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Never benching bubzkji Glaive Device Xyp9x Zyphon (Magisk role) Bubzkji (Dupreeh role) No baitf, no buzz. Oh what could have been
2023-03-28 04:49
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Xyp9x time to retire
2023-03-28 04:50
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Oh you’re right even es3tsg was sick while in that roster
2023-03-28 04:51
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Brazil felix6775
2023-03-28 06:45
gla1ve | 
Denmark JKTP
This doesn't solve the fact that Xyp9x is terrible It doesn't solve the massive hole that kicking your star rifler is gonna create It doesn't fix Gla1ve's mediocre calling. And it 100% doesn't solve the fact that the Astralis org is terrible, borderline bankrupt and unable to secure tier 2 talent let alone tier 1 talent. Also they don't even have a half decent coach and their "analyst" is getting assblasted because he cheated. But man. What could have been.
2023-03-28 04:53
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Denmark RainsChild
Karrigan goat igl confirmed?
2023-03-28 05:59
United States KhanQu3st
Buzz is fine.
2023-03-28 04:56
ASTRALIS Device Staehr/roej BlameF Niko Gla1ve
2023-03-28 04:57
United States codgun
astralis fix elige naf osee nitro yekindar this could potentially catapult astralis into #15 from their current, dismally hopeless position at #16
2023-03-28 05:35
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Damsi | 
Denmark 45ETY
man it felt so good to watch them get demolished
2023-03-28 13:35
Never should've let k0nfig go. Even now BlameF, device and k0nfig would be a solid core and then they could've replaced xyp9x.
2023-03-28 06:02
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k0nfig brough it upon himself to be kicked , as much as i wanted the device , blameF and k0nfig trio you cant deny he only has himself to blame for what happend to him
2023-03-28 14:25
Staehr | 
France Ansi
Glaive - textbook 1trick pony: unable to bring AST back, even with top 20 players like BennieF and Device. Device - he's still good but will never reach his former heights in this team setup Xyp - would love to see him in a lineup without BennieF, but im not sure if he can come back to his former self. Zyphon - decent at best. He doesnt put in the work that Staehr does, frags out like Launx, and still has good roles. Bubskji - tbh i dont see him making a come back, unless he will announce something before CS2 comes out of beta. And at this point, he's been out of competition for too long. Nice to see you want BennieF out. imo he just sucks out all the dynamics out of a team. Sure he can hold angles and eco-frag, but at what expense? On top of that, after seeing RL's article about HUNDEN, it kinda scares me that he's already guiding AST for a long ass time, and it STILL isnt functioning properly. for the record, i consider Staehr to be the next big Danish rifler, but i would love to see him go to a better org where they can actually try to get the best of him (Vitality, Zonic). At this point, AST is just putting young potentials in an awkward position with leftover roles/spots cuz of BennieF's disability to move and device's legacy.
2023-03-28 06:38
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In the end it’s their own path they should do whatever they want but idk since letting device go all decisions has been really meh… I’d love to see blamef in a proper role one day in a team, I feel like him as an schor could either let him develop into a real rifle or expose him extremely
2023-03-28 13:33
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Staehr | 
France Ansi
Oh yeah, i agree. After sundays final of FaZe against C9, a user named Worth3D made a thread with his observations after the game. I consider Worth3D a credible user btw, he mentioned that ratz and rain swapped positions many times during the finals. If BennieF would actually grow some balls and do the same in buy rounds, Astralis might find a new spark, which in my opinion is key for this team to succeed. here's the link to that thread:
2023-03-28 15:13
Ppl laugh at eg management (for good reasons) but astralis is not far behind. They kick coaches, players but the ceo and the manager are still there like in eg. Lucky, mistr, farlig, buzz, xypex (renew his contracts), like wtf is this. They hire a dummy coach since hunden is the real one behind the closed door. Shox and fallen in liquid look like good moves compared to this. The only good sign is device and it is not because of the good scouting. The org (the players tbf) won 4 majors and they are so low rn. Astralis is not even a t1.5 team imo. Probably t2 atm. Edit : I agree Baitf is a problem in this team. His lurks are totally useless and on ct side, he needs a decoy. He never play anchor roles (like axile or jks), but he is super passive.
2023-03-28 07:30
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yep. Astralis's management is just slightly better cause atleast they don't bomb out dead last. They don't make playoffs either though XD
2023-03-28 07:28
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But they have device and blamef. Eg has automatic, a turbo washed brehze a nd an unproven player like nealan. Astralis should in theory go to the playoffs at least.
2023-03-28 07:33
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2/5 though right? If there's a 3rd person who can frag maybe not upto device/blamef level...maybe Buzz, then they can contest for playoffs. Something like Faze where Twistzz, Ropz and Broky are enough to bail them out of almost anything otherwise if you plot Buzz's stats on a graph it'll look like a bloody ECG chart. High highs and low lows
2023-03-28 07:48
keep buzz and remove xyp
2023-03-28 07:26
They just need k0nfig back pretty sure they will do better
2023-03-28 14:23
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