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egg seasoning
Australia rule606 
what do u guys put on eggs? i normally just put tomato sauce or bbq sauce with no salt or pepper since the sauce has salt anyway
2023-03-21 13:50
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Portugal Duckerinoo
I don't like eggs
2023-03-21 13:51
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Brazil jaONzyS
it's because you haven't tried mine yet... here in Brazil the chickens are good
2023-03-21 13:52
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Had us in the first part
2023-03-21 13:57
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what do you mean?
2023-03-21 16:00
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In lot of eastern european languages egg mean balls
2023-03-21 16:28
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I know that :)
2023-03-21 16:30
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Doesn't answer my question, or I hope you can understand what I meant
2023-03-21 16:30
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No ido nt
2023-03-21 16:32
How do you not like eggs? Do you just not like them as whole eggs, or do not even like them as ingrediants? That would be very weird.
2023-03-21 14:06
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Canada MiLkBaGzz
My grandmother use to always eat boiled eggs and the smell made me vomit as a kid. Dumb I know but that has put me off eggs. Everytime I see them I get a little nauseous. Its annoying since im not a kid anymore so it shouldnt bother me and I dont even get nauseous easy as an adult but oh well the brain is weird. That said if I dont see the egg its fine, even If I make it. For example I love french toast
2023-03-21 14:33
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Alright, make sense. :D
2023-03-21 15:00
Scotland Ludax
Even now the smell of eggs makes me want to throw up lol
2023-03-22 01:41
I'm allergic to eggs :(
2023-03-21 15:22
Canada MiLkBaGzz
2023-03-21 14:31
name checks out
2023-03-21 15:38
United Kingdom Jonty04l32
+1 Never liked eggs.
2023-03-22 01:40
Scotland Ludax
+1 eggs and egg products (mayo) are disgusting
2023-03-22 01:42
Germany Kevnn
2023-03-22 10:59
Sweden Pelles
kalles kaviar
2023-03-21 13:53
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Denmark V1tus
2023-03-21 13:55
the only correct answer
2023-03-21 23:19
what an interesting thread
2023-03-21 13:53
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Egg hater spotted
2023-03-21 13:58
2023-03-21 13:53
Spinx | 
Israel IdoXD
salt and pepper and that's it
2023-03-21 13:54
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2023-03-21 15:17
2023-03-21 23:23
Poland Astoner55
No sauce, some people in Poland like to have eggs with mayo on 'em, but I just eat eggs with salt, I don't like mayo
2023-03-21 13:55
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based, mayo is ass (for me)
2023-03-21 13:56 Will change your like
2023-03-21 13:58
whats the point lmao, mayo is made from eggs
2023-03-21 15:42
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Poland Astoner55
Hey, don't ask me, I don't do it. I just know that people do it. And it's very common here in Poland.
2023-03-21 16:33
Poland kruky
2023-03-22 10:46
HObbit | 
Pakistan sanos
2023-03-21 13:55
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Spinx | 
Israel IdoXD
sumac is pretty good but that's the first time i've heard someone eats eggs with this spice lol is it that good? i'd like to try it
2023-03-21 15:18
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if you like sumac then you'll like it on eggs crispy fried egg + sumac and salt on top is godlike
2023-03-21 16:42
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Spinx | 
Israel IdoXD
sounds terrific :DD
2023-03-21 17:02
NiKo | 
Asia zfkaede
soy sauce on fried egg (i mix it with fluid egg yolk and spread it on the egg) chilli on omelet fried rice (sometimes i go w/o sauce) tomato and mustard on omelet for sandwich
2023-03-21 13:55
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Finland C4shew
2023-03-22 10:07
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don't care, im from asia and soy sauce will forever have a place in my heart
2023-03-22 18:28
Nothing, just eggs
2023-03-21 13:55
Depends on how you prepare them. If it’s just a cooked egg then only salt, maybe pre-mixed with some herbs
2023-03-21 13:55
salt pepper
2023-03-21 13:56
Denmark V1tus
I usually bathe them in a concoction of BBQ sauce and remoulade
2023-03-21 13:56
2023-03-21 13:56
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2023-03-21 15:08
i eat my eggs raw
2023-03-21 13:59
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Based and rawpilled
2023-03-22 11:07
scrambled eegs with furikake seasoning (there is lot of mixes, but base is sesame seeds, seaweed, salt)
2023-03-21 14:01
Grounded sea salt and pepper
2023-03-21 14:07
nothing. Or soy sauce.
