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Competitive HUD for CS:GO
Hey guys, together with the user "spddl" ( I've worked on a "Competitive HUD" for CS:GO. I told him my ideas of a perfect HUD for CS:GO and he realized it very well. The result is a great clear and informative HUD. We also talked to the ESL and got a official permission for using this HUD in their leagues. Maybe you guys are also interested to use this optimized HUD and give us some feedback to improve it in the future. HUD Competitive Version 1.1 created by spddl conception by HYPER This HUD is optimized for competitive play (5vs5). Improvements: bomb/defuse-icon replaced, money replaced, clock replaced, removed bars from HP and armor, removed bullet-icons beside ammo, removed position notification to place the radar a little bit higher, removed avatars, added a new visualization for living players Screen Download: (cant give you the direct downloadlinks, because the hoster will go crazy - sorry for this) Installation: IMPORTANT: You have to know your ingame aspect ratio (16:9, 16:10 or 4:3). Please choose the correct files in the Competitive HUD-folder! You also have to use the default value "hud_scaling 0.95"! 1) It's recommended to backup your whole "flash"-folder in your CS:GO-directory. The path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\resource\flash 2) Copy all the files from the Competitive HUD-folder into your "flash"-folder - you should replace all the old files.
2012-12-12 14:06
Belarus ALBiNh0 
is it legal? esit: sry, didn't read about esl permission at first
2012-12-12 14:27
yes of I said in the firstpost, we talked to the ESL and they allowed this HUD for their leagues. "Customization" was always a big topic in counterstrike, so you'll be never banned from VAC or something like this. This HUD also works with sv_pure-servers.
2012-12-12 14:29
Is it legal on esea or in leetway?
2013-10-18 17:40
Brazil Xen. 
I swear that I don't wanna start another CSP X CS:GO war but, CSP already have something like this for a long time by now. But, of course, this is look pretty cool.
2012-12-12 14:29
maybe HYPERRRR mischose his favourite FPS;p
2013-01-14 11:10
dunno whats wrong with the original one, the only thing id change is the bomb icon. this one is cool, but id change the position of the defuse kit as its almost in the middle of the screen (1024x768)
2012-12-12 14:29
The teams on the bottom of the monitor, are actually easier to look at like this than with the original one.
2012-12-28 00:33
Portugal picc 
better then the default one.
2012-12-12 14:34
2012-12-12 14:37
Denmark rizc 
this looks alot like the CSP hud, but well done :-)
2012-12-12 14:55
it's a nice HUD but I think allowing these kind of changes to cs is bad, unless it's for everyone
2012-12-12 15:11
Germany t9xic 
the font is to big in my opinion and the money is really hard to read in freezetime with this stupid blackwhite filter but apart from that it's pretty good
2012-12-12 19:01
Poland kRAMERO 
it is Promod hud;D
2012-12-12 19:22
of corse.. and will kill this game
2012-12-12 19:53
can we kill a dead game ?
2012-12-26 15:08
Nice hud but it doesnt show if u have a kit as a ct unless if u check the scoreboard.
2012-12-12 19:55
defkit and bombicon are at the same place below the radar. pls check if you use the correct aspect ratio and hud_scaling 0.95
2012-12-12 20:14
alright i prolly picked 16:9 instead of the 16:10 folder
2012-12-12 20:31
I'm using hud_scaling 0.7 so this is pretty much useless for me? c:
2012-12-26 04:36
Competitive HUD How is this shit more "competitive" than the csgo one? HUD isnt important.
2012-12-12 19:55
Brazil th3W 
easier to understand, I guess.
2012-12-26 12:14
yea u made this sigh... don't copy other people's work its property of cspromod
2012-12-12 20:23
what the hell are you talking about? :D there is nothing copied from CSP...the visualization for living players is inspired by the CSP-HUD tbh...but the whole look is completely different. "spddl" invest a lot of work into this HUD and its an free option for interested use it and help us with feedback or simply ignore it.
2012-12-12 20:39
well im still on my exams time go check cspromod's latest hud update its 80% identical
2012-12-12 20:50
Why do you care? Are you some piracy police or? If you dont like it, dont use it.
2012-12-26 12:17
why do u always have to go to stuff that are no concern to u the reply was meant for him not to you so be silent please when i reply anything u type u can actually comment on what i say and yea its a ripoff like what idiots do and can't work on their own :)
2012-12-26 12:24
So you are the hltv.orgs piracy police ? =) All i wanted to know, peace
2012-12-26 12:25
yes i am problem?
2012-12-26 12:27
You arent quite done afterall arent you ;)? Well I am
2012-12-26 12:29
What's wrong copying something from a game that is meant to be a copy from one game in the first place? please
2012-12-26 10:30
Nice. I like it.
2012-12-12 20:33
Is there any way I could use it with 0.65 hud_scaling? Or will it be possible in the future?
2012-12-12 21:28
Awesome :D
2012-12-26 04:29
Peru dbie 
looks awesome, congratz.
2012-12-26 05:00
World nept 
Hello. Is it possible to remove only those blue/red things (dont know how to call it) in the bottom? The rest is just perfect for me.
2012-12-26 10:41
use your orginal "hudplayercounttime.swf"
2012-12-26 16:30
World nept 
The problem is that i really want the clock in the botton but without those shitty avatars :/ but thank u
2012-12-28 15:02
Poland tfg 
downloaded, pretty cool
2012-12-26 12:18
Funny how now all those CSP haters are using a HUD which is almost identical to the CSP one.
2012-12-26 13:55
Copying something from a copy - COPYCEPTION
2012-12-26 14:16
rofl , i pity you
2012-12-26 15:31
-pauLo~ don't ever forget it...
2013-01-23 19:20
Can you send me tutorial to do HUD like this?
2012-12-27 19:14
a tutorial must be written
2012-12-28 16:09
Shizzo has written a tutorial
2013-01-24 15:39
Thanks for share.
2013-03-05 14:55
I downloaded this but about a minute in the game everything freezes and I can't do anything else from that point. Anyone else has this issue? It looks fine until it freezes. I have hud_scaling 0.95 and I chose the correct aspect ratio.
2013-01-23 19:11
Can't find any edit button but I also noticed another thing. The game doesn't even start.
2013-01-23 19:27
Thank you so much !! The best HUD so far ! I'am so happy..Finally,got this awesome HUD in my GO ! You made my day !
2013-03-12 22:00
some problems after uptade :/
2013-04-28 19:41
try 1.2.1 @
2013-05-09 19:40
Germany VxO4 
i was wondering why there is no 0.90 size hud? I only see 0.85 and 95 And thx for the update
2013-05-09 20:02
I Get FPS drop from this hud, what do i do? i have a good computer with 200 fps, now i only have 80 fps
2013-08-06 20:28
Does this Hud still works? Cant get it to work, missing files
2013-10-18 16:44
custom huds doesnt work anymore
2013-10-18 16:45
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