team.
2023-02-22 03:52
bro if FaZe is bad it doesn't mean everyone is.
2023-02-22 03:54
how do we differentiate between a team winning because they're amazing and a team winning because everyone else is bad?
2023-02-22 04:16
ZywOo | 
France Kaidy
You're completely right but G2 fans don't want to know.
2023-02-22 04:17
astralis good cause teams was bad & decided to roster changes , navi good cause teams was bad & decided to make roster changes , faze good cause war & teams decided to make roster changes , g2 good cause teams bad & who knows if other teams will make roster changes , literally its the same excuse every time for any team that showed a progress is (low competition)
2023-02-22 04:26
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Czech Republic czRamtin03
2023-02-22 23:07
i agree 100% scene is getting weaker since s1mple and navi's unbelievable form in 2021, faze in 2022 had a "weak" competition but this is just straight up unentertaining i actually prefer watching tier2 because of this, 9ine, falcons, aurora, ikla, 500 are good to watch, it's sad 500 throw their games but still better than the boring all teams wrecked, Niko hunter go kill tier 1
2023-02-22 04:34
One of the dumbest comment i’ve ever seen
2023-02-22 04:44
gla1ve | 
Denmark JKTP
When do people realize that "all the other teams were bad" is a shit argument. Astralis in 2018 are actually just flukes. Look at their biggest competitors: NAVI with Edwards/Flamie, a dying MIBR project and Faze post Boston not trusting Karrigan. Mega easy competition. Fnatic are even bigger major flukers. Only Rivals was french teams constantly shuffeling, NIP with perma changing 5th man and inconsistent VP. Too many holes in opposition NAVI biggest flukers. Because NIP with Device turned out to be pretty shite, Gambit onliners and G2/Vitality benched half it's roster after the major. Haha NAVI BAD, covid abusers NO NO NO Actually faze is the biggest biggest flukers... ok the joke is dead. The real answer to this debate lies in how counter-strike has changed. The bar for the best team just keeps rising and the only way to keep up is to keep changing rosters and making constant improvements which leads to these shitty arguments. If every team had a flawless roster than everyone would win majors, that's now how logic works. It doesn't really matter who the major winner is you can always poke holes in the opposition because only one team can be the best in the world.
2023-02-22 04:46
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Because they don’t actually think it, they’re just copying an argument they heard on YouTube
2023-02-22 04:55
50% agree, imo it's mix of teams restructuring or falling off partially in form and G2 improving
2023-02-22 04:56
there has not been a single instant in the counter strike pro scene ever, including now, where teams as a whole have gotten WORSE pros are continuously playing the game, discovering new strats on every map and getting better at the game (obv the veterans are not getting mechanically better) sure a couple of teams may slump and disappear but the scene as a whole has always been improving
2023-02-22 05:19
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Hungary Mitomen20
Agreed. These takes somehow always come from coping fans or from Richard Lewis doubling down on his G2 slander trying to not look like a hack.
2023-02-22 05:58
1 reply
New Zealand Melting
Richard Lewis is and always will be a hack
2023-02-22 06:03
Australia poppyxox
what era exactly are we talking about? G2 won 2 tournaments my guy
2023-02-22 06:05
Nt Richard Lewis
2023-02-22 06:24
Australia Cheesle2
Everyone is bad post #137
2023-02-22 06:26
Only read the first sentence and nothing else, and it’s correct. G2 are only number 1 because all the other top teams have gotten worse. Navi kicking Boom was a mistake and screwed the over. Faze/Liquid/Vitality all suffer from trashcan IGLs that can’t frag, meaning the rest of the team suffers because of them unless they play out of their minds.
2023-02-22 06:38
Estonia void1337
i agree with you, tier 1 cs is looking real bleak right now. also its not the teams being weak, i think they are very strong, its the inconsistency. just the level of tier 1 cs is getting very tight and best team in the world changing every month. faze and navi can completely destroy everyone and then the next event not even get into quarter finals. who am i supposed to cheer for? i dont know what to expcelt rlly, its why i prefer watching t2-t3 cs
2023-02-22 06:56
Bro chill it's just a different year. Let's see if G2 can keep up the momentum like Faze and Navi did
2023-02-22 06:58
Hungary hltvmens
What are you talking about, 2019 was 1 of the best years.
2023-02-22 09:53
FINALLY SOMEONE WITH A BRAIN. G2 AREN'T A GOOD TEAM LIKE FAZE LAST YEAR Na'Vi 2021, Astralis during their era or even Liquid during their Grandslam run. They are just fragging out like INSANE. Hooxi making stupid pushes and getting away with it just shows how bad other teams are RN. Can;t wait to see the real G2 when the other teams fix their shit.
2023-02-22 10:09
Latvia Tibro
didnt read..bro since 2018 and 2021 there was not era..
2023-02-22 10:27
Bro, there was 1 tournament. You said we're in a vitality era after they won the last epl?
2023-02-22 10:53
I think cs has been quite fun to watch since after covid, even tho teams go up and down in form, it's very hard for a team to have dominace for more than 4-5ish months
2023-02-22 10:59
1 reply
whats fun about that
2023-02-22 23:20
Xyp9x | 
India NinX
Those tears are mad salty.
2023-02-22 11:44
Such a shit take. Team Liquid made two finals in the last six months of last year and all of a sudden making a semi is not only a fluke but a BIG fluke? By definition it can't be a fluke if it's happening every other month. Stop listening to Richard Lewis he's got a vested interest in thinking this way.
2023-02-22 13:55
2 replies
The fact that Tl made it to two finals is a big reason why the scene is fucked
2023-02-22 14:31
1 reply
Why because some fat boomer said so? Bro G2 has the best rifler in the world and the fastest likely to be best before too long AWP. As well as two riflers have been top 20 more then once and are still in their prime or close to it. It's not shocking at all that they've now become a really good team and if you go back to last year even before JKS got there people were speculating that the talent level on this team could make them elite. Liquid is actually a pretty similar situation just without the AWP prodigy. It's not surprising that a trio of great riflers could form a consistent semi final team. This is literally the formula for winning CS teams.
2023-02-22 22:37
nt Richard Lewis.
2023-02-22 23:08
Czech Republic czRamtin03
TL fluke -__-
2023-02-22 23:14
hltv nerds will cope but this is the shittiest period of pro cs we have had in years,people who still find this boring shit entertaining are just the hardcore fans who would enjoy 10 robots playing
2023-02-22 23:20
TLDR - scene is boring because my team isn't winning any more. You are a fairweather fan. The scene got easier and faze still can't win anything. Unlucky
2023-02-22 23:52
2021 was easily the worst year
2023-02-22 23:53
When I made this thread people actually laughed at me.
2023-03-24 19:14
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