2023-03-21 14:09
vegeta, pepper, mayo or mustard, olive oil and sometimes vinegar
2023-03-21 14:29
Antigua and Barbuda qezar
if the egg is cooked - it's good with just salt and pepper. If it's boiled - lots of mayo
2023-03-21 14:30
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Germany Lifant
2023-03-21 23:20
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+1 wtf...
2023-03-21 23:23
Antigua and Barbuda qezar
yes, mayonnaise, ever heard of it? Goes really well together with boiled eggs
2023-03-22 08:17
+1 wtf now i've seen it all
2023-03-22 10:50
Bit of pepper and a little bit of tomato sauce
2023-03-21 14:32
2023-03-21 14:38
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2023-03-22 10:51
salt, oregano, water and cheese for scrambled eggs
2023-03-21 15:01
ropz | 
Slovakia nvrn06
2023-03-21 15:02
I like cayenne red pepper instead of normal pepper
2023-03-21 15:04
Depending on what dish, either chili oil, salt and pepper or nothing
2023-03-21 15:10
rain | 
United States Wrinkl
salt, pepper, hot sauce if im eating them for breakfast
2023-03-21 15:12
Argentina utu
salt, black pepper and a hefty dose of cayenne pepper.
2023-03-21 15:13
2023-03-21 15:15
2023-03-21 15:15
Drink then raw
2023-03-21 15:16
Finland Emvi
salt and pepper
2023-03-21 15:17
I like salt and pepper. rosemary or italian seasoning. Marie Sharps Smoked Habanero Pepper sauce is good too. A lot of people dont like tabasco sauce but I like. Avocado, eggs and bacon is my favorite combination. Eggs fried in bacon grease mmm
2023-03-21 15:27
salt & pepper. hot sauce. sriracha. furikake.
2023-03-21 15:30
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India _Nexius
2023-03-21 15:59
Finland DarthJesus
TBH I lost it already at tomato sauce and bbq sauce. Honestly good old white pepper, black pepper and some good sea salt does the trick if you fry it
2023-03-21 15:32
Salt pepper paprika curry sum shit i find in the fridge and i just put everything in the bin and dont eat.
2023-03-21 15:34
2023-03-21 15:35
Thought this thread was about american football, disappointed
2023-03-21 15:39
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wtf XD
2023-03-21 23:16
Boiled for breakfast for example with Maggi or salt. For everything else it really depends what the side dish is
2023-03-21 15:41
Denmark fujiYEEZY
onions, salt, pepper, sriracha sauce if pan fried all of the above + soy sauce if scrambled
2023-03-21 15:42
salt, pepper, onions, sometimes cheese no homo sauces
2023-03-21 15:43
salt, pepper, tabasco on fried eggs boiled eggs get the mayo
2023-03-21 15:47
2023-03-21 16:00
salt, pepper and paprika
2023-03-21 16:30
if you really wanna ball out - beluga caviar.
2023-03-21 17:07
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kalles kaviar goated
2023-03-22 09:50
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nah, not the salted cod caviar as a paste. like legit sturgeon fish eggs
2023-03-22 09:56
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I was just trying to promote Swedish cusine!
2023-03-22 10:04
Salt, red pepper and black pepper and tomato sauce afterwards next to it.
2023-03-21 17:10
Iceland Greedo
salt sriracha if scramble, if normal then salt
2023-03-21 17:12
Salmonella concerns aside, some experts suggest that eating even one egg a day may exceed the safe upper limit for cholesterol intake in terms of cardiovascular disease risk. Dietary cholesterol may also contribute to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, and cholesterol consumption was found to be a strong predictor of cirrhosis and liver cancer. Those consuming the amount of cholesterol found in two Egg McMuffins or more each day appeared to double their risk of hospitalization or death. Compared with men who rarely eat eggs, men eating even less than one egg a day appear to have twice the risk of prostate cancer progression. And, men who consume two and a half or more eggs per week—basically an egg every three days—may have an 81 percent increased risk of dying from prostate cancer. How could eating less than an egg a day have such potential impact on cancer risk? The answer may be choline, a compound found concentrated in eggs. The choline in eggs, like the carnitine in red meat, is converted into a toxin called trimethylamine by bacteria existing in meat-eaters’ guts. Trimethylamine, once oxidized in the liver, appears to increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, and premature death.
