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Your own event
nawwk | 
North Macedonia ImBaiterBro 
You are doing your own event let's say you can afford 250k $ prize pool. How many teams would you invite, how many qualifiers and many qualified? How much prizepool for the 1st and the others? How would you organize the group stage and the playoffs? I will start first: 4 qualifiers : Each qualifier will get 2 spots. ALL MACHES ARE BEST OF 1. 8 invited teams to the group stage. Will make 2 groups with 8 teams | 4 invites team + 4 qualified at each group. ALL MATCHES BEST OF 2. If the teams has same points the round difference will decide. 4 invited teams at the quater finals: The 8 teams that qualified from the group stage will compete each other and then will play against the invited. First place: 125k Second place: 50k Third place: 30k Fourth place: 15k Fifth-eight: 7.5k each. Let's bring something new at this site, stop the hating and let's have fun.
2023-03-20 19:07
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idk mens
2023-03-20 19:09
Mexico Profanity
One team: OG
2023-03-20 19:10
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You will invite them in grand final?
2023-03-20 19:12
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France tjsumm
Yes and they will still throw
2023-03-20 20:22
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2023-03-20 20:33
hi dougbuck
2023-03-21 15:25
Why bother with qualifiers? Just invite all the best teams
2023-03-20 19:10
2023-03-20 19:16
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Then why would you comment?
2023-03-20 19:23
invite teams to your 250k tournament and make the brackets
2023-03-21 09:02
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heroic ez stavn 9.99 rating breaking records, 1v5 bots with negev running down mid ace ez
2023-03-21 10:53
The tournament with teams of og players only. Prize pool very well divided. Harmonial environment like the cs_summit event. Just normal bo3s and winner gets bragging rights and free nerf darts
2023-03-20 19:28
I've made 2 events today actually
2023-03-20 19:28
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2023-03-20 20:33
Brazil Gravelord
CSGO needs a 20-team double round-robin league (Premier League format) but the prize pool would have to be much greater than 250k.
2023-03-20 19:32
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Brazil Gravelord
Would be sick if BLAST did this instead of having 15 qualifiers for a 5-game tournament (Blast World Finals).
2023-03-20 19:34
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Honestly not a bad idea, but placing matches between tournaments ain’t easy and I don’t think there’s enough space with the current schedule
2023-03-20 19:40
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Brazil Gravelord
I mean my suggestion would replace the current Blast circuit, not add to it, so when we currently have Blast groups, finals, showdown, etc. we would be having rounds of games for the big league.
2023-03-20 20:10
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Oh shit yeah I somehow missed that haha. Great idea imo
2023-03-20 21:18
I stopped reading at bo1 ...random nonsense which doesn't belong to tier1 CS
2023-03-20 19:46
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Never said tier 1 event.
2023-03-20 20:35
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Isn't 250k prize pool tier1?
2023-03-20 21:44
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2023-03-20 21:49
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Interesting,thank you
2023-03-21 08:59
1v1 BO1, winner takes it all. Each player + coaches are allowed to vote on the map, but they are not allowed to know (or discuss beforehand) what the others voted. Map with most votes is played. I invite Heroic and G2.
2023-03-20 19:52
bo3 swiss system no baiting allowed so navi can attend only without simple
2023-03-20 20:12
Hungary szia
format would be like what the NA challenger league is running: 2 groups of 8 teams, each team plays the other in their group ,however instead of 1 bo3, they play 2 bo1s, like how it used to be in EPL. this group stage is online. top 4 teams of each group advance to LAN playoffs and play double bracket bo3 format. grand final is bo5 and the team from the upper bracket has 1 map default. prize distribution, idrk, obv some exponential curve that gives the playoff teams more
2023-03-20 20:21
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Kinda nice
2023-03-20 20:34
Germany Teuton1813
Invite: Astralis Prizepool for #1: 250k No BO5 bullshit, just give Astralis the trophy and money. ez
2023-03-20 20:36
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they already did that in 2018, was basiclly free money for astralis
2023-03-20 21:11
2023-03-20 21:50
''The weird map challenge'' 1. Only play maps that are not part of the official map pool 2. Invite my favourite teams.
2023-03-20 21:15
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Who is ur fav teams?
2023-03-20 21:50
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Probably missed 1 or 2 teams, hard to remember everyone. NIP Outsiders Furia Godsent Movistar Riders Mibr
2023-03-20 21:55
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Bro what is mibr doing here
2023-03-21 08:25
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I like hen1
2023-03-21 15:12
16 teams 8 Invites based on past 6 months of play (roster changes taken into account) 4 qualifiers, top 2 from each advance for seeding purposes: scrap HLTV/ESL WR group of 16, each team plays each other 1 time to determine seeding, tie breakers sorted by H2H, RF, RA, coinflip double elimination bracket championship bo5 with map advantage for upper bracket team prizing: 1) $175,000 2) $75,000
2023-03-20 21:26
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2023-03-20 21:50
Belgium ouwedouwe
Open qualifiers but benelux only, 14 best teams go to the event. EC Brugge and Genk will already be invited. 16 Teams total Single elimination brackets (random seeding) LOL 1st: 100k 2nd: 50k 3-4: 25k each i keep the rest of the money
2023-03-21 08:49
Sweden Squilliam
2 teams nip vs young ninjas losers get locked up in Skåne for the rest of there life
2023-03-21 09:08
dm supercup
2023-03-21 09:21
16 Teams 2 Closed Qualifiers for 4 spots each (invite upper T2) 8 Spots for inviting T1 they wait for the Teams of quals Random seeding once closed quals end Hold the whole tournament over 2 weeks with 1 week Break between Closed Quals and actual event but all the players get flown in to play Location: Some Tropical Island 250k pricepool 1st 150k 2nd 70k 3rd/4th 15k each Showmatches have to be played during the 1 week off with one community chosen variation each day
2023-03-21 09:49
I'd do a cup for national teams, it's smth that is definitely missing in gaming across all games
2023-03-21 09:53
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Hong Kong shmilx
+1 would like to see a world cup of some sort hosted every year with 1 team per nation/HLTV flag
2023-03-21 10:09
Spain zeNDoSC
IHC - TyLoo showdown winner takes it all
2023-03-21 09:56
CS:GO World cup 24 Teams overall. Main event has 16 Teams. Top 8 most relevant countries in scene past few years could be invited straight to the main event. Other 8 teams would qualify from qualifiers. Qualifiers to the main event would be like RMRs except all the matches are BO3. After the qualifiers the 16 last teams would be split to 2 groups and each group has 4 invited teams and 4 teams from qualifiers. All teams in same group plays against eachother and the top 4 of each group qualifys to the play-offs. Play-offs could be the same than in major. Winner 100k, Second 50k, 3-4 20k, 5-8 15k.
2023-03-21 11:05
United States 1Tuurtle
Invite tier 2 teams from each region Forze and ef for eu Party astronauts (eg white) and nouns for NA 00/imperial and 9z for SA Rare atom for Asia And Grayhound for Oceania 8 team round robin into 6 team playoffs (top 2 round robin go to semis) 1st=175k 2nd=25k 3rd-4th=15k 5th-6th=10k
2023-03-21 15:21
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