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Fps in cs2
f0rest | 
Serbia bodysprayer 
How much fps increase you get? I have a beast pc but every update I've been losing more and more fps that sometimes I dip below 144, really hope I don't need the buy a super pc for stable fps
2023-03-23 03:32
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My FPS has been really unstable and my pc is pretty beefy. I think it will improve over time with new iterations
2023-03-23 03:34
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Damn wtf This was one the biggest concerns about cs
2023-03-23 03:35
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yeah it kinda is bad but its been less heavy on my cpu which is great
2023-03-23 03:36
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i mean its the beta everything will still change
2023-03-23 03:37
its still beta , dont expect much from it until the game full release
2023-03-23 03:37
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Hope so Cs in theory should be running 400fps on the shittiest pcs, I don't really care about dust and raytracing or whatever shit they add
2023-03-23 03:41
It's in beta
2023-03-23 04:32
everybody talking about fps when the important thing is frametime -.-'
2023-03-23 03:38
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Brazil MglAssombra
fps is important bro.
2023-03-23 03:40
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no anyway people can see 24 fps
2023-03-23 04:36
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it doesnt matter how much u see, but how much your PC can process.... try yourself to play with fps_max_24 and then with 300 so u can see the difference on your shots, movimentation, click response, buttons response, EVERYTHING
2023-03-23 19:32
whats differnece
2023-03-23 04:16
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consistency. you can have good avg fps with deep drops, when your frametime isn't stable
2023-03-23 04:22
Canada MiLkBaGzz
Bro tell that to my friend who gets 30fps
2023-03-23 04:53
Argentina cheapdeed
its a beta men)) do this thread in june-august
2023-03-23 03:51
With my pc it feela mostly the same
2023-03-23 04:15
Germany |imperator
yeah its like i can play it
2023-03-23 04:18
I installed a custom win 11 version called ghost spectre, it's without any background and tracking apps, will not have any updates except security ones and is completely focused on maximum performance, boosted my avg fps from 525 to 603 edit. misread the post so my comment is completely off topic
2023-03-23 04:30
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Europe Nuskel
isn't that kinda like win 10 enterprise?
2023-03-23 04:41
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yeah kinda but it goes further, ghost spectre removes all microsoft apps, even edge and has some new features modded into it, like you can restore the old right click menu or in general the whole win 10 theme, it has new powerplans directly changeble in the right click menu, this pc ( my computer ) is on desktop again and a handy batch file there you can change system related stuff and install selected programs like chrome and steam ( and microsoft apps if you want to )
2023-03-23 05:44
5 fps
2023-03-23 04:29
Anyone who believed that Source 2 would result and better FPS is delusional, GPU/CPU manufacturers need to be fed too, if you make a game that can be run flawlessly on a computer from 2015 theres less reason to support the game on a sponsorship level.
2023-03-23 04:39
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Source 2 is apparently more optimised than source 1 and runs decent on lower end devices ofc i cannot attest to this this is just stuff I've heard
2023-03-23 05:15
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It will most likely run better in terms of code and crispness but it won't be boosting FPS, but yeah there's no gain in making the game run on lower computers than it does currently in CSGO.
2023-03-23 05:27
Brazil jerolimeu
i got exactly the same, around 140 but with some loss when i look at a lot of smokes or molotovs
2023-03-23 04:56
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