2023-03-22 01:18
8 replies
Just because a doctor said it doesn't mean it's true. Doctors are wrong a lot. If you like eggs just eat them, not worrying about what some random doctor said.
2023-03-22 01:38
6 replies
This is a statement based on a compilation of studies. I will not be commenting further. Nutrition debates on HLTV are pointless I just wanted to put the truth out there for anyone interested in reading further.
2023-03-22 01:42
5 replies
"I will not be commenting further." 🤓🤓🤓
2023-03-22 01:54
1 reply
The man read one article and let it change his entire life because it had the word doctor in it xD
2023-03-22 10:45
Wasn't that like a really old study that has been proven wrong several times?
2023-03-22 09:49
2 replies
Yes but dont tell it to that guy
2023-03-22 10:45
1 reply
More eggs for us!
2023-03-22 13:27
I will be increasing my daily egg intake in spite of you.
2023-03-22 11:14
just salt
2023-03-22 01:23
Scotland Jameson_
franks or tabasco
2023-03-22 01:31
Salt, pepper and chili flakes
2023-03-22 01:33
Salt, pepper, and hot sauce on over-easy eggs
2023-03-22 01:39
I like to put a tablespoon of greek yogurt, some chives, and a little tabasco sauce on my eggs. some cigarette ash usually falls in when I'm making breakfast so I guess that's a spice in it too.
2023-03-22 01:40
1 reply
BRO that made me laugh lol
2023-03-22 01:47
tabasco. im not the biggest tabasco fan but i love eggs and tabasco makes them even better
2023-03-22 01:40
Salt, Mayonnaise, or nothing at all
2023-03-22 01:55
Germany phanta_
usually salt&pepper, sometimes i make scrambled eggs with sucuk, diced red pepper and hot sauce
2023-03-22 01:56
salt pepper paprika powder
2023-03-22 02:00
2023-03-22 02:01
Simply eggs is kinda boring, they have to have some meat ingredient in it. A sausage, some seasoned meat or whatever else, you get the picture. A little bit of cheese on top and important, minced onions. Sometimes I cook it on a salo fat instead of oil but rarely. I usually eat it with sweet chilli sauce or mayo, nothing else needed
2023-03-22 02:18
Australia flashi
some salt and shit loads of pepper
2023-03-22 02:19
Salt and pepper
2023-03-22 02:19
2023-03-22 02:27
I do not like boiled eggs. 1. Fried eggs with tomatoes, scrambled egges with green chille, egg fried rice are good dishes. 2. steamed eggs with soy souce(stir the eggs with water, add salt, then steamed for 7-8 minutes, add soysource or vinegar before eating), it tastes like pudding, soft and tender.
2023-03-22 02:53
North America 007DBR9
salt and pepper, I also love me some melted sharp cheddar
2023-03-22 05:12
I like easy eggs and eat them with toast. If not that, then plain
2023-03-22 05:19
boil, then -yolk +shit ton of ketchup that's how we do it in Ukraine
2023-03-22 09:54
i hate eating eggs, from time to time i make scrambled eggs with bulgarian cheese with some pepper and sometimes put some salami aswell, tastes good but i still cant eat much eggs makes me wanna puke
2023-03-22 10:05
Netherlands Datsun510
my favorite ways: - salt & pepper - pesto - bacon,pepper (salt?)
2023-03-22 10:08
flavoured seasalt
2023-03-22 10:16
United Kingdom b00ka
salt, maggi cube, thyme, pepper
2023-03-22 10:25
salt, pepper and sriracha
2023-03-22 10:43
salt pepper sometimes garlic powder or herbs de provence or cayenne pepper no salt if you eat it with cheese or bacon
2023-03-22 10:48
Depends on how I make them, but usually just salt. I don't like flavors ig
2023-03-22 10:49
nothing, its an egg wtf
2023-03-22 11:00
salt, cumin and olive oil
2023-03-22 11:04
Granulated roasted onion
2023-03-22 11:15
feta cheese and plain yogurt
2023-03-22 18:30
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