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Last comment Another banger from this guy Essentially my take aways (that I doubt anyone is gonna read but whatever) -America needs a goal in order for the country to function well -Americas peaks were when they had rivals such as the native Americans, Germans, and soviets and without a common goal the country becomes divided and decedent -America is incredibly materialist and capatalist and is so obsessed with power and money that it emphasizes those things at the expense of its society and I still find it absolutely insane how the government let social media become so powerful, America has provided the world with tons of important technologies and ideas that have benefited the world but social media is far from one of them - America when united or with a direct goal is literally godtier, literally every war we have ever fought that was just we won decisively, but our main goals nowadays are literally just money and status, like California is this shit pushed to the extreme I really do want to see the US revitalize itself and turn a different direction because we have easily the most potential of any superpower maybe in history
2023-04-01 07:40
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didnt read
2023-04-01 07:41
> Americas peaks were when they had rivals such as the native Americans, Germans, and soviets and without a common goal the country becomes divided and decedent did America peak when it was fighting the native Americans? or even Germans? America was a fragile and divided country for most of its first 150 years. Hell until after the civil war, half of it was economically reliant on slaves to some degree. It wasn't until after the industrial revolution that it started to develop into the coherent "state" that we know it as. And even well into the 20th century, there were very strong class and racial divisions in the country. People forget how violent and tumultuous the great depression and civil rights era were, and how fragile the country was prior to the civil war. none of the division that we experience today is unique, social media has just made it operate in a unique way.
2023-04-01 07:56
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America had a clear goal of expanding and developing the west of North America, defeated Mexico and turned those regions into some of the most important places in the United States, tons of people risked their lives walking thousands of miles to live in these areas (However this expansion did play a massive role in starting the civil war) Fighting the germans twice certified the US as the primary industrial nation in the world, and allowed us to have tons of influence internationally
2023-04-01 08:02
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Is that a peak though? It's a "success" from an American perspective, maybe morally ambiguous from others, but I wouldn't call the 1800s a prime example of American excellence. Even putting aside the obvious stuff like American Indian genocide and slavery, the country itself was the most unstable It's ever been. two halves of the country had wildly different visions for the future and wildly different values. Today's turmoil and disunity is nothing by comparison.
2023-04-01 08:16
Thought it was childish gambino
2023-04-01 07:55
Argentina utu
america slit its wrists and you're just watching it bleed out.
2023-04-01 08:00
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There are literal documents of people saying similar shit in the 1800's lmao Although americas society at least in the urban enviorments is completely fucked, I can't wait to see people fleeing overpriced shitholes like LA and SF in droves
2023-04-01 08:04
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Argentina utu
america wasn't even close to an empire back then.
2023-04-01 09:07
the wars america did were also for money
2023-04-01 09:09
A big part of the world identity is predicting the US's decline. Especially in the early 2000s. Anyone who was around knows. I don't even think America needs a revitalization. By any economic or military measure the gap is as large as it's ever been. China maybe could have been the county to really challenge the US but demographics are going to fuck China hard over the next 50-70 years. I think they are going to run out of steam before they ever make a serious run at it. The technological edge is actually still vast when you consider they still don't really invent things. Almost every military advance is either stolen from the west, bought from the russians or heavily based on a combination of. Literally 20-30 years behind. To this day.
2023-04-01 09:20
2023-04-01 09:32
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